The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. All her life she has been devotedly guiding people in their personal development on the way to happy, independent and powerful life and supporting them with her conscious and practical approach.

Her other spiritual duty is to keep the energetic balance of the Earth. Through her global substantial rituals, seminars, lectures and expeditions to the places of force all over the word Aayla Shaman helped people and their environment to coexist peacefully. This is how she contributes her 20-year experience in practical shamanism and the entire energy of her shaman ancestors from the Altai. As one of the closest apprentices of the greatest Caucasian shaman in Siberia Kudai Kam, she herself is a canal transmitting special cosmic knowledge.

Straightforward and second-sighted woman, Aayla Shaman is entrusted with the knowledge about all religions and cultures in the world. The primal energy of a woman keeping the ancient power of ancestors, working with family trees, knowing one’s life challenges, improving one’s health, along with understanding the eternal cycle of birth, life and death – these are the highlights of her work.

Aayala has been aware of her special skills since she was a child, and she has always followed her heart. After many years of studying spiritualism in India and Tibet, the time came to go back to her shamanic roots in Siberian Altai. Due to her consistent and intensive spiritual practice along with stable returns to her Altaic roots, Aayla Shaman receives such a powerful energy flow through her energy canal that it is able to frighten away even the strongest spirits of diseases.

This power makes her indefatigable in helping people solve their problems. In her seminars, workshops and individual sessions she supports people in various aspects, such as conflicts in family, problems with ancestors, improving health, having children, developing hidden talents in children and adults, finding one’s life purpose, choosing the right profession and creating an individual lifetime plan for the happy future.

In 2012, after years of education and experience Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman” to teach about the development of supernatural powers, hidden in every human since the day they were born. Aayla Shaman also supports an international volunteer project “Global spirit” for all young people eager to find and understand their purpose and destination in life.

Another project, especially important for the Siberian shaman, is the construction of an eco-village where adults and their children will learn how to develop their talents as early as possible, how to sense the potential hidden in one’s heart, and at the same time live in perfect harmony with nature. She is currently spending all the revenues from her other projects on its implementation.

With her comprehensive knowledge and exceptional shamanic skills, Aayla
Shaman is always a welcomed guest at various festivals and other public events. For

example, in Germany she has already been invited to Astro TV, Bewusst TV and
participated in the big drum festival Bad Gogging.





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