How to keep children busy during quarantine: recommendations from Aayla shaman

How to spend time of isolation regime for the benefit of the lineage and family?

How to keep children busy during quarantine: recommendations from Aayla shaman

Many people today have to stay home, adhering to the isolation regime. These forced measures have become a serious test for adults, who understand the situation, but they are even much harder for children. Parents are worried that lazy children will get used to constant idleness, and they will not be able to join the work schedule after quarantine. How to keep children busy during the quarantine period to have a beneficial time? Aayla shaman offers several options.

Recommendation No. 1: Gather the family for meals

No matter how ridiculous it may sound, the quarantine caused by the coronavirus can be a great opportunity for you to strengthen family ties and traditions. Perhaps it wasn’t common in your family to get together at the same table. So, it’s time to create a new family tradition! Try to get together at the same table for breakfast or dinner, to chat and to share your thoughts every day.

And remember, before eating, you must definitely thank the Spirit of the House, because it saves positive energy and comfort in your home.

Recommendation No. 2: Get your kids involved in cooking

The joint gastronomic experiments will help you to brighten up forced weekends. Cook something delicious with your child. This will make you closer, and time will fly by. Distribute responsibilities during the cooking process so as not to get in each other’s way. Find something for everyone in your family. Entrust someone to knead a dough, someone to prepare the cream, let someone control the cake in the oven, and someone will prepare the table for tea.

Do not forget that the most important thing in cooking any dish is love for those people for whom you have cooked it.

How to keep children busy during quarantine: recommendations from Aayla shaman

Recommendation No. 3: Tell the children the history of your lineage

After going through all the possible activities, invite your children to get acquainted with old family photo albums. Aayla shaman advises to study them gradually, paying maximum attention to stories from the life of your ancestors. Tell children what time they lived, who they were, what abilities they had, who they worked, what traditions were in the first place for them.

Children are rarely interested in family history, and although you had planned to introduce them to these pages of your lineage history earlier, but you had no time to do this. But now you have time to do this! Aayla shaman is sure that in a family that honors the memory of ancestors and keeps their history, the Power of the Lineage will certainly become stronger.

Recommendation No. 4: Watch a movie together

Today, virtual life has swallowed up all areas of our lives. We work remotely, study remotely, communicate online and even make shopping through websites. And by reproaching children for constant vegging out in gadgets, we are deceiving ourselves. But you can turn this lesson to the benefit of the children and also participate in this.

Choose interesting cartoons, TV shows or movies that are full of deep meaning and teach goodness, mutual help and justice.

Watch them with your children and certainly discuss what important issues are raised in the movie, what the plot is interesting for and what this movie teaches.

It is very difficult to find a movie for a teenager to make him interested. Aayla shaman recommends watching four movies with a profound meaning. “Three Idiots” is a wonderful movie that focuses on the values ​​of friendship, mutual support and self-confidence.

The movie “Peaceful Warrior” was shot based on real events and will be interesting to teenagers who have dedicated their lives to sport and are trying to find the meaning of their lives. In the story, a professional gymnast, who is injured radically, rethinks his life and his company.

The wonderful movie “Like Stars on Earth” tells about the imaginative nature and difficult relationships with age mates. And only the fateful support of the teacher allows the main character to find his personality and find friends.

“Spring, summer, autumn, winter… and spring again” is a wonderful movie for teenagers, affecting philosophical discussions about the transience of life, and the true price of our desires.

And of course, watch with your child those films that once impressed you, it will make you closer and more dear, will help establish trusting relationships.

How to keep children busy during quarantine: recommendations from Aayla shaman

Recommendation No. 4: Stay outdoors together more

Naturally, this advice is not suitable for everyone in modern conditions. But for those who have their own house with an adjacent plot, such an opportunity is real. And you need to use this. The healing energy of nature is one of the main sources of human power.

And in the courtyard you can find a plenty of ​​interesting and useful things. Aayla shaman recommends to relocate plants, to plant flower or vegetable seeds. Children with great pleasure will watch how their seedlings grow and fruits or flowers ripen.

Recommendation No. 5: Invent Games

If you are tired of all table-top games, come up with a new one by yourself. Draw a game-walker or write forfeits on a large sheet, and organize an evening of humor. Such games develop creative and acting abilities and help to learn different patterns of behavior in society. And besides, they will make your family tightly knit and united.

Recommendation No. 6: Do arts and crafts

Turn on your fantasy, create and build. Draw, sculpt, cut and glue. Use everything you find at home: from cardboard to old sheets. One day let you be busy building a Lego skyscraper, and another day you will have a beauty contest for dolls, then a rubber duck competition in the bathroom, then a toy car race and so on.

Or maybe the child has remarkable abilities in drawing? Then ask him to draw a series of paintings on various topics and arrange a fun auction among relatives.

Or does your daughter sing perfectly and does she plan to become a famous singer? So, you can arrange a mini-show “Voice of Children” and make an online broadcast for all relatives!

And most importantly, give your children more attention, communicate on different topics, do everything together! Sooner or later, quarantine will end, and the restrictions will be removed, and spending time together can become another wonderful family tradition of your lineage!

How to keep children busy during quarantine: recommendations from Aayla shaman

Meredith, Lyon:

“My daughter Marie loves animals too much, she always has some goodies with her, in case she suddenly meets a lost dog. When Marie was 10, she found a homeless kitten near garbage containers. Before taking him to the animal shelter, the cat lived with us for three days.

And after that it turned out that Marie picked up the lichen from the kitten. The disease is quite unpleasant and long-lasting.

Special ointments, injections, disinfection of the house  and clothes, isolation from other children and quarantine…

I bring up Marie alone, and my parents live in Toulouse. And since the disease is very contagious, Marie and I were alone in self-isolation at home. It was unfortunate that I had to abandon the planned trip to the Place of Power with Aayla shaman and her students. But the health of the child is more important.

Sitting all day at home was not easy. And then Aayla and her assistants from a group in our city helped out. Every day I told Marie about shamanism, about evil and good spirits, about the fact that every house has its own spirit, with which my daughter decided to make friends. Every day she fed him milk and wished good night)))

And we talked a lot about our family, remembered all relatives, and even drew a family tree.

It was then that my daughter shared with me plans to become a doctor for animals. And this year, several years after that evening of revelation, she did enter the college at the veterinary clinic. Marie’s character is solid and decisive, like everyone else in our lineage.

And that our self-isolation ended in a week, because Aayla shaman gave Marie a special amulet for recovery.

This forced quarantine helped my daughter and me to chum in. We were close before that, and after that we became simply the best friends. And our interest in shamanism and everything connected with it has grown greatly. Over the past few years, we regularly went to almost all outdoor events together, and we always took with us and charged with clean energy the amulet that was once picked up by Aayla shaman for Marie.”

Remember that during the quarantine period you should not lose heart and become depressed. You can turn this time to your advantage, spend it on self-improvement, on online seminars, which are conducted by Aayla shaman, and, of course, on close communication with children.

If you don’t have enough knowledge to maintain the Power of your lineage, you worry about your future, don’t know how to protect yourself and your close people from the coronavirus, be sure to write to Aayla and she will answer you!

And we want to remind you that Aayla shaman offers you remote work during quarantine. If you or your close people need a job, be sure to contact Aayla by email. Do not give up!

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