5 shamanic tips for a good night’s sleep

Protect yourself from the invasion of the spirits of the Lower world

5 shamanic tips for a good night's sleep

Do you wake up every night in a state of panic? Do you feel someone else’s presence, someone or something is choking you? Aayla Shaman will share the ancient rituals of exorcism and help you to sleep profoundly and have lucid dreams.

Why do we have nightmares?

A lot of people in the modern world complain about sleep disorders. A large amount of information, stress at work, personal problems – medicine believes that all this is the cause of insomnia and nightmares. In fact, doctors do not think at all about the spiritual nature of each of us. Therefore, the prescribed medications do not help. A person is left with a problem one-on-one. What should be done? Seek the answer from people who know the true power of the spirit world and are able to perform cleansing rituals.

When asleep, a person is defenseless, they can fall under the influence of restless spirits and demons. Aayla Shaman is more and more often visited by people who tell terrible stories about their dreams. They say that in their sleep, they feel someone else’s presence and hear strange sounds, someone or something strangles and presses the body to the bed with a huge slab of stone.

Feelings of numbness, horror, and panic serve as food for spirits, demonic creatures – succubi and incubi.

The vital energy of the person is fading every day, and therefore they cannot find the deep meaning of life.

If you don’t have the opportunity to come to a seminar or a place of Power with a group where Aayla Shaman performs rituals of exorcism and energy self-purification, we recommend that you carefully read her advice.

How do I get rid of the persecution of spirits and demons during sleep?

1. Prayer

Usually during an attack by a succubus or incubus, the person’s thoughts are paralyzed by fear, and they simply do not have the strength to pray. But there is a world-old shamanic spell – “huray-mangalam”. Say these words to yourself, repeat them several times and in a few seconds you will feel the fear disappear.

The ancient spell drives demons out of the body and prevents them from coming back.

2. Amulet or Dream catcher

How else can you protect your sleep from the influence of spirits? Since ancient times, there has been a tradition to hang special protective amulets or dream catchers at the head of the bed. They not only protect the person, but also help them to remember dreams and enter into lucid dreams. Where can you get a strong amulet that can banish the spirits of the Lower world? Aayla Shaman offers everyone who comes to the seminar to choose their unique dream catcher, fill it with positive energy of good spirits and ancient rituals.

5 shamanic tips for a good night's sleep

3. Late dinner

For a healthy sleep, many small things are important, including your diet. What do you usually eat before going to bed? Is the food light or, on the contrary, very satisfying and heavy? The more you eat for dinner, the more energy you will need to digest the food.

The soul bound by the body will not be able to travel through the subtle worlds, or to see prophetic dreams.

You will not be able to relax completely — the world of dreams will be closed to you.

4. Amount of sleep

How long does a healthy sleep of an adult last? This question is difficult to answer unequivocally, because it depends on the emotional and physical activity of the person. There is no generally accepted norm, either for women or men. Yet both scientists and shamans agree that the more actively a person spends the day, the deeper sleep they need to recover. At the same time, one can sleep for less time than the one who leads an inactive lifestyle all day. The reason is in energy work and energy exchange with spirits.

If this exchange is intense, the person quickly falls asleep, and has beautiful dreams.

If not, the person suffers from insomnia, nightmares and eventually gets up exhausted and irritated.

5. Meditation with a candle

For good memory of dreams and better concentration, Aayla Shaman recommends conducting meditation with a candle. During the ritual, choose a comfortable position of the body, you can stand or sit, but make sure your spine is straight. Put a candle at the height of your third eye and at the distance of 1-1.5 meters from yourself. Now you can start to meditate: normalize your breathing, relax your shoulders. Look at the candle constantly and without blinking. Mentally concentrate the energy received from the candle in the area between the eyebrows. When you feel completely relaxed and full, finish the meditation with a deep breath.

Meditation with a candle is best done in the presence of an experienced mentor, since the power of this ritual is very great. Aayla Shaman recommends performing meditation during group classes or seminars.

5 shamanic tips for a good night's sleep

Hilda, Osnabrück:

“I still can’t believe I’ve got rid of my nightmares. I went to the doctors, but nothing changed.

The pills helped for a while, and then I would wake up again with horror and the feeling that someone was choking me.

Sleepless nights were exhausting, I felt bad, I was very tired. And then a close friend advised to contact the shamans. So Aayla Shaman entered my life. She performed several special rituals and gave me a protective amulet that I was supposed to keep with me at all times. At home, I conducted an energy cleanse, following Aayla Shaman’s advice. After that, for the first time in several years, I slept peacefully and even had dreams. 

At the seminars, Aayla shaman opened up the wonderful world of spirits for me, taught me how to meditate in order to have a lucid dream and make trips to the subtle worlds. And I never part with the amulet now.”

Protect your sleep from the invasion of evil spirits! Come to group classes, attend seminars. Aayla Shaman will be happy to help everyone!

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