Spirit guides the world: 7 ways to use an idea to change destiny for the better

Find a Spirit guide to make your life truly filled with LIFE AFTER LIFE: The Book of Magic Knowledge that Aayla recommends as a guide for true magicians and shamans

Would you like to have something that will give you such power that anything you wish becomes possible? Relying on more than 20 years of experience healing women’s destinies, Aayla is ready to introduce you to the most effective and real power of this world – the Spirits of Ideas! The Metaphysical Novel, LIFE AFTER LIFE, will tell you about Spirits of which ideas have been ruling the world since the times of Atlantis and the Toltec mages up to the present day.

Ideas rule the world

Let’s start from the main thing – the example! What makes you leave your bed sooner or later? Sometimes, even an alarm clock can’t do it. But an idea arises and your recently lifeless body can’t resist the urge to run, be on time, achieve.

Someone will be inspired by the image of having finally reached a career milestone, which is impossible without punctuality. Others will be drawn into the kitchen by the cozy smell of coffee. Or the horror of being late for the flight will strike someone else – it’s through images that the Spirits of Ideas are finding their way to you.

The LIFE AFTER LIFE book was written by means of channeling with the disembodied soul of the main character, it has a special code, opens sacral secrets of the subtle plane, and teaches shamanic vision of the world. The author used a rare opportunity to pass on to living people the saving knowledge that the Idea isn’t something abstract that one naively ascribes to oneself. The Idea is a bodiless spirit, a being of the subtle plane with a very specific purpose of being realized in the material world. But because it doesn’t have a physical shell, the idea can only act through a person in the material world.
And every person with their emotions, actions, thoughts serves the idea.

Since ancient times, shamans have had superpowers to contact the Spirits, the inhabitants of the subtle plane. Aayla, as the successor of sacral traditions of Siberian shamanism, confirms the truth of each word of the LIFE AFTER LIFE book. The knowledge transmitted through this book, she says, was earlier transmitted by the Spirits to only a chosen few, and is likely to disappear again quite soon if people don’t start applying it in their lives. Take advantage of this blessed chance to become the master of your own destiny!

What you serve is what you get

We started by saying that Aayla promised to reveal the secret ingredient of reality to you that will give you unprecedented power. Just by starting to read the LIFE AFTER LIFE book, you will be convinced that a strong Idea has great energy potential, the strongest Spirit that can either help or destroy you. The book has a special code and is a portal to connect to the most powerful and friendly Spirits of creative ideas that have been guiding the spiritual development of humanity since ancient times. When you become a part of such a powerful idea, literally different blood starts flowing through your veins! You become a conductor of the power of the Idea of Development! You become a shaman!

You can either become desperate looking for money “to live on”, or you can materialize any sums of money as if out of air if you are led by the Spirit of the strong Idea. Try it!

Buy and read the LIFE AFTER LIFE book, and see that money will come to you soon, and from a source that you didn’t even know about! The world will literally turn to you. This is because of this magical shamanic book that itself is a Magic Object. It serves the Idea of helping everyone find their true happy destiny that is free from the influence of the Spirits of violence, humiliation, manipulation and, most importantly, the Spirits of negative beliefs that are the main cause of misfortune. The book will connect you with the Spirit of the Idea of Development.

The Spirit of the Idea of Development has incredible power and might! When you read the LIFE AFTER LIFE book, you connect to it, and part of the power of this Idea becomes your own power. Thereby, you become a magnet for fortunate circumstances, including financial ones. After all, money is the material equivalent of energy!

The same concerns even physical capabilities and health. You must know that people who are passionate about something don’t get tired or get sick! Just look at Aayla to make sure that a 20-hour working day with an incredible amount of intercontinental flights is absolutely real.

Moreover, Aayla has good reasons to say that only people who are led by the Spirits of the ideas of Degradation get sick.

Below the life level

What kind of Spirits does the LIFE AFTER LIFE book warn us against? These are the Spirits of Ideas that lead to destruction, separation, isolation, aggression, suppression, and violence. By reading this book, you will become participants and comprehend the true causes of events such as the fall of Atlantis, the disappearance of Centaurs and Cyclopes, the building of pyramids, levitation, and much more! Read this book and you’ll feel the stinking breath of the beings that are the “initiators” of pandemics, disasters, and wars. You’ll take part in a battle for the ability of humanity as a whole and of each person individually to think clearly and make independent decisions. LIFE AFTER LIFE opens up the real “Marvel Universe” to shamans and spiritual people. It’s important that there isn’t a bit of fiction in the entire book – it’s a REAL MESSAGE FROM BEYOND, from the World of the Spirits.

By the way, you’ll certainly see from the book that a clear sign of the connection of the Spirit of the destructive Idea to your energy system is a negative emotion: suspicion, dislike, feeling of superiority over others, condemnation, criticism, anger, irritation.

Thereby, your emotional center gives the signal – warning, it’s poisonous!
But by mistake, one takes this as a warning to an external object that sees, hears, feels.

This is why you may think that a colleague, a partner, weather, a sound, a smell, an event or news is to blame. But Aayla opens our eyes to the fact that it is actually the Spirit of the Idea that is to blame at this moment; it takes advantage of the fact that your attention is captured by external factors and tries to penetrate your consciousness.

Take a mental step back for a moment before an event when you were still feeling good. From a detached position, you may be able to track the new thought that has started attacking you. Thoughts are agents of the Spirit of the Idea trying to manifest through you. Destructive Ideas send illusions, lies, and images, relying on which you start looking for things in the physical world that can’t exist. For this reason, happiness, fortune, and love become only bait for you that you can never get. And there are already many of these agents within you if you are over 3 years old. False thought patterns permeate the modern world through media, books, movies, upbringing, and education.

The LIFE AFTER LIFE book will help you reveal the agents of the Spirit of destructive Ideas, free yourself from their suffocating influence, and bring your destiny out of the zone of conflicts, destructions, loss of meaning and joy in life.

Save yourself if you can

As soon as you feel a negative emotion, you must be clearly aware that your life is in real danger!

Aayla shares a sacred technique from the LIFE AFTER LIFE book, which by performing you can make a conscious effort and keep the Spirits of destructive Ideas out of your life. 

  1. Regularly create a “sanctuary” inside yourself – space filled only with light feelings and states. Fill it every time you are alone with nature, performing special energy practices, communicating with holy (liberated from negativity) people through reading, rituals, or personal consultations. Reading the LIFE AFTER LIFE book is a great way to create and fill that inner safe space.
  2. When feeling an unpleasant emotional state, take a breath, hold your breath for as long as possible, shifting your attention to the “sanctuary”. With an exhalation, move your consciousness to the very center of your inner light. For example, you feel condemnation or hatred towards someone. Think about whether you could feel that way about this person while watching a spectacular sunrise, accepting a gift from your soul mate, being close to a wise Master such as Aayla or the positive characters of the LIFE AFTER LIFE book.
  3. Being at a safe distance from the situation, try to look at it as at movie frames that have nothing to do with you personally.
  4. Concentrate all your attention on finding the hostile Idea that is trying to penetrate your energy field. We remind you that this is a false thought or expectation that can pretend to look like justice, respect, recognition, duty, and other selfish motives. You can see them in the form of hideous and aggressive beings – the Spirits of the lower world of Erlikens. The LIFE AFTER LIFE book contains colorful descriptions of such negative spirits to help you recognize them in your life and not think of them as yourself. 
  5. You may find that this is not the first attack of these Spirits, and you already have its agents in your energy structure – attitudes that you once carelessly absorbed, imitating your parents or characters from your favorite movies, under the influence of vivid images of advertising or political and social agitation. 
  6. Imagine the strongest image of the Higher next to you. After reading the LIFE AFTER LIFE book, you will have many vivid images to help you in that. Connecting you with the light beings of the subtle plane and ensuring your reliable protection is the main task of the author. When accepting higher help, say: “I’m with you against this Idea.” Let the Higher eliminate the influence of the destructive Idea on you. Breathe calmly and evenly, counting each inhalation and exhalation. At about the tenth exhalation you’ll feel a cheerful relief. Even if the situation continues, you’ll want to laugh at whatever may have blown you away. 
  7. Try to outwardly manifest yourself adequately. Feel compassion for the one through whom the destructive Idea is manifesting at the moment. Don’t aggravate the condition of that unfortunate person. This is the most difficult part of the performance that is life. You’ll be able to learn to be a great actor, easily switch people to their best parts, avoid aggression, transform any impact by reading the LIFE AFTER LIFE book and at special Aayla’s retreats.

Become interesting to the most powerful Spirits of the creating Ideas! Be filled with indestructible health, fortune, and prosperity! Spread protection on your relatives and friends! And to those who may become your confederates, send a link to this article or a link to the book, and let’s be happy together!

And also don’t forget to submit your reviews of this book on Amazon: they’ll be read by those who are not yet familiar with this wise knowledge, and they’ll make the right decision to buy and read this book. Then, their lives will start changing for the better! The more people read the LIFE AFTER LIFE book, the more harmonious and luminous the atmosphere of our entire planet will become.

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    Spirit guides the world: 7 ways to use an idea to change destiny for the better

    Find a Spirit guide to make your life truly filled with LIFE AFTER LIFE

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