Shaman International School was founded in 2012 by Siberian shaman Aayla in order to pave the way for a social culture. It can be characterized by values such as love, harmony, happiness and joy, for this should serve the personal developments of each person’s talents.

Studying Siberian shamanism is very profound and transformative.
It consists of 7 modules, each of which, in turn, is divided into 4 parts.
As part of the modules, Siberian shaman Aayla teaches the cosmology of Siberian shamanism — the four shamanic worlds and their connection with karma, fate and human health.

Participants learn to properly handle the subtle world and its inhabitants under any circumstances. This includes, for example, shamanic healing rituals, looking for spirits, contact with totemic animals, developing supernatural perception and intuition through shamanic trance, and playing the harp with a shamanic jaw’s harp.

In all the spheres, special attention is paid to the individual development of the soul and helping other people and the world.

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