The womb is the center of female power. It can be called a small woman essence inside your body who has its memory, mind and feelings. It accumulates resentments, disappointments and rejection, which are often manifested by diseases of the female sexual sphere or general decline of inner power.

The modern woman loses a lot of energy in constant stress as she doesn’t have any time for herself and her family, She suffers from migraines, depression, panic attacks. This leads to premature aging, early menopause, infertility and loneliness. This is a result of the situation that a woman isn’t aware of the possibility of purifying and balancing her female energy.

Women who have had many relationships feel great inner emptiness and a constant lack of energy for they give their power to other men. She may possibly not remember when it happened, where her ex-partner lives now, but her power flows away. Even if you spent only one single night with a man, your power leaves you and goes to or yourself, your life; you aren’t able to inspire your today’s husband, to reach family happiness and attract a worthy partner, to have healthy children and always be healthy yourself! The problem is that you don’t possess enough energy to unleash your full potential, realize your predestination and live as your soul desires.

«Womb cleansing» is one of the most effective practices developed to support and maintain a woman’s health and energy balance. Being a physiological organ, the womb is an excellent source of power and natural energy for the woman, her partner and her family. One of the womb functions is to purify the negative energy of your partner during the sexual intercourse. In ancient times, women did not need this practice because childbirth was much cleaner, there was a certain respect between the genders, and there was not any “sexual freedom” like today. Nowadays, every woman needs this practice in order to be healthy, give birth to healthy children and maintain the well-being of her family and her lineage.


  1. You want to feel that you are capable of more than you do
  2. You wish to be healed of “female health problems”
  3. You long to look younger (5-7 years)
  4. You need a worthy partner
  5. You would like to enjoy harmony and mutual understanding with your partner
  6. You desire to get rid of old ties with past partners
  7. You plan to give birth to a healthy baby


Part 1 of the seminar – womb-cleansing from diseases

  • Womb – the source of female power. What gives a woman a healthy womb
  • 7 reasons for womb diseases
  • Diseases that are dangerous for the womb
  • Why is it important for every woman to know such information
  • Ritual “Energy womb-cleansing from diseases”
  • Body-oriented therapy “Female potential release”

Note: For this ritual you will need an apple

Part 2 of the seminar – Womb-cleansing from past relationships

  • Ritual cleansing of the womb from ex-sexual partners, ex-husbands, from all past relationships
  • Rejuvenating practice “Womb-breathing”
  • Ancient knowledge: how to reveal the flower of your femininity and sexuality

Note: For this ritual you will need red thread.

Part 3 of the seminar- Cleansing of your entire female lineage

  • The ritual of your entire women lineage cleansing and your descendants from suffering and pain
  • Recommendations: what to do after womb-cleansing. How to keep the inner purity?

Note: For this ritual you will need your own photos and photos your relatives.



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Spirits have brought you here and it means that you are on the threshold of a new stage – the discovery of your lineage power, your personal superpowers, contact with spirits and understanding of your own predestination. All this will be revealed to you at the next seminar of Aayla!



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