And how to stop the pandemic of the 21st century?

How to defeat coronavirus?

The virus, which appeared in China in mid-December 2019, threatened very fast the extinction of all humanity. The disease spreads all over the world at a breakneck pace. Doctors have joined forces and have been working day and night, trying to develop a vaccine to confront the killer virus, which kills hundreds of people every day. However, their efforts are in vain, there is still no vaccine. But this does not mean that it is unrealistic to prevent the dire consequences of a pandemic! Aayla Shaman has no doubt – it’s real!

New Reality

Daily news from cities in China and Europe is similar to American thrillers. The deserted streets of huge cities, the ringing silence periodically screaming through the shrill sounds of the special services sirens, closed shops and cafes, schools and enterprises. People in protective suits treat the main streets with antiseptics.

Entire countries are quarantined, flights and railway connections with neighboring countries are canceled, chaos and panic overwhelm the world.

There are already more than 200 thousand sick people in the world, almost 9 thousand have died …

Having dealt with China, the coronavirus attacked Europe. Italy suffers most of all. The virus also crossed overseas to American states. The disease does not differentiate either nationalities or classes. All sports and cultural events have been canceled, films are not made, concerts and exhibitions are not held. The world lives in a sense of great misfortune.

People are buying up basic-needs products and hygiene products in a panic to stay out of quarantine without sticking their nose out of the house. Many countries have completely closed their borders. Millions of people were unemployed.

But the most scary fact is that the vaccine is still not developed…

How to defeat coronavirus?

The miracle is in our hands

The most frightful shamans’ predictions begin to come true – 2020 becomes the year of a monstrous torture for the entire planet. Aayla shaman calls on everyone to unite in the face of a terrible threat and begin to fight this monster.

Coronavirus is an unusually ferocious evil spirit that devours the whole creation. Every day it attacks ordinary people, breaking their fates, and sometimes taking their lives. It is attracted by our souls, our emotions, fear, pain, death.

And the more victims it devours, the more powerful and indomitable it becomes.

Aayla shaman is sure that right now we must block all the opportunities for viral shedding! Any delay will be catastrophic and will challenge the existence of humanity as a whole.

We cannot stay away. And do not stay! Aayla shaman organized a series of shamanic rituals and general prayers in big and small cities, in different countries and on different continents in order to extirpate this terrible virus. Partial or full quarantine has been introduced in many countries, but even this does not prevent spiritual people from uniting.

So, on February 22, a month before the vernal equinox, at the time of the special astrological aspect, we held the strongest prayer The Field of Love online. It was attended by people from 32 countries! And what?

A miracle happened – on this day an unprecedented growth of people recovered from the coronavirus was recorded!

This means only one thing – the power of shamans is great. During the shamanic rituals, we create a special protective sphere that protects the entire planet. It is able to save your family and friends, all people, no matter where in the world they live: in Europe or China, America or Russia. For this Aayla shaman advises to surround your relatives with protection. Come to our events and join our rituals and prayers, bring photos of your close people and together we can destroy the terrible insatiable spirit of the coronavirus.

How to defeat coronavirus?

Lost souls

And remember that only boundless love can save the planet, but not pain and fear, despair and hate! After all, the coronavirus, like all the spirits of the Lower World, never comes alone. Aayla shaman warns that it always comes into its own through immoral, unprincipled people who add evil power and might to the coronavirus.

The tragedy of humanity is compounded by the fact that the number of servants of the coronavirus spirit is increasing with the spread of this infection.

Such people get to our seminars with ever increasing frequency. They rush in like fiends! They begin to demand us to show them the broom and stupa, which we use to fly to Sabbaths! Of course, these accusations sound extremely ridiculous. Sometimes, it is difficult for our students to restrain a smile while listening to all this nonsense.

However, it is important to understand that these people are not just weird, they are held captive by evil spirits and obey their orders. They don’t even understand what they are doing. But they will not succeed in intimidating or stopping us! We will continue to pray for every person in the world. Moreover, Aayla shaman calls to pray triple for these astray people who fell into the power of the spirits of the Lower World and strengthen the destructive power of the coronavirus!

Only boundless love can stop this terrible pandemic outbreak of the 21st century!

Join us! We invite you to participate in our prayers and rituals! Love and support each other! Do not panic! Together we will stop the Evil!

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