Spirit guides the world: 7 ways to use an idea to change destiny for the better
About life, Shamanism
Find a Spirit guide to make your life truly filled with LIFE AFTER LIFE
Shaman Aayla: ‘It’s possible to prevent diseases!’
About life, To be healthy
Let’s see what to do when even modern medicine can’t help in defining the causes of illnesses.
Aayla Shaman speaks about working through lineage programs at the course “The Power of Lineage”
About life, For family
Would you like to know that you are on the right path? “The Power of Lineage” course will help you find yourself!
About life, Shamanism
Is it true that every person has his or her own spirit guide? How to know who is your spirit guide? How to connect with your spirit guides?
A shamanic prediction for 2021
About life, Practices and rituals, Shamanism
Today, Aayla will give us a shamanic prediction for 2021 and explain the opportunities that will open up for a man and for the world at large.
Prediction for 2021
Happy New Year! I wish you new achievements!
About life, Shamanism
My precious, the spirit of the Age of Aquarius is waiting for you to share its knowledge at our amazing shamanic classes.
New Year
How to end 2020 in the right way
About life, Practices and rituals
Aayla Shaman will tell you how to end 2020 correctly and attract happiness and prosperity in the new year.
New Year
Holiday Marathon from Aayla Shaman
About life, Practices and rituals
Aayla Shaman has prepared a wonderful memo on how to prepare for the New Year especially for our readers.
New Year’s preparation
Women’s role in family well-being
Feminine topics
Aayla Shaman talks about our role in family well-being.
keeper of the family
What makes us happy? Happiness in the context of shamanism
About life
Aayla Shaman will reveal to our readers the meaning of happiness in the context of shamanism.

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