Nightmares and what to do with them

How to regulate sleep?

nightmares and what to do with them

Did you wake up at night in a cold sweat, terrified of what you’ve seen? Heart jumps out of a chest, panic arises, it seems that you are losing your mind … Unfortunately, more and more people complain about poor health and a lack of proper sleep. People often ask shamans: “What should I do with nightmares?”

City evil beings and spirits

There is no secret that the whole world is filled with spirits. The largest cluster of entities lives in nature and cities. But if nature is the personification of kindness, then cities attract the spirits of the underworld. They bring illness, suffering, apathy and depression. And that’s why a person has nightmares or suffers from insomnia …

It’s obvious these spirits live in places full of human emotions, both good and bad. For example, in hospitals, shopping and entertainment centers, educational institutions and of course the metro … Every day we contact with the world of spirits and unconsciously attract the negative. How do the entities of the underworld capture us?

A small conflict in transport, at work or in the store will be enough. Negative reaction and emotional confusion instantly make you weaker. This is what the spirits of the underworld are waiting for …

How to define a malignant spirit? When you come home, you feel severe physical and emotional fatigue, apathy. The only desire – to be alone, forget about everything. It’s hard even to talk with friends and relatives. We go to bed and fall asleep, hoping to recover. Unfortunately, your dream doesn’t bring the desired relaxation. And we suffer from nightmares …

How do the evil spirits steal your sleep?

how do the evil spirits steal your sleep

People often come to shamans complaining that they have nightmares. What is the reason? Psychologists in one voice say that it’s all about stress and high expectations. Each of us has unrealized desires, unsuccessful projects, mistakes that cannot be corrected, doubts and fears. This whole stream of problems is transformed into affective and grievous dreams. Relying on the centuries-old tradition of ancestors, Siberian shamanism doesn’t reject the arguments of scientists. Nevertheless, it advises to look for the cause of nightmares in the “poisoning” of the human body with spirits and essences.

During a deep sleep phase, a soul goes on a journey to the Gods, and body remains unprotected. If during a day the soul protects the body from the attacks, then at night the body will be completely unarmed. Negative beings and spirits easily get into a man. They enslave his physical and mental shells. At night, there are no barriers for them.

After a busy day, a tired person begins to sleep poorly and have nightmares. That person is influenced by spirits, they are the reason. In the morning the person wakes up exhausted after a restless night. What to do in such case?

How to get rid of nightmares?

how to get rid of nightmares

Before going to bed, you need to restore no matter how you’re tired! We recommend to follow these rules:

Rule № 1: Take a walk and prepare your room

Start with the simplest. If you have nightmares, take a walk before going to bed. Actually, 15 minutes is enough to revive yourself and return the calm breathing. Open the windows and let fresh air in. It’s good for sleeping. Close the curtains tightly and protect yourself from the extraneous sounds. Finally, now you can relax.

Rule № 2: Ask for the help of nature

In the evening make yourself a soothing herbal cup of tea. I recommend you to collect herbs in the places of power. If it’s not possible, then you can buy melissa, mint, motherwort, valerian root or linden in the pharmacy. The spirits of nature will protect you from bad dreams.

Rule № 3: Tune in for relaxation

Give up watching news and movies, finding out the relationship. In spite of essences and spirits, anxieties can easily settle in your dreams. The best option is to do things that will calm you down: reading a book, listening to soft music, communicating with friends or making handicrafts.

how to get rid of nightmares aayla shaman

Rule № 4: Give up bad habits

The main cause of night terrors are bad habits. If you experience nightmares, you need to forget about alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea. They slow down such processes, as metabolism and saturation of the brain with oxygen. In total, the weakness of the body and the inability to resist the underworld spirits.

Rule № 5: Talk to someone about your dreams

If you bear nightmares again and again, find someone you trust or ask a shaman for help. Share your experiences, try to understand their nature. For someone emotional support will be enough, and someone will need to create a protective amulet.

Rule № 6: Spend time on physical activities

Just 15 minutes a day of light workout or performing several yoga asanas can help your body resist nighttime beings.

Rule № 7: Conduct a ritual “Shaman’s cry”

Do you still have nightmares? The most effective way to fight a bad dream is the Shaman Cry. I’ll soon tell you how to carry it out on my YouTube channel. Don’t miss it!


Almost 3 months I was pursued by night terrors. It seemed to me that I was going crazy. I tried all the tips I could find on the Internet. I even went to a psychologist. He tried to understand why I had nightmares. Actually, he woke me up a little bit. The number of terrible dreams has decreased, but the state of anxiety, panic fear didn’t disappear. Regarding my condition, my friends advised me to contact the shaman Aayla. We talked and found out why I had nightmares and horrors. It turned out that entities and spirits of the underworld “settled” in me. So, Aayla performed the ritual and taught me how to perform the special rite called “Shamanic Cry.” Finally, she gave me a protective amulet and a set of soothing herbs. Since that day I’ve been sleeping peacefully.

If you are having any troubles with sleeping or bad dreams, sign up for a consultation. I will help you to understand the causes of nightmares and improve your sleep.

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