In our modern world, people usually ask the shaman to give them advice only when their situation seems hopeless. Only when nothing else can help them do they seek help in shamanic practices. In ancient times, everything happened exactly in the opposite way: as people were aware of the shamans’ abilities to see the world of spirits and communicate with them, they firstly asked shamans for advice and received help and answers to important questions and then act as well. So they could very quickly cope with suffering, crises and enmity.

About Aayla shaman and her work in Germany

Who is she? – Aayla is a practicing hereditary Siberian shaman. She is one of the 7 world shamans, who knows the way to all the 4 worlds and she has more than 20 years of experience teaching shamanism in different countries of the Earth.

Why did she come to Germany? Aayla Shaman has a very strong connection with the German Land Spirit and felt the pain and grief of its history. Aayla considers the task of her soul to support the population of Germany by working with the spiritual world and souls in order to reawaken their powers and potentials and again adjust the German Land Spirit in its positive and joyful power – for a bright future in families, the country and the whole Earth.

What is she doing here? She communicates with open and interested people and shares with them ancient shamanic wisdom and practices that are able to lead humankind back to harmony, joy, love and power and the fulfillment of their life purpose. The basis of this process is the work with the power of the lineage, because just as the tree is fed through the roots, so every person receives both the forces and potentials, and the pain of their ancestors from the shamanism’s point of view.
Proceeding from work with ancestors, a special bias goes to work with women and female energy, because (in the understanding of the Siberian shaman) a woman is the guardian of the lineage power and she passes this feminine power on to future generations.
The third goal of Aayla is that she teaches the original worldview, rituals and practices of Siberian shamanism to all who want to study shamanism better at her school SHAMAN.

How does she do it? Aayla’s work in Germany includes 3 main aspects:


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