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Instructions from Aayla Shaman for those who want to find love on Valentine’s Day

Suchen Sie nach der wahren Liebe? Dann sind Sie hier richtig

Love is a wonderful feeling that nothing can compare to. Through it, God sends us his blessing, giving us this unique superpower – to be able to love. Each of us dreams of the love that will become the main thing in life. We wait and believe that one day it will knock on our hearts and change our destiny. But where to find the true feeling? How real is true love in the modern world? Perhaps, these are just romantic fictions of writers and poets, composers and musicians? Aayla Shaman will help you figure it out.

The price of true love

Valentine’s day is a wonderful holiday of lovers, which has long been celebrated in many countries. Loving people write each other little notes – valentines – in which they tell about their love, and sometimes make an offer, or pamper their beloved ones and send them gifts. This wonderful event dates back to ancient times, preserving the romantic love story that gave this holiday its name – Valentine’s Day. 

Priest Valentine was happy to serve the Lord and always preached his main truths – to value life and to live in peace and harmony, to love and respect each other. But Roman Emperor Claudius II had a completely different point of view. He sacrificed his personal life to the state and therefore reacted aggressively to any calls for peace and love. And even issued a decree that forbade marriage between those who loved each other. The Emperor wanted men to be constantly ready for military action, and the attachment of soldiers to the family was not part of the Emperor’s plans.  

Valentine, secretly from Claudius, started to conclude marriages between lovers at night.

For disobeying the Emperor he was imprisoned in a dungeon and sentenced to death.

But he courageously accepted the verdict, not regretting his act. 

Valentine’s love later became the story that made a start for the celebration of Valentine’s Day. The priest was famous for his talent as a healer, and one day the warden of the prison dungeons brought his only daughter to see him. The girl was blind, and her father begged Valentine to heal her. The priest could not help the beautiful Julia, but a spark of real love for this girl lit up in his heart. 

By the will of fate, Julia’s father turned out to be Valentine’s jailer in the prison.

And before the execution, the young priest gave the daughter a note with his love confession and a fragrant saffron flower – this was the very first “valentine” in history.

On February 14, Julia received Valentine’s message and recovered her sight. And Valentine himself was executed that day…

Levels of love

True love can be compared to a ghost. Everyone knows of it, but no one has ever seen it. Many people think so. And growing up, we are more and more skeptical about this bright feeling. It is praised to the skies in movies and books, but in real life everything looks different. Problems, conflicts, fatigue, everyday humdrum – all this destroys relationships.

Is it possible to find true love? Don’t even doubt it! But first you need to understand what is unique about true love. 

Suchen Sie nach der wahren Liebe? Dann sind Sie hier richtig

As a rule, love is divided into three different levels, each of which becomes a new stage in the development of relationships.

“I can’t live without him!”

At the very beginning of a romantic relationship, when a squall of emotions and passions falls upon the lovers, the desire to become one with your loved one reaches its apogee.

But a lack of trust and responsibility can devalue any relationship.

The intensity of passions gradually weakens and leads to an inevitable break-up.

If your relationship has suddenly cooled, try to objectively assess the possible reasons for this. At her seminars, Aayla Shaman helps to understand the most common mistakes of loving couples. 

“On the same wavelength”

The second level of love can be characterized by the intertwining of your interests, joint planning, the emergence of a common circle of family friends, and the unification of worldviews. This compatibility best makes it clear that the lovers have not lost their minds from the violent passion and may well create a strong relationship based on trust.

During this period of love, spiritual development is simply necessary. In group classes, Aayla Shaman will give you a chance to find your true predestination and improve your spiritual potential, teach you how to manage energy flows, and give useful and effective tips for creating harmony in relationships.

“We are two halves of a whole”

The highest level of love is the kinship of the souls of two loving people. It means understanding and supporting each other in all conditions, constant help in the spiritual development of your beloved one, constant self-sacrifice.

Such partners are connected karmically with each other and their relationship cannot be destroyed.

This kind of love is not common. It occurs in those who devote their life path to constant self-development and spiritual improvement. Without shamanic support, it is impossible to launch such a program. That’s why Aayla Shaman invites everyone to her seminars, where she can teach you special practices, as well as help you choose a strong amulet. All this will help you discover your talents and superpowers, which will become the next step to the highest level of spirituality.

Suchen Sie nach der wahren Liebe? Dann sind Sie hier richtig

Delia, Munich:

“I have long ceased to believe in fairy tales about beautiful and eternal love. Well, even from my mother, I did not receive enough of it.

And the love of Prince Charming has always seemed to me something ephemeral, invented by writers in order to turn the heads of impressionable girls.

In 38 years of my life, I have never been lucky enough to meet the perfect partner. And is it really possible for one person to possess only positive qualities? 

So basically, my social circle included only strong-willed successful women with an active life position, but for some reason they all were absolutely alone. I was just like them.

I went to the seminar, which was conducted by Aayla Shaman, on the recommendation of my cousin. She talked my ears off about these events, and I always heard from her about the charity projects created by Aayla Shaman. And I was interested because I always wanted to help those in need, but I didn’t know how to do it. 

From then on, my life began to make amazing changes, and it was filled with meaning. I became a regular participant in group classes and seminars because I dreamed of spiritual development. Aayla Shaman engaged me in the preparation of various events, we solved organizational issues and made detailed plans for group trips to Places of Power. I was happy that I was needed, and I did charity work with great pleasure.

I have changed a lot for the better, I’ve become younger and prettier. But most importantly, my new activity brought me a truly happy experience. Only loneliness darkened my life.

And then at one of the seminars, which was conducted by Aayla Shaman, I asked the spirits to grant me true love. At that moment, I did not even think that my wish would be heard very soon…

Soon I went on a business trip, from which I expected nothing but fuss and solving commercial issues. On the day of departure, I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that it was February 14 – Valentine’s Day. I was sitting on the plane, looking at advertising brochures, when a man sat next to me. Obviously, he was almost late for check-in and got on the plane at the last moment. I looked up at him and became numb… Yes, it was him, the man of my dreams!

He was almost late for the meeting with me, but the spirits pushed him into my fate at the last moment :)))

It’s been almost five years since our wedding, and our feelings are getting stronger. We are happy and just can’t imagine ourselves without each other. Valentine’s day has become a symbolic date for us! Only now do I understand what I was deprived of all those years of loneliness. And the spirits and Ayla Shaman helped me to find this huge happiness!”

So what should you do to find true love?

How do you find the person destined for you? What should be done? There are several very effective practices that Aayla Shaman teaches her students.

Practice # 1: creating a list of qualities 

Choose the qualities that you would like to see in your ideal partner. This can be kindness, faithfulness, tenderness, ambition, reliability. And immediately imagine a worthy woman next to him. She, in turn, must also correspond to the ideal. 

List the qualities that she will have, and try her image on. You rank below the ideal? Then go ahead! It’s time to change to become the best woman for the best man in the world. 

Come to the seminars held by Aayla Shaman, and she will help you become the perfect woman!

Practice #2: helping those in need

Help those who need help at the moment, and God will help you in return. And it actually works.

The universe gives us as much as we give it.

And a caring woman has always been valued by worthy men. 

Therefore, we invite you to become our volunteer. The help doesn’t have to be very large and take up all your free time. The main thing is that it should free-hearted. In this case, it will significantly increase the concentration of love in your reality, and love will come to you!

Suchen Sie nach der wahren Liebe? Dann sind Sie hier richtig

Practice # 3: spiritual development

Be ready to love and start dreaming, share happiness with the whole world, engage in self-improvement and development of superpowers! We are waiting for you at the events held by Aayla Shaman! The higher your level of spiritual development becomes, the larger your energy potential becomes, the more your chances of meeting true love are. Start changing your life dramatically to find your true love and attain real happiness!

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