Let’s celebrate family holidays correctly!

celebrate family holidays correctly

Family holidays are not just a gathering at one table. It is a special ritual. If done correctly it can influence happiness, wealth and health of your entire family.

My family

How often do all your relatives get together? Uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters, cousins? When did you see them last? You must admit that such family holidays nowadays are rare. The reason for meeting distant relatives is weddings or anniversaries of great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers, some significant dates, for example, the 80th anniversary or the 90th anniversary.

Today the family usually gathers in a narrow circle. At best, these are three generations: grandparents, parents and children.

So what, one may ask. Of course, all relatives have their own concerns and joys. And what could be the reason to get together? Family members usually live in different cities, and sometimes in different countries. Getting together is not so easy – one has to go somewhere, fly, and take a vacation.

Let’s admit, we remember our distant relatives a couple of times a year when we congratulate them on their birthday or Christmas. We do not feel the need for personal communication at all. You can not write anything to each other at all, but only follow each other’s posts in social networks. It creates the illusion that we know enough about the lives of our relatives.

And no one thinks that family holidays affect the lives of each family member. And how wrong it is.

how to celebrate family holidays

Family holidays

What we call today “family holidays” in the shamanic tradition is called “lineage holidays”. They were held not for a reason, but to feed the spirit of lineage. It is it who protects your family tree from the spirits of the lower world – poverty, alcoholism, divorce, quarrels, diseases and other miseries.

The spirit of lineage is a very powerful spirit that needs the energy of all members of the family. And all the members of lineage together should communicate with it. This is how the lineage holidays, where the whole family gathered, including the most distant relatives, appeared.

The ancient family holidays were held on sacred dates – the solstices and the autumnal equinox. People gathered on the lineage land. What it is? This is the place where your family came from, or rather, those of its generations whose history you can trace. 

You also have such lineage land – for example, an estate in a remote village, where your great-grandfather once lived, where your grandmother was born, where, perhaps, someone from your family lives now. Or maybe it has long been sold or destroyed. It also happens often.

In ancient times, family holidays involved a richly laid table, and also songs and dances of ritual significance – to collect the energy of the whole lineage and pass it to the spirit of lineage.

This tradition was interrupted relatively recently. Now parents do not sing, we use music tracks from a phone or laptop as a festive background. And you can not unglue children from their gadgets at all.

Family holidays remind of ritual gatherings of the whole lineage less and less, and the lineage is destroyed: diseases, divorces, sick children, unwillingness to create a family, hidden alcoholism, drug addiction, inability to earn. We are no longer protected by the spirit of lineage. And the spirits of the lower world destroy our lives with impunity.

celebrate family holidays correctly aayla shaman

Save your lineage!

Is it possible to restore the power of your lineage? Of course, it is! You need to restore the tradition of lineage holidays for this.

Who should do it? The elder of the family, it was he who once held lineage holidays, made sure that the whole family gathered and performed the necessary rituals.

Now you will say that the elder of your lineage – one of the older members of the family – can hardly be the organizer of such event, he is too old and sick. Do not worry, the change of elders – a natural process. This happened was 100 and 1000 years ago.

But do you have any power? And wish? Then take control over it! Now is the time to become the elder of your lineage, start holding family holidays and call the spirit of lineage. I teach how to do it at my seminars. 

You are the one who will be able to save and preserve your lineage, return happiness, health and wealth to it! And if you do not know where to start, please contact me! I will definitely help you!

Ingred’s Story:

“There were five children in the family. We lived in harmony. We had a big old house by the fiord. It was built by my great-great-great-grandfather. But we grew up, each went in their directions. I happen to be in Australia. I got married. My children were born. We bought our house – it was also big and beautiful.

A few years ago, my mother said she wanted to sell our family house. It is difficult for her to take care of it, and she wants to live in the city, closer to all the blessings of civilization.

My brothers and sisters did not mind. No one was going to return to the family seat. The house was sold.

And then misfortune struck our family. One nephew died in an accident, our older sister got seriously ill. My brother’s company went bankrupt…

I was so far from my relatives, but problems began in my life too. With health…

It was all like a snowball. We did not understand why there began so much misfortune in our family. And then I visited Aayla’s workshop by chance. I told her about our situation. Aayla said that the root of all misfortunes is the fragmentation of the family. She conducted special ceremonies. And she asked me to bring the family together as soon as possible. To become the elder of our lineage.

Brothers and sisters were very skeptical about my idea. But in the end, after long persuasion, they agreed. We met in the places of our childhood. We stayed at the hotel. These three days have changed everything. We remembered our parents (they had already died by then), grandparents, our childhood pranks. We laughed, cried and talked a lot and frankly.

After that, it seemed that the curse was removed from us. The terrible diagnoses have not been confirmed, business has improved. Now I, my brothers, sisters, their husbands, wives and children gather in those places at least twice a year. And this is the most heartfelt and fun meeting in our lives.

Thank you Aayla for helping our big and friendly family! ”

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