How to overcome the fear of coronavirus?

Aayla Shaman speaks on this issue

How to overcome the fear of coronavirus?

Today, Aayla Shaman would reply to the frequently asked questions about coronavirus. How to stop being afraid of an epidemic and quieten down your loved ones?

– The news broadcasts on the Internet and television, as well as the opinions of various epidemiologists, fairly cause a wave of anxiety among ordinary people. The more information we receive, the stronger the fear of the virus and its complications becomes. So, Aayla, could you tell us, why such disaster fell upon mankind?

Aayla Shaman: This is generally the most frequently asked question at my seminars. “Why did God create malevolent apparitions, spirits of pain, disease, fear, since he means us no harm?”

In shamanism, we fully realize that the basis of our existence and the existence of the whole world, are the universe laws of harmony and balance. It is also being understood, that all these malevolent apparitions and spirits occupy one of the key positions in the world order process.

Their task is to give people rise to the development of the spiritual qualities.

They lay us under necessity to ask questions that have been considered eternal for centuries, like “Who am I?” “What can I do?” “For what reason was I born?” “Can I help this world?”

And it is exactly in the period of global catastrophes, such as natural disasters, large-scale acts of a military nature, and deadly epidemics we ask these questions most often.

– Does this mean that we would not have developed without disease and loss?

Aayla Shaman: Yes, quite right, we would fixate and eventually fade away! Initially, we would have frozen in a deceptive state of peace and appeasement. And step by step the connection with nature, spirits and the whole Universe would become thinner.

This would lead to a great loss of cosmic energy that supports our prosperity.

And we would plunge into the abyss of debts and loneliness, diseases and conflicts with our loved ones; we would become mired in addictions!

Now you see, how cleverly the irony of the universe is arranged, right? We are sure that some planetwide disaster or epidemic of the coronavirus will destroy us, while in reality our spiritual apathy will become the cause.

So, in fact, the humanity just needs the coronavirus! No, you heard me correctly! The pandemic created the perfect conditions for each person to do their best and change their lives.

How to overcome the fear of coronavirus?

– It is true that, this whole situation with the virus makes us think carefully about why we came to this world, pay attention to people around us, and show compassion and support. All the happy moments that we previously did not seem to appreciate start to appear in our memory at once. But the quarantine and the self-isolation period oppress people, and the stressful situation is becoming more acute. What is the best way to survive this difficult period and at the same time provide spiritual help to those who we truly care about, and to all mankind?

Aayla Shaman: Each of us is able to provide invaluable assistance in the fight against coronavirus. I mean, in fact, it is the usual spirit of the disease, and our fears, panic and emotional stress, on the contrary, feed it and make it stronger. Whereas it adds to the complexity of the situation.

So, first of all, we should do something to our anxieties.

No need to keep torturing yourself with the thought that your elderly parents may become infected.

It is better to take them in your complete control, convince them to observe the personal hygiene strictly, supply them with food so that they do not leave the house or arrange delivery for them. Call them every day, but the reason should not be the discussion of the ubiquitous virus for the hundredth time. Talk about some interesting movie, book, or tell about your children or pets …

Do not forget that each person is full of spiritual energy, and everyone makes the own decision how to spend it. Use it for prayer. The most powerful prayer is the “Field of Love”. It has the unique ability to neutralize the spirits of the disease and restore peace and faith to people.

It works best if you pray not alone, but in the company of like-minded people. Talk to the curator in your city and arrange your participation in the next group prayer “Field of Love” online. And if there is no quarantine in your city, then you can try to organize it yourself, because the energy of prayer in a joint meeting is much stronger.

It is very important for us to overcome our uncertainty and take the initiative, because each of us needs the psychological support in this tough time.

The organizers of our events will certainly provide you with help and support. Together, we can directly turn to the spirit of health and overcome our fear of the epidemic.

– Doctors say that coronavirus is more dangerous for older people, such as our parents or grandparents. Why them and not the other people got into the category of risk?

Aayla Shaman: Older people rarely worry about themselves, their hearts are always full of concerns for us. The spirit of fear gets control over them when they think that we can become infected, lose our jobs due to quarantine, and run out of funds…

It is very important to keep strong family bonds, to interact more often with all your relatives, especially with older representatives of your Lineage.

Spend your spiritual energy to help those who really need it! And it is not only about the help to your loved ones. Help elderly neighbors and just acquaintances. For example, you can offer them remote work in my team.

How to overcome the fear of coronavirus?

And what about the flood of negative information that pours daily on us from еру TV screens?

Aayla Shaman: Information ecosystem is especially important these days. After all, the evil spirit of the coronavirus is trying to break the bonds between us. And it really succeeds. We can no longer meet each other due to quarantine. And we receive the information via TV or social media. This is the most effective way to throw a scare.

And when you share news or videos with unconfirmed information with each other, exchanging these gossips, you strengthen the power of the evil spirit of the coronavirus.

Do you want to provide the real support to your loved ones? Talk with them about travels to the Places of Power, about the invaluable experience that you received at my seminars, about the great power of the “Field of Love” amazing prayer. Help each other, invite those whom you really love to our online classes, send them links to our materials. It is only through our joint efforts we can defeat this terrible spirit! Take care of yourself and your family during this tough time!

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