Happy New Year! I wish you new achievements!

New Year

Greetings, my beautiful souls! We are now entering a new great era – the Age of Aquarius, the era of spirituality, prosperity of the supreme forces and the best qualities in each of us. This is the time when big changes take place and the transition to a bright period begins.

Every time we start a year, we wonder what it will be like. And it is being determined at this very time what the next 2000 years will be. Dear souls, it is in our power to form a program for a happy future by transforming our energy into love. Let us together thank the Universe for every day we have been given and wish the people of the entire planet health, spiritual relationships and well-being. Let us pray, radiate light, and spread goodness. Let every person in this world follow the path of their predestination, feel God and unity with him!

I congratulate each of you and pray for you to receive the favor of the spirits of good luck and prosperity. Here, in the Place of Power, I’m asking them for the best fate for you, so that love and joy fill your hearts in 2021!

Traditionally, I need to wish you something. After all, if the shaman wishes something – everything will come true. Today, spirits and I wish you to:

  • spend these bright holidays in the best possible way with your family;
  • forgive and forget all unnecessary things, get rid of the burden of old problems;
  • enter a new era with a pure heart and mind;
  • meet only loving spiritual people on your way;
  • believe that all your good thoughts will come true, and your personal life will be harmonious;
  • discover superpowers and creative talents in your soul!

My precious, the spirit of the Age of Aquarius is waiting for you to share its knowledge at our amazing shamanic classes.

Schedule of upcoming events

See you soon in the New Year!

With love,
Your Aayla.

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