How to free from bad thoughts: the advice of the shaman

Sorting out the mess in your head

how to free from bad thoughts

Child’s phone is not available. We are ready to go on a quest! Husband unexpectedly goes on a long trip. Apparently, he is having an affair! Boss glanced menancingly? In a panic, we think over all the possible mistakes. How to get rid of bad thoughts and not turn your life into a nightmare?

What is the nature of bad thoughts?

In shamanism, everything is perceived visually. Everything around us is alive and has a soul: plants, stones, and even thoughts. Shamans say that evil thoughts are entities, evil spirits. They cling to a person and feed on his life energy, devouring a person from the inside. These bad thoughts attract more and more new entities, leading a person to an obsessive neurosis. Nevertheless, they stay strong as long as we feed them!

Find and destroy!

how to free from bad thoughts find and destroy

Stop dragging out the moment of problem solving. If you are a victim, it will be vital to ask a practicing shaman for help. He’ll sort out the cause and cleanse the body of entities and evil spirits. Can you manage it independently? Well, yes, you can. Although, acting under the guidance of an experienced mentor is safer.


“With the birth of the child, the most terrible thoughts started to come to me. What if she gets sick or lost? But most of all, I was afraid the thoughts to materialize. I stopped going to the playground with my daughter. I was afraid to hear another terrible story about an abduction or an incurable disease. I constantly was thinking something would happen to her. Terrible pictures appeared in my head. But how could I get rid of bad thoughts? I tried to switch, joined yoga, I visited a psychologist, but nothing helped … Everyone suggested it all was my suspiciousness, while I was losing my mind bit by bit.

My husband couldn’t stand my torment and signed up for a personal consultation with the shaman Aayla. So, I was finally able to recover and get rid of the heavy load. Aayla explained me how to get rid of bad thoughts. She also gave me special practices for this. And I felt like I was born again. Today my family and I all have personal charms and talismans. With the help of Aayla, I cleansed my house of extraneous energy. Moreover, obsessive thoughts finaly stopped pursuing me! ”

How to liquidate bad thoughts? Psychologists advise to draw away from your problems, find a hobby, do some sports, or at least buy sedatives. Why doesn’t it work? The answer is simple. All these actions are aimed at the consequence – mental discomfort. Additionally, they don’t solve the cause at all. Factually, it isn’t a problem we see. It is the material essence that needs to be expelled.

Get free!

How to free from bad thoughts shaman aayla

What exercises does our student talk about? And how to escape from bad thoughts on your own? Well, then carefully follow the advice of experienced shamans and believe in your own strength.

  1. Take a comfortable posture, close your eyes and look inside yourself. There are many different thoughts inside you. So, highlight those that cause anxiety, vanity. Try to keep your temper and breathe evenly. Now choose the most obsessive thought. Rate the degree of its strength. Can you feel how it steals harmony and creates chaos in your soul?
  2. Start to visualize the idea. At this point, the right hemisphere turns on. And after your subconscious system of associations begins to work. The evil spirit materializes and takes on a form of an animal, a person, or the essence of a horror movie. Do you feel its presence? Do you see it? Hold it in your attention.
  3. The final stage is the most emotionally difficult. It will require the strength of your spirit. In this case, it is great if you have a protective amulet. Now make a deep breath. Turn to yourself with a confident voice: “I am the master of my own life. Only I manage it. This is my body. This is my home. This is my fate. ” Then gather strength and deeply exhale, pushing the essence out of the inside. If you feel the necessity, repeat these words three times.
  4. The final stage.  Smile and thank yourself for spiritual harmony.

If the independent work doesn’t help, be sure to contact me. I’ll help to make this practice and also explain in more detail how to get rid of your bad thoughts.

Mental harmony and faith in yourself!

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