Who exactly a shaman is?

How to distinguish a real shaman from a charlatan?

who exactly a shaman is

What attributes can help one distinguish a holder of false knowledge from the true one, and how to understand who exactly a shaman is.

The first attribute of a shaman is knowledge

What is a shaman? It is a man with true knowledge. Try asking a pseudo-shaman questions and they will not be able to answer logically. You don’t have to ask a difficult question, ask simple ones. For example, why you can not treat a brownie with alcohol, meat and any non-natural products. Ask a person pretending to be a shaman if you can give a candy bar or chips to a brownie. Most likely, it will not be able to answer.

A real shaman will confidently answer that a brownie can only be treated with natural products. A true shaman knows that a living spirit does not eat dead, “synthetic” products. Dyes, stabilizers, flavor enhancers – all this is prohibited. Shaman will give you a simple, convincing and logical answer.

attribute of a shaman is knowledge

The second attribute of  shaman is complex knowledge

Today there are many types of shamanism and it becomes even more difficult to figure out who exactly a shaman is. Somewhere a healing shamanism is common. Massage, baths – all this heals only the body, but not the soul. There are pseudoshamans – theoricians. They have a wealth of knowledge, but do not know how to put them into practice. Such person will not be able to guide you in the subtle world.

The knowledge that a true shaman gives is practical. It can and should be applied in reality in order to solve all issues and problems which brought a person to a shaman. Helping people is the main purpose of the shaman.

Our student Andy shared this story with us:

“About two years ago I was on a business trip to the USA. Once I woke up in the morning – my left hand was paralyzed. Naturally, I panicked because I thoughts it was a microstroke. I am in a dangerous age – 57. I went to the hospital. They did all the necessary tests, checked everything but found nothing. No stroke! They kept me in the ward for half a day, did few dribbled droppers and goodbye – you are healthy, you can go. I returned to the hotel, I thought I would sleep off and everything would be fine. And in the morning the hand did not move again …

One of the partners suggested that I turn to a well-known shaman in that area. I told him: “Who is a shaman? How will they help me? ” My partner said that shamans make the special types of massage that makes those in wheelchairs start walking again. I agreed, however, without much enthusiasm, but I was scared so I have to do something. In general, this shaman did something to me, the hand seemed to come to life. But not for long.

I returned home to England, where I visited all doctors, and they neither found anything.  Then my sister’s husband called me to a seminar at the Place of Power. He said I will get help there for sure. And he was right. This shaman worked quite differently with me, no massage. We travelled to the subtle world and found the cause of my illness there. Of course, it was not a disease at all, but a very bad mental situation that the shaman could fix. ”

shaman is

The third attribute of a shaman – spirits react to them

Shamans often perform shamanistic rituals in nature, and nature sometimes makes surprises. Suddenly, in the midst of the July heat, it starts down pouring that you can’t stick your nose out. That, on the contrary, forests and peatlands begin to burn around the Place of Power.

What will a pseudo-shaman do in this situation? Just cancel all scheduled events and will wait for good weather. What does a real shaman do? Negotiates with the spirits of the nature.

After all, who exactly a shaman is? He whom the spirits obey. Of course, he does not order and threaten them, but asks. Very often, in the event of bad weather, the shaman asks the whole group to turn to the spirits of the nature, to ask them for rain or sun to come.

True shaman knows how to ask the spirits and they comply with their request.

For example, it happens that in the whole region it pours with rain, and in the Place of Power it is sunny and there is not a cloud in the sky. So, the shaman agreed with the spirits. They will not, of course, listen to a charlatan.

Do not trust charlatans! They can cause you great harm. Ask for help from true Siberian shamans, sign up for my seminars.

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