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How to prepare for the New Year

New Year’s preparation

Many cities have been already wrapped in white snow, and the houses have been decorated with colorful garlands. The pre-New Year’s Eve bustle is all around. However, not everyone can boast of being in a festive mood, because the window view is cold and gray, and there are endless reports at work. Where to find an atmosphere of magic? Aayla Shaman has prepared a wonderful memo on how to prepare for the New Year especially for our readers.

Holiday anticipation

Shaping the present and future with one’s own hands is a wonderful custom that came from Germany, but is also fully consistent with the shamanic tradition. We’re talking about the Advent calendar and cute surprises for everyone in the family in anticipation of the Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Why did we start our tips on how to prepare for the new year with this one? It’s simple: thanks to the “calendar of anticipation” the main task of the holidays – to unite the family and strengthen the lineage energy in the house – is fulfilled.

The Internet is full of bright and interesting calendars with little surprises inside: an unusual little house, a garland of bright Christmas socks, a panel with pockets or envelopes … A million options, you just need to put love into each of the calendar days or create your own unique one. Not only will kids love the idea, but adults will do too!

Preparation of the house

Home is a place of power for all family members, where everyone finds comfort, love and support. Now is the perfect time to fill your home with magic and happiness. It is not difficult to create a fairy tale in the interior. You need a beautiful tablecloth, garlands, decorated Christmas tree and Christmas wreaths, scented candles and bright Christmas decorations. But what to do with energy cleansing? Aayla Shaman recommends taking into account the tips for the house cleaning.

Traditions of the New Year’s Eve are not so different in terms of preparation for the holiday. The first and, perhaps, one of the main tasks is to cleanse the house off heavy energy, unnecessary things and dirt.

Shamanic rituals of house purification

Preparing for the New Year is impossible without the energy practice of house purification. You do not feel like going back home? Feel uncomfortable and emotionally heavy there? Be sure to perform a shamanic ritual of house purification a few days before the winter solstice.

How to do it correctly? Make sure to clean in every corner and even on top of the closet, get rid of dust and cobwebs. Aayla Shaman recommends adding 3 pinches of black salt per bucket of water (the salt is prepared once a year on the eve of Easter, during the celebration of Maundy Thursday). If you don’t have this salt, replace it with ordinary kitchen salt.

The next step is to walk around the house with a burning candle in your hands. It is believed that in the area where the candle starts smoking, there is a concentration of dark energy, and you need to hold the candle longer at that place to destroy it. If you have a large house, this will of course take a long time. In this case, Aayla Shaman recommends using simple clapping and shamanic prayer, which will drive away evil spirits and heavy energy.

Still, the most effective way to cleanse your home or apartment is to turn on the music from the Great White Shaman or to destroy stale energy blocks with the help of shamanic drum and treshchotka (you can buy them at seminars or by writing to us). The vibrations of the sound will quickly spread through the house, freeing the space for light prayer and a happy future for each family member.

Freeing yourself from old things and bad memories

It is recommended to free your house of things that you do not use anymore before important holidays, not only ancient solar holidays, but also Christian holidays. Or if there are bad memories associated with these things. Of course, we are not talking about commemorative trinkets, dried flower wreaths from the Places of Power, children’s drawings and crafts that warm our heart. Give clothes or shoes, if they are in good condition, to a charity fund or church. Give a broken microwave oven to specialists for spare parts, furniture – to poor people or designers who will give it a second life, paper or plastic – for recycling. We are sure that every item will find a use, and nature will not be polluted.

The clean space will attract new cosmic energy and more power to fulfill your most incredible desires.

Fill your home with holiday scents

The atmosphere of comfort is created not only with the decor and beautiful textiles, but also with scents. What do you associate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with? Most often our students think of vanilla, caramel, orange and cinnamon. Perhaps you could have your own set of scents? Aayla Shaman suggests buying scented candles and oils for an aroma lamp. The space that is energetically and physically cleansed will be filled with lightness and magic.

New Year’s preparation

Soul purification and practice of forgiveness

This past year has not been easy for all of us: pandemics, lockdowns, and numerous restrictions. Many of our students have had to postpone their trips to the Places of Power, and the workshops and group classes were held online. However, we are glad that in spite of all the difficulties, our big shamanic family is together, and the ‘Field of Love is carried out on all continents.

The most ecological way to fight problems and turn over a dark page is to enrich ourselves spiritually and work on our inner world.

To change yourself, to forgive your offenders, to ask for forgiveness is not an easy task. You need to find the strength to light the candle of kindness and forgiveness on the eve of the winter solstice. Not enough courage? Scared, because there is no wise mentor Aayla near you? We are sure that you will succeed, and the shaman can help you even at a distance. 

Take an ordinary sheet of paper and write a letter to those people to whom you want to apologize or who have offended you. This can be both a close person and a friend or colleague. Direct your emotions on the paper and finish it. Now your task is to give this letter to the spirit of fire. Burn it and ask the spirit to destroy the pain and resentment the letter carries. 

As you enter the New Year, don’t carry a heavy load of unnecessary junk, resentment and envy, enter it with a smile and hope for the best.

Anna, Berlin:

Last year was very eventful: seminars, visits to Places of Power, meeting Aayla, a new job, moving to a new house and wedding. I don’t know how I had so much energy and strength for everything. I was flying! With the announcement of self-isolation in 2020, I got really scared. I had to return plane tickets and cancel a trip to Tibet, part from my shamanism study group girls, postpone a million meetings and business expansion plans… Aayla was very supportive during this time. I don’t know what I would have done without her advice and warm smile. Still, even in dark times there is room for light – it was the birth of my daughter who I wanted for so long! Now there is no time to be sad, we need to pass on traditions and raise a happy person!

How to celebrate this New Year is not a question for us. During the December holidays, my little family and I will stick to shamanic traditions and Aayla’s advice, from preparing our house, to charity and spiritual self-work. The to-do list is huge, but I know I can do it! After all, my family and my mentor Aayla are by my side. 

Visiting Places of Power

Celebration in such places and performing sacred rituals for a dramatic emotional reset is one of the important rituals in shamanism during the solstice. Unfortunately, many of us cannot implement this advice because of the pandemic and closed borders. Aayla Shaman recommends drawing energy from natural sources that are nearby. For example, a park, grove or forest. The spirit of the city will gratefully accept offerings and requests, and it will support you in finding your predestination.

New Year’s preparation

Direct your power to help others

Become a guardian angel or wizard for those in need! Help organize a party at an orphanage, prepare a grocery package for a poor family or elderly person, donate money for medical treatment or to keep an animal shelter open. Our world needs selfless kindness. 

The energy of gratitude does not disappear. I returns to you with the favor of spirits and destiny. 

You have received new knowledge, and now it is time for you to become a ray of light for other people. Share this article with them, invite them to become part of the ‘Field of Love prayer circle, attend workshops together, sign up for Aayla Shaman’s online seminars. Love yourself and take care of your loved ones!

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