Aayla Shaman speaks about working through lineage programs at the course “The Power of Lineage”

Shamanism can help open the way to your own life

Would you like to know that you are on the right path? Or that you are fulfilling your divine predestination on earth? Do you know that even small doubts in your choice of activity indicate existing problems in the lineage? “The Power of Lineage” course will help you find yourself!


You go to work every morning where you spend most of your time. Evenings you spend in the company of your loved ones or alone, torturing yourself with thoughts; am I in my place? Why don’t things work for me?

If you have children, you undoubtedly wish them sincere happiness. You want every moment of their life to be filled, satisfied with their projects, successful in business and abundant in family life. But what do they see when you come home? You return home from work you don’t enjoy tired, which conveys to them, “work that brings money = work that depresses me.”

In Shamanism, we believe we have certain attitudes and ideas handed down to us by our ancestors, including our beliefs about the world, love, work, relationships with money and more. We pass these ideals on to our children. But are they all positive?

The Role of Lineage Programs in Our Life

I’m sorry to disappoint you; not all of the attitudes you would like to pass on to your descendants are passed to them. Listen to yourself. Remember when you believed the only way to make a living is through joyless work? You can also try on other attitudes that create issues for you. For example, “Why do I always choose partners who don’t appreciate me?”

Some of our ancestors lived in eras when life was very difficult for a person. And it was only good luck that could determine who would preserve their well-being and who would not. Nor should we forget that women could not be educated on equal terms with men, and professions were predestined. All of this has left a mark on your lineage. Negative attitudes related to this or that sphere of life follow you and do not allow you to choose freely. Soberly assess the situation and receive the power that you need.

What Will Release You From Negative Lineage Programs?

Shamans knew that it was necessary to maintain the connection with the lineage, correct the mistakes of their ancestors and establish communication with their relatives if there is discord in the family. Now, we don’t remember these traditions, and every other lineage is subject to extinction. Thus, the pain that your ancestors experienced from the family’s tree roots rises to you, and you experience the same suffering, repeating their fate.

For many years, people have been addressing Aayla with a similar problem. She worked with her students at individual consultations, performing the necessary rituals and connecting the students’ souls with the souls of their ancestors. Over time, the number of requests kept growing, and Aayla realized that it was time to combine her knowledge into a course called “The Power of Lineage.” This course would help thousands of women around the world become keepers of their lineages. That’s why the course was designed in an accessible video format, so you can solve your lineage problems anytime and anywhere in the world.

The course program consists of four basic lessons and one bonus lesson. Each of them helps you find your true path and allows your ancestors to fill your lineage with peace, happiness, prosperity, respect, trust and confidence.

Lesson 1 Shamanic Ritual: Prayer for the Lineage

In the first lesson, you will have a ritual to reestablish reconnection with your living relatives, including your parents, children, brothers and sisters.

Lesson 2 Shamanic Ritual: Prayer for the ancestors

With this ritual, you will learn and understand what traces your deceased ancestors have left in your life. In this Shamanic journey, you can free yourself from the burdens you have taken upon yourself and regain your lost power.

Lesson 3 Shamanic Ritual: Energetic Womb Cleansing

A woman’s womb is a source of boundless life energy, not only for the woman herself but also for her lineage. In this lesson, Aayla shares her knowledge of sacred methods for purifying a woman’s energy.

Lesson 4 Shamanic Ritual: Purification of the House From Negative Influence and Energy

A home is a place of power for your whole family. The prosperity, health and happiness of ALL YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS depend on how the energy flows in your home.

Lesson 5 Shamanic Ritual: Connecting With the Spirit of Money

You will make friends with the spirit of money and solve not only your financial problems but also the problems of your whole family!

You can already see your path to yourself before you. Let Aayla Shaman help you strengthen the tree of your lineage and find all its gifts.

Leony, Leipzig

My mother raised my sister and me alone and worked hard to give us everything we needed. We only saw her late at night when she came home tired. Sometimes she had to sew at night if there were unexpected expenses. Once there was a fire in our apartment, and then we lived at Grandma’s for a year while mom tried to earn money for a new place to live. Our grandmother lived with my mother’s sister Stella, also very plainly. For as long as I remember, they dreamed of getting rich, but they thought wealth came by trickery or luck. Thus, Grandma always bought a lottery ticket.

I remember the day I began to understand something about my family. The teacher had given us the assignment to tell about my lineage. My grandfather died when I was not yet born. And my grandmother raised her two daughters alone, having mastered the skill of a dressmaker. My mother also inherited this talent and was also widowed. That’s when I could only understand that craft, gifted hands, and lots of girls – was our family predestination. We were growing up and my little sister dreamed of becoming a doctor, but she couldn’t face the competition and started helping our mother with orders. I was traveling with friends in Europe at the time and was very upset when I found out about it. My friend saw me crying and questioned me about the reason. I told her the whole story of our family, and she suggested I purchase `The Power of  Lineage” course. “After all, nothing will change if you sit idly by,” Christy told me.

A year has passed since then, and my family is one of the happiest families in the world. My little sister was able to pass the tests for the following year’s enrollment and is successfully studying to become a surgeon. And I talked my mom into creating her own clothing brand. She became a completely different woman – blooming and full of energy. So many men paid attention to her! I realized my potential in advertising and will soon be helping to launch several more projects.

I can’t even describe the role of Aayla’s course in our family’s life, because things have become very different. We have become fascinated with Shamanic knowledge, and now going to a retreat is the best weekend with the family for us. This energy is in me, which helped me overcome all the negative attitudes in our lineage.

Anna, Dusseldorf

I think my case is not unique, and each of you can relate to it. After I graduated, I had a hard time finding a good job – the pay was too low, or the working conditions were not good enough. Eventually, I found a job close to home, and so began the five years that flew by before my eyes. I worked, came home and could do nothing more than eat and sleep. At that time, I started following Aayla’s YouTube channel and attended one of her workshops. It was there that I realized I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live. I quit my hated job and tried my hand at customizing things. My friends praised my work, and one friend even offered to create a website for me. But I did not sell anything. I was starting to get discouraged when I saw the announcement of the course, “The Power of Lineage.” Finally, I understood that the solution to my problems was very close! Then, after studying all five classes and paying special attention to rituals from the fifth lesson, I found the support of Dzayan Dzayachi, the Spirit of Money. Now I am expanding my production because I have so many orders! Thank you, Aayla, for your unique knowledge.

You may think that the problem is in yourself. You visit a psychologist or therapist, endlessly trying different things that your soul does not respond to. The course “The Power of Lineage” will help you understand your predestination and get rid of all the negative attitudes to ensure a happy future for you and your offspring.

Today, registration to the course, “The Power of Lineage,” is available to everyone ready to take over the role of a keeper of the lineage and make her lineage prosperous, healthy and strong. But most importantly, the course will help you find your way. So I invite you to click the “Register for the Course,” leave your contact details, and Aayla’s team will contact you with further actions.

Register for the Course

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