Secrets of shamanic amulets from Aayla Shaman

secrets of shamanic amulets

What are amulets and what are they for

National State Emblems

Have you ever thought that every country has its own amulet? This is a national emblem. If it is so ancient, as in many European countries, then a special meaning was embedded in it when it was created. After all, what is depicted on the national emblem is a power designed to protect the country.

For example, you can see a lion or an eagle on the national emblems of many countries. And it is absolutely not by chance. The eagle is a solar symbol, an image of the sun. That is why it became a royal sign. And in Christian symbolism, the eagle is the personification of the upper (higher) world.

Coats of arms

There used to be such a tradition – to create a coat of arms of the lineage. This is also a talisman. It was embroidered on the lapel of the jacket or on the wrong side of clothing.

 What makes such a generic amulet? It protects each person with the help of generic power. If you do not have such a coat of arms yet, then it can be made at my trainings. It will protect your entire lineage from poverty, disease, quarrelling, and divorce.

 Every royal family had its own amulets: scepter and rod. They were created in order to increase the power of its owner, to give him power and great energy.

shamanic amulet

Children’s amulets

Our ancestors must have worn an amulet around the neck of a newborn to protect him/her from all dangers and diseases. It seems to me that today this almost forgotten tradition is especially important. Previously, people rarely wished each other ill, they used less opportunity to hurt someone. And today it comes to the fact that some people even develop their magical power in order to get rid of a competitor or to bedevil.

And, of course, children are also at risk. Women tell me very often, that their schoolchildren are constantly sick. Or temperature can rise, or they can have runny nose. The reason is not only in viruses. The reason is that the child was envied at school and jinxed. And the evil eye leads to disease. The easiest way for protection is an amulet or talisman for your child.

Alicia, Montevideo:

My husband jokes that we spent the annual budget of some poor African country in pharmacies the year before last. Our children were constantly (constantly!) sick. The three of them (12, 10 and 7 years). They study at the same school. Good, private school. We never had any problems. And then suddenly they started to get sick. One by one, then all together (it was a nightmare!).

 Nothing serious: cold, flu, tonsillitis. But almost without a pause!

 Pills, drops, syrups. I only heal them, they start to go to school, and literally in a couple of weeks everything starts all over again…

 I decided that this is an epidemic. I talked with the school director, with the teachers. They assured me in unison that there is no epidemic. And there is no abnormal increase in the number of diseased. Only my children get sick…

 My husband found the best immunologist in the country, arranged an appointment. The doctor looked at our boys, took tests, but found nothing unusual. “Totally healthy young people,” said the professor.

And these healthy young people got sick with a temperature of 38.9 the next day…

 I was lucky that Aayla Shaman came to Buenos Aires with the seminars at that time. I heard a lot about her and decided to ask for help. Less than an hour by plane, and I’m in the capital of Argentina. So I got ready and went there.

After the seminar I signed up for a consultation, explained our situation. Aayla immediately suggested that it was an evil eye. I think she is right. My boys are leaders in everything. All three of them study very well, go in for sports, the eldest even is the captain of a football team. Sociable, charismatic. Our family is very wealthy. After all, someone really could envy…

Aayla Shaman asked me not to worry, but to make with her help protective amulets for children. Of course, I agreed. I also made it for my husband and me).

 It’s unbelievable, but the children immediately stopped getting sick. They even haven’t had any sneezing during this time! If I had previously doubted the power of protective amulets, now I have no doubts!

Amulets for newlyweds

At one time there was another great tradition for newlyweds. Only those relatives were invited to the wedding who charged a special amulet for bridal couple during the celebration. This amulet was made by the parents of the bride and groom, as a rule, with their own hands, and was brought to the wedding. And at the wedding they all charged it together under the direction of the elders of the lineage.

For example, if the wedding was attended by 300 guests, then they all put wishes of good luck, wealth, long marriage, well-being, understanding, and health into one talisman. Then it was hanged at the head of the bed. And it was a powerful artifact in which the power of the whole lineage is concentrated!

shamanic amulets dream catcher

 Dream catcher

What else do amulets use for? For example, to protect from a bad dream. This amulet is called a dream catcher. The fact is that when a person falls asleep, he/she has no protection. After all, his soul leaves the physical body and goes to the upper worlds to communicate with higher beings. And as long as there is no soul, the body is virtually defenseless.

 If at this moment someone scolds the sleeper or consciously thinks of him badly, or gossips, then all this negative energy affects the one who sleeps. Spirits of irritation, gossip, indignation come to the person, attack him. Because of this we have nightmares. We do not get sufficient sleep and feel tired in the morning.

Our ancestors had amulets for every occasion. For example, if a man was going to war, his wife or mother would embroider a special protective shirt, while pronouncing certain prayers. Such clothing was supposed to save the warrior from death and protect against injury.

 Today there are a huge number of amulets and talismans for different life situations. It is best to do it yourself under the supervision of an experienced shaman. Ideally you should make it in the Place of Power. Then your amulet will have great power and protection.

If you do not know what amulet you need and how to make it, come to my trainings and seminars. I will help you to choose a powerful subject of power!

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