Aayla Shaman about Shamanic Journey to Places of Power

Find Your Predestination!

Places of Power

Are you looking for your predestination? Every year Places of Power welcome people all over the world and give happiness to the chosen ones. They help to find one own’s spiritual path. Listen to our advice and make the journey together with the shaman.

What secret is hidden in Places of Power?

The Earth has a lot of places with the powerful energy, shrouded in mysteries. Almost all of them are related to unusual natural phenomena, geographic landscape, seismic zones, areas where the gas comes out from the very Earth’s interior, places where meteors fell down…

Mighty civilizations always emerged in the Places of Power. Archeologists find ancient altars and temples, sacrificial shrines and dolmens, mysterious symbols of devotion to ancient gods and natural spirits. Scientists try to study and to recreate the great past of these civilizations but we still don’t have answers to all questions.

What does the Place of Power really look like? Most of all, it is the powerful natural retreat where everything is soaked in the energy of great spirits. Destinies of people and the world, the past, the present and the future intertwine in this place. The wish made in such place will come true for sure. The main thing is to ask spirits of it in a right way.

Places of Power

What can make spirits angry?

The Internet is full of trip offers and articles about Places of Power. Famous names, nice photos with landmarks on the background, but what does it mean? We plead you to be very cautious, not to trust ratings and enticing offers.

Can you come and explore the Place of Power on your own? Any visit to sacral areas should be mindful and happen under guidance of the teacher, for instance, Aayla Shaman. That’s why we recommend you to visit such places together with out groups and coaches!

What can curiosity of an unprepared person result in? Spirits of the place do not forgive when their rest is interrupted. What can cause their anger? If you have come to the sacred place with bad thoughts and aims, have asked for help without any respect, have not made gifts etc.

Any tiny detail has the meaning so it is important to have the teacher with you who would hint how to behave.

Spirits may not meet your request or to send natural elements after the person if she has trespassed the Place of Power uninvited. For example, the wind may suddenly rise and the heavy rain may pour unexpectedly on a sunny day. But the most terrible thing is when spirits dim the wit. Once back at home, the person will suffer from headache, she will be haunted by phobias, anxious feeling and insomnia.

Once in Places of Power, many people try to take something as a souvenir and that causes contempt of spirits. Each millimeter here is soaked in the sacral power. Berries, cons, flowers, plants, stones and other objects are parts of the mystical eco system. If you want to pluck healing herbs at the Place of Power or to take something as a souvenir, always discuss it with your teacher and ask permission from spirits.

The career and the social status of the person, the bank account, a big home in possession or a helicopter for the direct transfer to the Place of Power are not important for spirits. Deep respect to mighty sacral powers lead communication with spirits. Who may keep you safe from mistakes and anger of spirits? The only person you may rely upon during the journey to Places of Power is the shaman. He will prepare you for the journey and reveal mysteries of divination of ancient spirits. Shaman Aayla is the hereditary shaman so the visit to Place of Power with her will be safe for you. Register!

Despite of all difficulties, spirits ask to bring people to Places of Power during shamanic rituals. The person with the light soul helps to restore the lost balance with nature, the mutual exchange of positive energies occurs.

Places of Power

Spiritual expedition for health and happiness

The shamanic culture has been banned for many decades. However, the ancestral tradition is not dead. It has been carefully kept and protected by chosen ones. Nowadays, shamans give lectures in cities of the world, organize expeditions to Places of Power. But the main purpose of meetings is to help humans to return the internal harmony and to restore the lost balance between the human and the nature.

Every year, shamans and apprentices go to trips to Places of Power. They sometimes cover great distances of several thousand kilometers. They have already visited Glastonbury in the UK, Carnac stones in Bretagne. They hiked in the Altai mountains and made sacrifices to spirits on shores of Baikal. It is far from the complete list of Places of Power that our large family visits. We invite you to come with us this year!

Places of Power

What questions are you to ask when you visit sacred places?

Shamans recommend to call spirits if

  • You feel empty inside and lack energy.
  • You have serious health issues. Doctors cannot help you and find reasons for the disease.
  • You take very strong antidepressants and do not see the way out of accumulated problems.
  • Your career bring you neither pleasure nor profit.
  • Your studies go on with difficulties and you don’t see any prospects.
  • You have family and personal relationships issues.

The Place of Power is filled by all-pervading positive energy so the person can be given health, the harmony of soul and personal happiness here, to find the answer to the complicated question and to establish the program of successful destiny.

Milana, Chisinau:

I found myself on the Place of Power when I thought that my life had ended. I had the terrible diagnosis – cancer. I survived the tumor removal surgery, chemotherapy, target and hormonal therapy….

I wanted to live so much! I tried everything best doctors could suggest. I had several years of struggle and… a relapse. Doctors gave me not more than one year of life…

My sister did not accept the diagnosis. She came to me with the words: “Do you want to live? Then prepare yourself! Now I’ll start treating you”. She often visited Places of Power together with Aayla’s group for all years of my disease. Every time she came back happy as though she is born anew. The sister convinced me that such places are able to crate miracles, all I needed was only to want to LIVE!

So, it was the first time I came to Altai. My husband and sister came with me to support me. Ever step was a challenge for me. I was weeping, sick and dizzy, sweating profusely. Aayla was always at my side. In difficult moments she did rituals and healed the pain. I don’t know whether I could reach the Place of Power without her help.

I don’t know what happened in these places. I don’t remember the path we were walking for a long time, rituals Aayla was doing. I remember only the warm some, flower aromas, sounds of the spring and the shamanic prayer. And also the feeling of incredible happiness.

I was walking back to the camp by myself. The smile didn’t leave my face after the expedition. I enjoyed every day, talking with my kids and husband, we went for walks a lot of times, I even started painting.

My doctor met me three months later… and didn’t recognize me. I went through the checkup, the remission started and the tumor became much smaller. My life was radically changed. I made the exhibition of my paintings and became the member of the voluntary movement that works with cancer patients. My life is full of meaning, love and joy now!

The Place of Power changed my life!

You can also change your life if you join our exhibitions to Places of Power. Register! We are waiting for you!

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