Energy womb cleanse: how it works

Aayla Shaman tells about an important ritual that every woman needs

Energy womb cleanse

What are the causes of family conflicts and setback between spouses? Why do even young and active women face the problem of wrinkles, hair loss and greying? Where does constant fatigue come from? Why are some women unable to conceive a baby? There is one simple but not obvious reason for all this — it is energy contamination of the womb, the main female organ. It accumulates negativity for years, that’s why the energy womb cleanse is essential for any woman.

Rituals for preserving youth and health for women

The womb is a special vessel that can be filled with different types of energy. If it is positive, a woman will be healthy and happy, get pregnant and bear a healthy child without any problem. She also gives her man strength, helping him energetically. The life of such couple is always harmonious, filled with love and meaning.

But it can be the other way round. Unfortunately, even if you take care of yourself, it is impossible to get rid of external influence. 

Envy, negativity and stress exhaust us and affect the energy that is deposited in the womb.

The womb is clogged not only during the intimate connection with a man. This organ also suffers from all the negativity transmitted through female lineage. You may not know about the tragic events of the past that are changing your life now. But for this reason you can’t find a worthy partner or give birth to an heir in balanced marriage, so you blame yourself for everything.

Therefore, Aayla Shaman reminds every woman that it is crucial to cleanse the womb. To avoid accumulating harmful energy, take advice from Aayla Shaman for every day:

1. Your clothing

Every woman likes to receive compliments and catch the glances of members of the opposite sex. Such positive emotions make a woman blossom, look even better. And this is a normal desire.

But there is another side. Thoughts of men are not always bright and clear. The energy of lust kills the female energy, spoils it. Animal passion literally imbues you with the energy of the Lower world when looking at too revealing outfits. At the end of the day you start to feel exhausted. This is why it is so important to wear closed clothing without low neckline.

Especially it is necessary to cover your stomach (which young girls often like to show, following trends).

It is this zone that accumulates female energy. For thousands of years women have protected themselves with wide belts and even corsets. You can also use their experience. At the workshop Aayla Shaman will tell you how to wear them correctly and decorate them with special embroidery with protective symbols. And if you wear this piece of clothing to attend group workshops or go to the Place of Power, it will become your amulet and a real mascot.

2. Therapeutical Lakshmi tampons

At her workshops Aayla Shaman teaches women to preserve beauty and health with the help of nature and its generous gifts in the form of herbs and decoctions. Women gain knowledge about the effects of various flowers and herbs, their compatibility and beneficial effects on the female body. For maximum effect it is important to harvest them at a certain time and prepare them correctly.

If you don’t have time for this, you can use Lakshmi phytotampons. They are based on the experience of real healers and herbalists.

Energy womb cleanse

A number of natural ingredients, herbs they are made of pull the entire negative out of the womb. It is great if you use them along with energy practices, breathing and physical exercises, which you can get acquainted with at the classes of Aayla Shaman.

3. Cleaning water

Female energy needs not only to cleanse the mind, but also to take care of the body. Baths with herbs and salt give a positive effect. Bathhouse lovers should indulge themselves in brooms made of pine needles or with the addition of fir tree twigs.

These procedures work just like magic if you do them regularly. You are literally getting younger in no time. Aayla Shaman also recommends practicing meditation to maintain your beauty and health. You can find out which meditations are better to choose at group classes in your city.

4. Energy womb cleanse ritual

Each woman is recommended to conduct it. Women who have just broken up with their partner especially need a cleanse. As well as those who are divorced or have experienced a partner’s infidelity. Contact Aayla Shaman to get over your ex, to get rid of the negativity and resentments of the past, jealousy, hatred for the new woman of your man.

Do not try to conduct a serious, complex energy ritual on your own.

The womb cleanse during the group classes for women and retreats to the Places of Power gives the greatest effect.

You can fill yourself up with energy and vitality. You will forget about diseases, stress, fatigue, you will be able to find yourself and do what you love. Good luck, prosperity and true mutual love with a worthy partner will come to your life!

If you are already in a serious long-term relationship, but have been dreaming of an heir for a long time, you just need the womb cleanse.

Energy womb cleanse

Yvonne, Leipzig:

“I’ve never had much luck with men. I didn’t have long-term relationships with men. I also experienced psychological abuse… However, my mother and grandmother had the same problem once…

And I got married despite this “family curse”, as I called it.

Everything was fine for two years, but when my daughter was born, a new blow was waiting for me — my partner left our family.

The divorce took away my last physical and psychological forces. The medication didn’t help: I became severely depressed.

Aayla Shaman became my savior. My friend registered me for an individual consultation with her (thank her for that!). Aayla Shaman ran a diagnostic and told me the secret of our Lineage. It turned out that my great-grandmother was able to conjure and made a powerful spell, stealing her best friend’s man.

The offended woman cursed my great-grandmother and all the women of our Lineage.

The main advice from Aayla Shaman was energy womb cleanse. I felt much better that very day. I followed other advice of Aayla Shaman, read the “After Death” book, and followed all her recommendations. And the depression receded! I am full of energy again. Moreover, caring and worthy loved man came into my life. Now I have no doubt that I will be able to create a happy and harmonious family!“.

Be filled with happiness and health! Aayla invites you to attend her workshops and classes!

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