Looking for true love? This way!
Love and relationship
Love is a wonderful feeling that nothing can compare to. But where to find the true feeling? Aayla Shaman will help you figure it out.
Suchen Sie nach der wahren Liebe? Dann sind Sie hier richtig
Do you need diagnostics of predestination?
About life
Very often we feel that we live somebody else’s life. Only diagnostics of predestination can throw light on it.
диагностика предназначения
TOP- 5 new habits in the Year of the Rat
About life
The Year of the Rat will be a great year for those who develops new habits in them.
2020 program laying ritual
About life, Practices and rituals
There is a special ritual to lay the program for next year, which will help make your life successful and happy.
How the group classes help
About life, Shamanism
Aayla Shaman invites you to group classes where she will talk about the most effective way to support and replenish your energy.
Shamanic Prediction for Germany for 2020
About life
Aayla shaman gives us the opportunity to get an accurate prediction of what awaits Germany in 2020.
Schamanenvorhersage für Deutschland für das Jahr 2020
How to cleanse the house from spirits of the Lower World
House protection
Not everyone know how to cleanse the house from the negative energy that accumulates in your living space for years.
Wie kann man das Haus reinigen
Stories of our students that happened in 2019
About life
We've prepared six stories that would be hard to believe if we didn't know that they actually happened to Aayla Shaman’s students.
How to get rid of stress
Shamanic traditions of welcoming New Year
About life, To be healthy
Aayla Shaman reveals the secrets of welcoming the New Year, teach you to lay down a successful program of well-being, health and happiness for the coming year.
How to celebrate winter solstice so that 2020 brings success and luck
Practices and rituals
For ages winter solstice has been considered as a special energy date.