For 20 years, more than 17 thousand people around the world have attended her trainings.
Aayla is a Siberian shaman with unusual abilities known in 37 countries. No one can explain how she does it.

My parents were assigned to work in the far East after graduating from university. In a very remote village. The name of this village is translated from the local old dialect as ‘witch’. This is such a remote village that there was even only one nurse, and she was afraid of blood. There was wood around, impenetrable taiga.

The house my parents were given was the local insane asylum. In such a remote village there was once a nut house. All the walls were full of nail holes.

And later, when I was already an adult, I asked why in such a remote village there was a nut house. It turned out that this village is situated in the geopathogenic zone, and people discovered special abilities in spite of their will. In such a unique place I was conceived and born.

When my mother was pregnant with me, she went to get firewood. She was quite late in pregnancy, it was the last third. And on the way she met a calf, a young bull with new horns, and his horns itched. And he probably wanted to scratch them and pointed them to my mother’s belly. Like any mother who protects her child, she hit the bull with a log on the horns, and he was gone. I’ve been afraid of cows ever since. Of course, I control my fear. But I prefer to keep my distance from cows.

Also in this remote village still was an interesting event.
A fireball flew through an open kitchen window. It flew around the kitchen, turned around and flew out the window as well. This was the first meeting with spirit of lightning. That was the beginning of our friendship. It was the first initiation by fire for me.

When I was 3-4 years old, in the winter I was allowed to walk. A small child in a heavy mouton fur coat, very clumsy. And I wanted to leave the yard, behind the house, and there was a wild forest there. When the family noticed my absence and began to look for me, they found me behind the house in the woods, and there were fresh tracks of a snow leopard nearby. So began my friendship with cats. It was a hungry year, and the wild northern cat was supposed to eat me up. Later, when I began to practice time travel, I returned to this situation and remembered everything clearly. The snow leopard came and wanted to eat. And he saw the shamanic gift in my soul. The leopard spoke to my soul. And expressed its respect for the future shaman. And I fell in love with the northern spotted cat. Now I have a deep spiritual connection with Kazakhstan, and the symbol of the Nazarbayev dynasty is a snow leopard.

As a child, I, like all children, loved to draw. Even when I was sitting on a potty. And later I drew princesses on paper. Those were always princesses in medieval dresses, with high hairstyles, with jewelry and crowns. And… on the head there was one more pair of ears. Cat ears, with tufts of a lynx. Since childhood, my totem has been the Altai lynx. And so, intuitively, I added lynx ears to all my princesses.

Currently, there are a lot of funny situations involving the lynx. In 2017, in the Krasnodar region, a woman named Anna watched my videos on the Internet and wanted to come to our seminar. And she had no money. In the morning, she went out into the yard and saw that a lynx, a real lynx, had killed her chicken. Of course, the rescue service was called. The lynx was caught. And Anna began to look for the owner. And it turned out that the lynx has escaped from a businessmen who lived nearby. The lynx was returned to him, and the grateful businessman gave Anna the money enough for two seminars, and for the trip there and back to the seminar. Anna came and said that I came personally and helped her to come to the seminar.

We lived in the far East several years and moved to Siberia. It was a young town right on the bank of the sacred Angara river. This is the only river that flows out of Lake Baikal. The Baikal is a father, and the Angara is his only and beloved daughter.
I went to high school here. I played sports and went cross-country skiing. And received the category of a candidate for master of sports. I could not do gymnastics or go swimming because there was a smell of bleach. The soul chose the sport in the woods.

At school, I started to study Castaneda.
While at school, I began to look for my path.
Before leaving for Tibet, a little niece pointed to a photograph of a Saint woman on the dressing table and said it was Aayla. It was a small prediction.

When I was at school, I got to my first spiritual seminars. I first walked on glass at 15. I got to the first seminar in Russia on holotropic breathing to an American trainer, and in a trance, I received a message from the higher powers that the destiny to help people awaited me. At the beginning of perestroika when the laws were inactive, I got into a group of students who were going to Tibet. And I studied in Tibet for almost a year. There the archpriest gave me the blessing to seek my ancestral roots and to restore the tradition. I was invited to go to India and teach there, and to continue training there.

When I returned to Siberia, I began to restore the knowledge of the shamanic lineage. And only then I found out that I am the heir to several ancient traditions.
– The Altai tradition through maternal grandmother;
– the Estonian tradition of the Balts through the grandfather on the maternal side;
– The Ukrainian healers through the paternal line.
Now I am an elder in these lineages.

I began to study shamanism from the spirit of an ancestor, and also according to the advice and the prediction of the archpriest of the Tibetan monastery I found a living shaman teacher. This is the supreme shaman of the Siberian tradition – the great white shaman.



  • “The journey through the Shamanic worlds”
  • “The Art of Intention”
  • “The creation of objects of Power
  • “The spiritual aspect of money”
  • “The power of woman – the Power of fertility – the power of lineage”
  • “Meeting your totem, the power of shapeshifting”
  • “Healing practices of shamanism”
  • “Ancestral power, communion with the souls of the dead”
  • “Female shamanism. 12 yudams of women”
  • “The power of lineage – the energy of the lineage”
  • “The power of lineage – the purification of 7 generations of the lineage”
  • “The power of lineage – the prosperity of the lineage. Spirit of money”
  • “The power of lineage – the protection of the lineage (the creation of the family coat of arms)”
  • “The power of the lineage – the destiny of the lineage, the adoption of the power of ancestors”

In addition, Aayla is a master of the Gyud technique, and through work with the subconscious she solves such serious problems as hereditary diseases, celibacy wreath, various phobias and much more. Aayla is engaged in charity, and directs the money from the seminars to help orphans, old people and refugees. She is an environmentalist, a member of the Green party. In many cities, where the shaman held events, activities on gardening and garbage collection were held under her leadership. Last year, she initiated expeditions to purify the nature of Altai, Lake Baikal and southern Kazakhstan.

In her trainings and seminars, she teaches the art of Orphism. The ancient technique of sans-theater allows a person to find a way out of a difficult life situation in a playful way and prevent its recurrence.

She passes on to her students the ancient yoga complexes she studied in Tibet. These are profound practices that allow you to find the unity of the body, emotions and mind.





  • The Shaman School is a living and successful school, existing for more than 20 years
  • Guest of TV programs and festivals in Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Canada
  • The heroine of the bestselling book “Nach dem Tod”, translated into 6 languages
  • Collaborates with the BBC and the University of Novosibirsk research Institute of RAS
  • The author of the program “The Power of lineage”, which has collected more than 6500 grateful reviews in 2 years
  • Honorary member of the European Green Party (EGP)
  • 2013 Central ritual at the Nature festival, Germany. Watch the video on YouTube.
  • International festival “Drums Of The World 2015”. Conducted the Central ceremony of prayer for peace. Watch the video on YouTube.
  • 2017 the main star of the TROMMELEVENT Festival, Bavaria, Germany
  • 2018 participant of the international festival “ROOTS OF THE EARTH KIVA”, Netherlands
  • 2018 participation in the international shaman “DREAM SPIRIT FESTIVAL”
  • February 2019, KIVAKUMBHAMELA Festival, India. Participation in the festival as the only representative of Siberia and Russia
  • 2019 participation in the NEW HEALING FESTIVAL
  • Repeatedly participated in the ESOTERIKMESSE exhibition
  • 2019 invited guest to the Circle of Elders Festival, Denmark
  • Repeatedly stopped hurricanes, floods in the far East. In 2017, Hurricane Katrina was stopped in Mexico, it lost its strength and came to America no longer dangerous


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In the area of the ancient shigir culture (Urals) – we received ancient knowledge of the Shigir culture. The Shigir idol was saved by the expedition from oblivion and sent to reconstruction.


Secrets of Ukok Princess. (Altai, Ukok Plateau) – after prayers at the burial place of the Princess, thanks to prayers and rituals, local shamans and elders were assisted, and thanks to this, enough signatures were collected, and a decision was made on the necessity to bury the mummy of the Princess in the place of her burial. We received an amazing sign of strength from the spirit of the Ukok plateau – a white arch in the sky like a rainbow, that is the gate to Belovodye, Shambhala was opened for you.


“The Gate to Belovodye”, the foot of Belukha (Altai, the foot of Belukha mountain) – we made a horse crossing to the foot of Belukha. We spoiled the weather forecast for the local meteorologists. We replaced rain with the sun. All these days, Belukha met us free and cloudless. We received a sign of strength from the spirits of the next world – a double rainbow over the Katun. We received the blessing of the ancestors of the Altai. Watch the video on YouTube.


In places of power of Genghis Khan (Baikal, Buryatia) – we received the personal blessing of Lama Itigelov. Prayers and ritual stopped the drought which had been on Lake Baikal for 3 years. And we invited rains. The rains restored the water level in the sacred Lake Baikal. It rained for a week, all fires had been destroying huge areas of the forest over the past 3 years were put out. Watch the video on YouTube.


Secrets of Lake Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan) – an amazing journey around the sacred Lake Issyk-Kul. We received a blessing from an ancient Asian shamanic family.


A trip to the mountain of Untersberg. Awakening of the power of old Germanic gods (Austria-Germany) – we made climbed and Hhiked on Untersberg. We received a blessing from the spirit of King Charles


A shamanic journey to the places of power of Altai. Princess Ukok’s blessing (Altai) – we received representatives of 19 countries on the sacred land of Altai. They performed an ancient shamanic ritual and received the blessing of the Altai Princess. For the first time an ancient Chichipkan ritual was restored and performed. Watch the video on YouTube.


The fire that unites the world for the protection of the holy rivers (Индия) – всемирная церемония молитвы за процветание земли.


The awakening of the power of the civilization of Sirius (Kazakhstan) – an international shamanic expedition to the places of power Kazakhstan.



Is it true that every person has his or her own spirit guide? How to know who is your spirit guide? How to connect with your spirit guides?

Prediction for 2021
A shamanic prediction for 2021

Today, Aayla will give us a shamanic prediction for 2021 and explain the opportunities that will open up for a man and for the world at large.

New Year
Happy New Year! I wish you new achievements!

My precious, the spirit of the Age of Aquarius is waiting for you to share its knowledge at our amazing shamanic classes.