Traditions that each woman has to bring to her family

A woman as the keeper of the lineage and family

The lineage is formed around a woman – the keeper of the family. Her prayers fill each member of the family with strength and make the lineage prosperous. What are the ancient traditions that help her? Aayla Shaman will share the knowledge about female power and energy.

We think that material values – money, power, and career – rule the world. According to Siberian shamanism, the strongest energy lies in a woman. Her predestination is to take care of the family, to transfer power to each member of the lineage, to create and preserve family traditions. What ancient traditions are the basis for a strong and happy family?

Lana, Berlin:

“My family was about to collapse when I came to Aayla Shaman for help. I tried everything: family psychologist and conversations did not help. There was a huge abyss between my husband and me. Aayla helped me to come to my senses, showing me the path that would lead me to family happiness. 

I started with the most important thing – womb cleanse. It turns out that the negative energy of my ex partners suppressed my female power and prevented me from opening up in new relationships. 

After the energy purification, I felt like a butterfly capable of taking off with a breeze of wind. Aayla Shaman picked for me cleansing practices and a special amulet to protect my lineage and my family. I revised my life and began to pay more attention to my loved ones. Three years have passed. We have never spoke of divorce again during this time. We are happy. Thank you, Aayla.

Morning and evening purification practices

Every woman, who honors the traditions of shamanism, should begin her morning with a set of breathing and energy practices, salutations of spirits. The female and lineage energy awakens with each breath and exhalation, and exercise. Having performed the practice in the morning, a woman fills both her day and the day of her relatives with power. It is good if a woman attends seminars and group classes, where Aayla Shaman helps to pick her own set of practices for awakening. If this is not possible, you can apply directly and have a consultation. Individually selected set of practices will help to awaken the female power and help the whole lineage. 

During the day we communicate with a large number of people. Not always they have good and positive energy. Alas, no one is safe from stress, problems at work, an evil driver on the road and a rude saleswoman. Their negative energy enters our aura and destroys it. That is why it is important to conduct a set of practices for purification before going to sleep. 

Prayer for the lineage

If no one prays for their ancestors and does not honor their memory, does not maintain an energy connection with them, the family tree is left without protection. It starts to fade and die. 

The ancient tradition of praying for the lineage must become an important and integral part of every woman’s life if she wants her family to prosper and be happy. Make sure you devote some time for the prayer after doing morning spiritual practice and filling yourself with positive energy.  

keeper of the family

Lineage holidays

According to Siberian shamanism, a woman is the keeper of the family. She is responsible for transferring knowledge about ancestors and ancient traditions. How to pass on valuable knowledge to your children to interest them? Aayla Shaman recommends uniting the family for the lineage holidays. It is hard to believe, but they will help not only to unite the family and give a lot of pleasant emotions, but also to lay down a good and successful program for all family members for a year, and sometimes for 10-12 years! 

A woman always takes responsibility for organizing the holiday and must remember that all the power of the lineage gathers together with the family at this moment. Unnoticeably, the keeper of the family must lead the conversations and all activities, direct the energy through prayer to the well-being of the lineage.  

Gathering all together, the woman should do everything so that only good things are told about the members of the great family. The gratitude to the ancestors is returned to the family in the form of good luck and well-being. 

The tradition of having lunch together

The energy of meals –  breakfast, lunch, and dinner – unites the family. If you do not have such a tradition, or your schedules do not coincide with family members, try to organize at least a joint meal at the weekend. For an ancient tradition to bring positive energy and health to the family members, you should put aside all the negative things, problems, gossip and quarrels. Let there be only smiles and love at the table during this time.   

Womb cleanse

According to Siberian shamanism, womb is a vessel filled with great energy and female power. It does not only deal with health, joy of motherhood, love and personal relationships, but also with the health and success of the man with whom it is connected by sexual and loving relationships, as well as for the protection of the lineage. Keeping your womb energetically and physically clean is an important task for every woman. Unfortunately, even with careful attitude to health, it is impossible to avoid envy, physical and emotional fatigue, negativity.  

Womb cleanse is as important hygienic procedure as taking a shower in the evening after a hard working day. Aayla Shaman recommends doing it regularly. It is especially important for those women who have had several sexual partners in the past, have problems in the present including health problems (inflammatory diseases, infertility). You can learn how to perform procedures to purify and replenish female power at the seminars and special classes of Aayla Shaman.

Energy womb cleanse

Mistress of the lineage must be a woman

According to Siberian shamanism, a woman occupies the main place in the home hierarchy without disrespecting the dignity of a man. Each of them performs their tasks for the prosperity of the family and the lineage. The man is responsible for material goods and resources. The woman fills everything with energy. 

Health of loved ones, success and prosperity of children and husband, love and sex – all these important parts of life of any person are impossible without female power. 

Unfortunately, recently women have lost the ability to accept. Now we are able to extract all material benefits from this world ourselves. What does it lead to? The lineage energy is weakening. Aayla Shaman urges women to forget the phrases “I can do it myself”, “I will do it faster”, “I will do it better” etc. Learn to ask for help and accept it. Involve your family in your home affairs. For example, your child can wash the dishes and your husband can vacuum-clean the house. The exchange of energy in the family only happens when each member helps each other. 

As you can see there is nothing complicated. Siberian shamanism stands for family values and the happiness of the lineage. Every woman is able to fill her family with energy and make it prosperous. Do you want to know more about ancient traditions and women’s secrets? To understand what “harmless” habits can ruin life and family? Sign up for Aayla Shaman’s seminars and group classes right now. 

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