Diagnostic of the lineage helps to solve family problems

Shamanism protects the life energy

Diagnostic of the lineage

Do you wish you were accompanied by luck at every step you make? And the money came in not just by hard work, but also creativity, hobbies, and self-fulfillment? But did you know the shamanistic diagnostic of the lineage can give you the answers you seek?

The first step towards a new life: the basics of the lineage diagnostic

What do we wish for our children? Success, good luck, and wealth. Isn’t it true? But what is the first step we should take to ensure a strong and prosperous fate for our family?

According to shamanism, every person has a unique karmic program from the moment of birth. Karmic program contains love, happiness and prosperity, grief, disappointment and poverty. The karma of a new family member depends on the words and actions of his ancestors. The more positive energy it contains, the more prosperous and successful a person will be. What if not? All our problems are rooted in the past of our lineage, and we need to find and solve them. Diagnostic of the lineage allows studying the genetic code of all generations in detail and correcting the mistakes of the past.

What does it take to do a diagnostic? Does it mean you have to sit in the library, figuring out the odds and ends of the lineage? It is not necessary to conduct a detective investigation; it is just enough to bring the photos of your close relatives: paternal and maternal grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, children and nephews. If you have rare family photos or albums, make sure to take them as well ‒ the diagnostic of the lineage will give a more accurate analysis.

But what if there are no photos? Due to the Internet and social networks, you can chat with your relatives and ask them to scan some photos. They are unlikely to refuse. Then you just have to print the photos.

The second step: passing the diagnostic of the lineage

The date and hour of performing a diagnostic of the lineage can only be appointed by a shaman. This is essential, as the layout of the photos is associated with the ceremony and communication with the spirits.

Aayla Shaman first looks at the photographs, gazes into the faces of your ancestors, and aligns herself with energy field of the Lineage. Secondly, she lays out the photos, performs the ceremony and appeals to the spirits of the past. They will help the shaman warn you of the upcoming dangers, reveal an ancestor on the maternal or paternal side that requires working out and mitigating the karma. They may also help to resolve family conflicts. And, of course, Aayla Shaman will help you get answers to the questions about your present and future, talents and abilities bestowed by your lineage.

Diagnostic of the lineage

Greta, Munich:

I grew up in a very religious family. Every weekend we went to church and like all other girls, I took the communion at the age of 10. On that occasion, my mom gave me the only valuable thing in our house – great-grandmother’s gold brooch with a rose. I felt so happy, as I had been really looking forward to that moment. The brooch was passed down from mother to daughter. Who would have thought it would be the cause of my problems?

Unlike most European girls, I got married just as early as my mother did, and immediately gave birth to a child. My husband was obsessed with the theater and went from audition to audition, refusing to think about a serious and stable job. I carried the whole burden by myself. Of course, we were arguing all the time. We seemed to be from different planets: he was living in a dream world amongst pretty actresses on Venus, and I worked myself to death amongst bank calculations on Mars. At some point, I just realized I was fed up and filed for divorce.

I was a terrifying loneliness. I put all my energy into work and career. It’d been long since I met my second husband. He was also divorced and eager to create a real family.

I must admit it was hard for us together. Both of us were leaders and achievers at work, but we loved each other. The wedding, the birth of our daughter – we were happy until it was time of first communion. We again had a huge fight. My husband left for a one-month business trip, choosing work over family. I was shocked…

I had trouble sleeping the week before the communion. I constantly dreamed of a woman in an old dress who warned me not to give the brooch to my daughter and, instead, get rid of it. She uttered in a monotone voice that the brooch brings bad luck to all the women of our family. Then I was waking up in a cold sweat…

When I felt I could stand it no more, I told a friend of mine about the dream. We talked to each other for a few hours, and I realized there were many strange coincidences with my mother’s and grandmother’s fate happening in my life. We all had a difficult and unhappy first marriage and experienced the hardships of divorce, we worked hard and relentlessly, and the second marriage also brought sufferings… Was this a curse? And what did the brooch have to do with it? I started to look for a person who would help me understand it all. Two days later, Aayla Shaman accepted me for an individual consultation in Berlin.

I brought to her our family album, photos of my husband and his family. Diagnostic of the lineage took several hours. It turned out that my great-great-grandmother on the maternal side as a child stole the rose brooch from a girl during the communion in church… They looked for the brooch and promised a reward for it, but my great-great-grandmother did not confess what she had done. I was shocked at what I heard! It turns out all the women of my kind are paying for a childish trifle …

Aayla Shaman performed a purification rite and an individual ritual to restore the inner relationship and the strength of the Lineage. I inquired about amulets and ordered them for my children, mom and husband.

This is incredible, but my family’s life has changed dramatically! The husband arrived in the morning before the communion and gave our daughter a beautiful bracelet amulet. It turned out that he had hard time at work, but he did not tell me so as not to upset me. Fortunately, everything has settled and now he can devote more time to our family.

Now I regularly tak part group classes and try to attend the seminars at the Places of Power. In order for our lineage to be strong, we have a lot of spiritual work to do. But I understand how important it is.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of Aayla Shaman in our lives. Diagnostic of the Lineage helped to save our family.

Sometimes we think only we are to blame for all our troubles. This is partially true, but frequently the root of the problem lies much deeper. None of us should pay for the mistakes of our ancestors. Diagnostic of the Lineage will help you take a step towards the future!

The protective rite and ritual that will be held for you at our seminar will help to confront all the challenges of Lineage, clear the karma of Lineafe and pave the way to a brighter future. The amulet and protective rite will help you, as it did for thousands of people all over the world.

Diagnostic of the lineage

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