Aayla Shaman speaks about the secrets of financial well-being

How to make and keep money

What to do if business is not going well, career does not develop and overall income remains very low, despite all your efforts?

Aayla Shaman speaks about the secrets of financial well-being

Cunning Neptune

People with financial problems often come to me, Aayla Shaman. Somebody’s business does not develop and income is falling rapidly. Some people live normally as a whole, but there is not enough money to fulfill all their dreams. After all, everyone wants to travel, live in a good apartment or house, teach children in the best school or college.

What to do? Attract the cash flow. And also learn how to interpret the clues of stars and spirits. This is what shaman helps doing at seminars and retreats.

I have repeatedly spoken about the shamanistic astrological tradition and the importance of the stellar movement. In financial matters, the most distant planet of the solar system, Neptune, is of great importance. Now it is in the most active phase and is interfering with all financial issues, sending challenges to people. What should we avoid during this difficult time?

If a person surrenders to the desire to get rich quickly and is looking for the easiest ways, then they can be punished by the spirit of Neptune. And not only the person, but also their seven future generations will not be able to realize in business.

How to control cash flows

Not only stars influence our financial well-being. A lot depends on the person. Money will not be able to flow in a continuous stream unless you follow a series of rules.

Rule 1

Consider investing and consult with Aayla shaman. You should not lend and borrow, invest in questionable projects that promise rapid earnings without the blessing and help of a shaman.

Aayla Shaman speaks about the secrets of financial well-being

Rule 2

Control spending. What does your family spend money on? Stop the outflow of money on meaningless purchases. That is, those expenses that do not come back to us in the form of material and spiritual benefits.

Stop killing money: that is spending it on something that does not return the invested funds. For example, succumbing to a loud promotional offer for a sale, a person rashly buys a thing that they do not need at all.

Now such rash spending can have serious consequences due to the influence of Neptune.

The person thinks, and maybe it will come in handy – not now, but later. But in fact, this thing will be meaninglessly littering the space of the house. The worst thing is that it blocks the flow of cash!

Imagine that a stream of money is a mountain river. Only a rock dam can stop it. Each stone thrown by you into the water is a meaningless purchase or lending money to someone.

It is not just about large expenses. Another dress bought at a sale, or a more modern phone purchased in installments, are also stones that interfere the cash flow.

A dam, which separates you and the course of the river, is gradually built from each of such stones. Subsequently, there forms a pond, which eventually turns into a swamp. It is there that dreams of making money turn out. And the responsibility for this lies with us. After all, we built this dam with our own hands. Did you imagine this picture well?

Rule 3

Follow all the recommendations of Aayla shaman. However, they are not universal for everyone. Only during personal meeting or at seminars can a shaman not only give wise advice, but also conduct a special ceremony. A shaman can turn to the Spirit of Money – Dzayan Dzayachi and attract money into your life. And also select a special amulet for you that will solve your financial problems.

Aayla Shaman speaks about the secrets of financial well-being

Polette, Paris

My husband and I have our own small business. You have to work a lot. But we can maintain a decent standard of living. We have a nice apartment; our son does to a private school.

A few years ago there began problems with our business. Income fell rapidly. My husband tried very hard to fix everything, but nothing worked out. I understood that if this goes on, our child will not receive a decent education. And we will have to change the apartment to a smaller one.

Then, fortunately for me, I found out about the seminar of Aayla shaman and decided to turn to her for help. Aayla gave me some recommendations. She said that this will help solve all our financial problems.

And it really helped! Our income increased! I breathed a sigh of relief. And after some time I visited Aayla shaman’s class again – to tell about our successes. Aayla was very happy for us and urged me to attend a retreat, and also buy a special amulet for good luck in business.

I don’t know what happened to me then, but I didn’t listen to the shaman’s advice. To be honest, I just didn’t want to spend money on the seminar. In addition, I was going to buy a new car and decided that there was no need to spend extra.

I bought a new car. I was so happy. But one day I was taking my son to school, and we had a terrible accident. We survived by a miracle – only because we had the protective amulets that Aayla shaman gave me at the first seminar.

But the car could not be restored. Not long I was happy with my new acquisition … Yes, and my husband’s affairs began to decline again …

At that time, I no longer doubted what to do. I arranged a personal consultation with Aayla shaman, received new recommendations and complied with all of them. I also joined the retreat. After that, our business began to grow rapidly! But, remembering the advice of Aayla shaman, we no longer spend thoughtlessly. On the contrary, we decided to send them to help homeless animals. We acquired land near Paris and began to build a large rehabilitation center for animals. I hope that next year it will start working. 

If you have financial problems, attend my seminars or arrange personal consultation. I am waiting for you!

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