Shamanic rituals will help you survive a loss: Aayla shaman says what to do

Shamanic rituals will help you survive a loss

The loss of loved ones is one of the most difficult trials in everyone’s life. How to accept the inevitability of death, let go of worries and pain? Aayla Shaman is sharing the ancient knowledge and ritual of saying goodbye to your loved ones. 

How to accept the death of your loved one

Death of our loved people always arrives suddenly. We can not prepare for it. Many know the pain of losing loved ones – it’s a hard test. It does not matter if it was old grandparents, parents or child, sister or brother, lover or friend – the pain is still great. Peace and joy go away together with our close person. And questions appear. Why? For what?

According to the Siberian shamanism, every soul comes to earth to fulfill a unique predestination and it lives as long as its mission has given it.

No matter how painful it is for us to part with a person, the living must accept and let go of the deceased. We should not cry, be sad, suffer – this prevents the soul from finding peace. Let go and thank it for the life path it shared with you. Only then the soul will become free, find absolute harmony and be in the circle of a large family of the lineage.

Shamanic ritual to say goodbye to your loved ones

A person is gone. We start thinking how many things are left unsaid and undone. We postponed important conversations and meetings because we were in a hurry, we had to work or do important things. We did not dare to apologize for a long time. Is it really too late? What should we do in this situation?  

Shamanic ceremonies and rituals to say goodbye to your loved ones can not be performed without the help of a shaman and their gift of communicating with the spirits of the lower and upper worlds.

You can ask Aayla Shaman for help to contact the soul of the dead person. Aayla Shaman will convey your words to the spirit and vice versa with the help of the amulets, spirits, and shamanic drum.

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If you do not have the opportunity to contact the shaman, perform the ritual of saying goodbye to your loved ones at home on your own:

“Listen to yourself and your breath. There is a lot of love in the heart of each of us that can work wonders. Think about the person who died. Thank them for the gift of love, for the words of support, for smiles and happiness to be together, for facing a lot together and for support for each other. Take your time. Let your heart speak.

Your words and thoughts, happy memories, will help to free your loved one’s soul from earthly affections. Let it go with words of gratitude and love.

Aayla Shaman asks you to remember that you do not need to blame yourself. Dead ancestors, relatives or close people, love you and want only happiness. After letting go of your worries and pain, after meditation, your heart should be filled with calmness.

Anna, Birmingham:

“Two years ago I lost my loved person. It was a terrible car accident.

The whole world stopped suddenly. I lost the meaning of life. I cried every day, remembered our dreams of home and children, happy moments we had. I thought my life was over.

I scolded myself that I let him go on this unfortunate business trip and did not listen to my intuition, which shouted “Do not let him go.” Despair and depression were increasing day by day. What have I done to deserve this?

I could survive his death only after getting acquainted with Aayla Shaman and attending group classes on Siberian shamanism. She helped me to let go of worries and pain, to accept the inevitability of death. I will not say that the ritual of saying goodbye to a loved one is easy and fast. Contacting the soul of my loved one helped me a lot in addition to spiritual practices. I asked Aayla Shaman to appeal his spirit during the ritual. I really wanted to tell him that I loved him and remembered him.

I could think it was a coincidences, but something inexplicable happened during the shamanic ritual. He called me not by name, but tender name he used to use through Aayla Shaman. Only I and he knew about this cute nickname. His soul told that it pained him to see me crying. He really wants me to let him go and start living a full life. It was as if I woke up from a deep and terrible dream.

A year has passed since then. The pain of loss has let go. I read the book “After Death”, which answered many questions about the world of the dead and the predestination of souls. Now I am grateful that I had him in my life and he gave me true love. I am ready to let a new relationship into my heart.

Sometimes the souls of dead people come to Aayla Shaman and ask her to fulfill their last request. They feel pain and sadness, because their loved ones worry and cry. The souls show the way to go and the person to whom to pass on the words of support or help. Moscow, Berlin, London, Antwerp, – Aayla Shaman follows the spirit to any place on Earth.

Tears of grief torment the deceased relatives and the relatives of the family tree. They cannot get the desired peace and free from connections with earthly life.

Shamanic rituals will help you survive a loss

In shamanism the world of the living and the dead is inseparably connected. Spirits, especially of ancestors and close people, expect support and help. Sometimes they want to ask us for something, and sometimes to warn us of danger.

Only a shaman, endowed with the gift of seeing and communicating with the other world, can understand the signs. Aayla Shaman tells how to interpret dreams correctly and whether to consider them a bad omen.

We are afraid and suffer because of loss of our loved ones – it is inevitable and painful. However, we are able to bring peace and joy back into life. Aayla Shaman will help to release the soul of the deceased person with words of gratitude and love, to find meaning in the present and future. Special shaman amulets will bring back spiritual harmony and protect from misfortune.

Attend the seminars and individual consultations. Learn to communicate with the world of spirits and get their support!

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