Bad habits can take away a person’s happiness and ruin their life. Aayla Shaman will tell you how to quit them and change your lifestyle.

Aayla Shaman speaks on how to let go of the past!

Siberian shamanism is an ancient tradition that allows us to learn to live naturally and absolutely freely. Every Aayla Shaman’s seminar, lecture or article is an opportunity to fill your life with happiness, love, prosperity and success. These are not beautiful words from a glossy magazine, but reality. The issue of bad habits is becoming more and more relevant every year. It is hard to believe, but a thousand years ago our ancestors did not think about the problems that not only worry us contemporaries, but also destroy our lives. Aayla Shaman will tell us which bad habits deprive people of happiness and how to break off them. 

Habit #1: Killing the time

We lose tens of minutes and sometimes even hours at different periods of time. There is almost no person on earth who confidently declares that he has enough time for everything they planned. On the contrary, we constantly hear that the time is terribly not enough. If only there were 48 hours a day, not 24 hours! Aayla Shaman says that you would still not have enough time even if there were 48 hours in a day.

How much time did you kill today? What about yesterday? Aayla Shaman recommends taking a notebook right away, and writing down each action you spend every minute and hour of your time. We are sure that you will be surprised and even shocked at the result.

Every day the modern person thoughtlessly wears away in trifles a valuable gift – their life. Social networks, TV, empty chatter, looking through pictures are the main killers of time.

Meditation to feel time

How to understand that you have lost control over time? Aayla Shaman offers you to do a meditation to feel time now. It is not difficult and can be done by each of our readers.

Close your eyes. Listen to your breathing and heartbeat.

Imagine our planet rotating continuously around its axis at a speed of 24 hours a day. Time moves in the rhythm we are used to. You live your day. Remember you getting up in the morning, washing and brushing your teeth, doing exercises and spiritual practices, having breakfast and going to work. You have calls and business to do. Lunch. End of the working day. Evening. Homework. TV. You go to bed. With the family and children, most of us live in the familiar rhythm of life. And yet, many think about a huge number of things that they do not have time to do during the day. It’s morning again and you do what you are used to doing. Again, you think that you don’t have enough time to do everything you want. Let’s now imagine that time is slowing down. The planet begins to rotate with the speed of 48 hours a day. And again morning, lunch and evening. A series of events and worries. You come home and again you feel that you have not had time to do a lot of things. Again you have the feeling that there is not enough time.

Let’s accelerate the movement. So the planet revolves around its axis and again we are back in the usual rhythm 24 hours a day. Breakfast. Work. Business. Solving problems. Family. Evening. Sleep. Again with the unresolved issues? Let’s accelerate again. The day lasts 12 hours. The world is fast moving and we are with it. The day lasts 6 hours…

Wait! Maybe it’s about the value of living time? Open your eyes. At what time speed did you feel most comfortable? Standard time – 24 hours a day? Slowed down – 48 hours, or accelerated – 6 hours? Did you notice that despite the increase or decrease in time speed, you were doing the same things?


Diary to keep the track of time

How long has it been since you turned on your computer and since you actually started working? Let’s be honest, many people drink coffee, talk to colleagues, browse through social networks before you start to work… How many minutes have disappeared irrevocably? 

This result in constant stress and self-dissatisfaction: “I don’t have time for anything. I don’t have enough time for anything”. Actually, we do not know how to feel and manage it.  

Aayla Shaman offers to do an experiment to study your attitude to time. Start a Diary to keep the track of time and follow it to see where you lose precious minutes. Try to record in detail the time and your action. It will take you a few days to assess the situation and understand how to change your life and correct mistakes. Think what you could spend these hours on? To communicate with your family and children, to train, to help others, to do spiritual practices and meditations, to walk in the park, to go to a seminar or Place of Power.

Nicole, Bruges:

“I do not have time for anything. I constantly run somewhere. I promise and can’t keep my promise. There is always a lack of money. My relatives are angry that I am completely immersed in work and forget about them. What can I do? I am about to divorce. My family is falling apart. I brought these issues to Aayla Shaman. She brought me back to life and made me think about simple and obvious things. The hardest thing to do was to stop. 

The diary, which I started on the shaman’s advise, shocked me. I was wasting so much time, killing minutes and hours!

The seminar on shamanism and meditation to feel the time helped me to recover. I admit, it did not happen at once. I learned to live, to respect time and the spirit of money for a long month. It turned out to be necessary to learn! The whole world opened in front of me. I changed my lifestyle, found a balance that helped me to save my family and become successful. Does it happen like that? It turns out, it does! You just need to want to change your life for the better. 

How does Aayla Shaman manage to keep up with everything? Seminars in different parts of the world, individual consultations, trips to places of power with groups, conducting classes. It would seem that it is impossible to manage it all. She has visited 40 countries, held thousands of seminars and has thousands of grateful students on all continents of the world. A person always has time for what is important and necessary for them!

Habit #2: Killing money

Do these phrases sound familiar: “I have no money. I do not have enough money. I am constantly in debt. I have everything written down to a penny until the end of the month”? It means that you kill money and manage it incorrectly! There are serious irregularities in your energy system. Few people know that money is a living energy that can be creative and destructive. It is up to the person to determine what he or she will receive from the Spirit of Money, a punishment in the form of loans, loss, deception, or a gift in the form of a career promotion. Try to understand where the energy of money goes. Can’t do it alone? Come to a seminar or individual consultation. Aayla Shaman will help you find common ground with the Almighty Spirit.

Learn to value money and be grateful for the hints of the spirits. Only then will you have enough money for travelling, self-education, attending seminars, and realizing your desires. Once you stop killing money, you will always have it with the patronage of the Spirit.


Habit #3: Thinking all the time

Responsibility, a lot of tasks, telephone conversations, and rush, the need to control something and make decisions, a huge thought load, business trips and family issues – we are thinking all the time. Even now, reading this article, you’re thinking of what you did not have time to do today (e.g. you need to buy products, handle a report, prepare things for the child at school, etc.). It seems to be good, because we get rid of the chaos in our lives. Can it be different? Can you tell yourself to STOP?  

A bad habit of thinking all the time and controlling everything leads to stress, insomnia, self-destruction, mental illness and cancer. It begins with inability to relax and fall asleep. You have to get a saving dose of sedative or sleeping pills, and in the morning everything repeats again. Going round in circles with breaks on social networks, silly chatter, TV and a million urgent affairs. 

Can you stop your brain? Yes, it is real! But not with  drugs or miracle pills. They are ordinary walks in the park with your family, trips to the forest and Place of Power, travel and spiritual shamanic practices. The main thing is that you shouldn’t use your phone and computer for a while, or address you on a working trifle. 

Still can’t stop, defeat bad habits and change your lifestyle? Then we are waiting for you at the seminar, where Aayla Shaman will tell you about trance techniques, the power of amulets and ancient rituals, how to recover lost energy and health. Even such difficult questions as how to survive the loss of a loved one can be solved with the help of shamanism and rituals. The problem will be solved if you trust in nature and the spirit world. 

Do you think it is difficult? It’s not. Open the schedule and choose a shamanic retreat right now. Register and invite your friends and family with you. We are waiting for you at seminars, group classes at the fire in the Place of Power, during the Field of Love prayer in different parts of the world.  

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