How do you draw your family together during quarantine?

Self-isolation is a good time to improve family relationships

How do you draw your family together during quarantine

Under conditions of forced isolation, we have faced many problems. Conflict situations with people we love is the most unpleasant among them. Aayla Shaman speaks on how to bring peace back into the family and draw it together in this difficult situation.

So close and so far apart

For most of us, quarantine caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has become a serious stressful situation and a very sensitive test of family relationships. We would seem to have such a great chance to get together, under one roof, to finally have a good communication with our children, our partner, our parents, to strengthen the lineage relations. 

But leading a monotonous life, not being able to leave home, turned out to be very difficult in reality. There are conflicts for nothing, old grudges and misunderstandings came out. 

And if before quarantine we could easily cope with such problems or could avoid them, it is a lot more difficult for us now. We’ve become hostages to the space of our apartments.  

So how to establish family relationships, reduce aggression and avoid divorce? Aayla Shaman recommends freeing our lives from negative emotions and assess the situation from a different perspective. You will probably be surprised, but first of all, we should thank the spirit of coronavirus for exposing all the weaknesses of our family tree. 

Quarrels for nothing and problems gave us the opportunity to see the weaknesses of family relationships, which we had simply ignored before.

The charge of optimism slowly fades away slowly, and the isolation does not seem to be over soon. How can we make sure that everything in the family gets better? Aayla Shaman recommends following four simple rules.

1. Smile

Start every day with a sincere smile, with praise. Pick up nice words for all family members. It may be a fun remark, gratitude, praise, advice or compliment. Give kind words generously. According to shamanic teachings, words have the ability to fill a home with pure, positive, and light energy. 

How do you draw your family together during quarantine

2. Communicate

Of course, it is hard if you do not support each other inside the family, do not understand each other’s hobbies. Your partner considers it a waste of time to study shamanic practices and visit the strongest places of power. And you are sure that watching sports competitions is a meaningless thing, it is better to go in for sports instead. There are a lot of examples of similar situations. All of them will only confirm that close people live each their own lives. 

Discuss with your loved ones that each of you is unique and has the right to their interests and hobbies, which should be valued and respected. 

Define a certain time to do shamanic practices, participate in online seminars held my Aayla Shaman, or do breathing exercises. Let this time be yours. Ask your family not to interfere or distract you because of every little thing. 

In return, you should appreciate the hobbies of your loved ones. Even such little things can help your family unite and strengthen the roots of your lineage.

3. Pray

In moments of solitude, be sure to offer prayer for your lineage and for all the living family members. Even if you have never attended our seminars and you have no idea how to properly conduct it, then send your enquiry by e-mail. Aayla Shaman will send you not only a prayer, but also her recommendations.

Keep in mind that a prayer for your lineage must be done always at the same time. This will give you the opportunity to bring balance and harmony into your family’s lifestyle.

4. Unite

Despite the fact that we spend a lot of time with the family during the isolation period, it is necessary to allocate special time for communication with your family members. After all, we usually only talk about some domestic issues. Aayla Shaman advises to come up with a common activity for the whole family. For example, board games, creating a genealogical tree, cooking masterpieces. 

Whatever you do, joint work of all family members and their communication is the most important thing.

You have no idea what games your kid will be interested in, and how to organize children’s leisure time during quarantine? Read our article, you will find a lot of life hacks for modern parents in it.

And, of course, try to make sure that your interaction with your loved ones was as easy as possible. After all, only a mutual desire and interest in a common affair will cause all family members a lot of positive emotions and smiles.

How do you draw your family together during quarantine

Erna, Hamburg:

“How do you unite your family and keep it together despite the life difficulties? This question simply did not let my head rest some time ago. I was sure that my husband and I existed in parallel realities. Our children grew up, they had their interests and hobbies. Our parents traveled to beautiful parts of Europe and visited us only on big holidays. My sisters (I have three of them) were so stuck in routine that they did not care about my family. Birthday and Christmas greetings are the best I’ve ever gotten from them.

Our numerous and once very friendly family was disappearing… What happened and at what point did it all go wrong, is it possible to fix it? 

I had no idea I would find the answer to these questions at shamanic seminars. But they were the ones that helped me open my eyes to what was happening.

Aayla Shaman talked a lot about the lineage tree, about strengthening the lineage power and uniting families. At one point, I realized clearly that all the problems could be overcome if I made a commitment as an elder of my lineage. And I did.

After another trip with Aayla Shaman and her students to one of the strongest Places of Power, where I received a charge of special pure power and participated in the most ancient shamanic rituals, I organized an all-family gathering. My birthday was the reason for that. 

To my surprise, everyone was there: my parents, my sisters with husbands and children, and even Aunt Agatha, whom I hadn’t seen for the last 15 years. 

The holiday was a great success. We talked a lot, laughed, talked about the history of our family. Auntie Agatha, by the way, was the main keeper of family stories and legends. She talked so interestingly and funny about our ancestors that even teenage nephews took their heads off their gadgets and listened with their mouths open.

It was a wonderful day! We decided to continue the tradition of family holidays.

Our family is now friendlier than ever. We feel each other’s support, mutual understanding. It helps us to live without offense or conflicts. 

Now I understand that the best way to unite the family, to restore its strength and prosperity is to use shamanic knowledge, which Aayla Shaman shares generously with her students. And for that, I am immensely grateful!”

There’s nothing more important in life than family. If you have a desire to improve or revive your relationship with your relatives, please contact Aayla Shaman. She will help strengthen the roots of your lineage, return its power, teach you to work with the energy of money and make your lineage prosperous. Sing up for online classes now! Invite your relatives to be part of our friendly shamanic family. 

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