What is an amulet?

How to use and where to keep amulets and talismans.

We continue to understand the shaman amulets and talismans. Today we will try to understand what an amulet is, how to make it, where to keep it and what to wear it with.

Ordinary form with unusual content

Shamanic amulets and talismans are objects that protect a person from the spirits of the lower world, that is, from all sorts of misfortunes, problems, diseases and failures. The power of the amulet is so great that it can protect not only one person, but also their entire house, or car, or company. You’d be surprised, but even a fridge magnet can protect your home.

What is an amulet? This is not a knickknack, bought in a souvenir shop. True amulets and talismans are never made in production, they are always handmade. Moreover, it is important that the amulet was made from natural materials: stones, shells, minerals, wood, bones or fur totem animals, metal.

how to use amulets and talismans

Amulets are used:

  • to obtain and increase wealth;
  • to achieve success in professional activities;
  • to attract love;
  • to improve physical and mental health;
  • to protect against dark forces and evil.

Shamanic amulets are made at Places of Power, where talismans are “charged” with the spirits of nature. This happens on special days when the most powerful energy flows of the Earth are activated, which is why talismans possess tremendous energy power.

Imagine a gas station, where in addition to regular gasoline and diesel fuel, they sell super-gasoline. It turns any low-power car into a racing car. Fill your  Renault-4 of 1986 with such “magic” gasoline was, and it turns into a Ferrari. This is what an amulet is – an item with special power.

Of course, the talisman should not only thrill the soul, but also look good to an eye. And keep up with the times. Our distant ancestors could decorate hair with a bone, hang a wolf’s fang around their neck, and hang a mammoth tusk on the wall of a prehistoric bedroom. Today, these decorations and interior items will look weird. Therefore, now amulets are made in the form of our usual bracelets, earrings or pendants. An unremarkable form hides special content, and this is very important if you want to figure out what an amulet is.

where to keep amulets and talismans

Where should you keep and how to wear amulets?

The shaman talisman is not a family jewel that is kept away from prying eyes and brought to light on major holidays. However, your dearest inherited decoration can be turned into an object of power. To do this, you need to hold a special ceremony, the shaman will “settle” a good spirit that will protect and protect you in the family jewel. You should wear your amulet all the time, but if the shaman personally charged it, then you should hide it under the clothes. Why? 

The fact is that many people do not know what an amulet is, but they intuitively feel its power. The inner energy of your guardian attracts other people, and they involuntarily try to touch the talisman. You should never let it happen! Any touch on your magic object reduces its power. And we are talking not only about people you are unfamiliar with, but also about your closest relatives and friends. You can show them your amulet once, but no more!

Important: Obsessive desire to touch and see your amulet may indicate that this person has the makings of an energy vampire. Watch out!

It is clear that it is impossible to wear, without removing, amulets and talismans. When you take a shower, go to the sauna, swimming pool or beach while on vacation, you need to take your amulet off. The point is not that the spirits that settled in your talisman do not like water treatments or beach vacation. What is an amulet after all? The object, though magical, but with ordinary physical characteristics, which means that water, temperature and the sun destroy it just like any other thing.

By the way, you may not wear your amulet at home – there you are under the protection of guardian spirits. But you must not keep your talisman together with other decorations, keys or watches either. You should buy a special security house – the vault for your amulet, which the shaman will charge with power to protect the magic object. And they will place it on the altar – a place that radiates positive energy, protecting your home from any negative. It is recommended to keep all objects of power you have on the altar.

Mission of shamanic amulet

Mission of amulet

Each spirit has a special mission. At the moment of danger, it leaves the amulet and neutralizes all negative or minimizes it. Only after fulfilling its role, it returns inside the talisman.

But you need to remember: if the shell of the amulet collapses (darkens, breaks, gets covered with cracks), then the spirit will leave the magic object forever. Therefore, it is important to take care of the amulet.

Management of one company once came to me. The company had an unhealthy situation: quarrels, undercover games, intrigues, scandals. To protect the well-being of the organization, I charged a special amulet in the form of a crystal. After a while, the talisman simply crumbled, and the company received peace and order. Why did this happen? If you have already figured out what an amulet is, you can guess that the crystal absorbed the negative, and this bad energy destroyed the talisman shell.

To protect your business, home, family and friends, you can purchase amulets and charms at my events.

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