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диагностика предназначения

Very often we feel that we live somebody else’s life. We are not satisfied with our work, we get tired, and we experience stress all the time. We want to find our life work that brings us joy, self-realization and income. But we do not understand what to do. Is it fixable? Only diagnostics of predestination can throw light on it.

Our past is the foundation of our future

In shamanism it is believed that the human soul rebirths and lives a new life all the time. But it happens that in that past life, we leave unrealized goals and dreams, unfinished projects and plans.

And if we have been trying hard to achieve the desired, but failed, this goal is reborn with us in the subsequent life.

In such a situation, we always feel discomfort and can do nothing about it.

Sometimes a person is just obsessed with the idea of going to some country. For example, all your life you have dreamed of going to see bullfights in Spain. And you don’t understand why you’re attracted there like by a magnet. But you dream about the bright colors of bullfighting, the hue of excited spectators, the sound of whips every night. You have no idea that you were successful bullfighters in one of your past lives… And one day, before the biggest competition for the title of the best matador, your rival hired robbers to trick you out of town and kill you. 

And they succeeded. But you have carried the desire to win the tournament at all costs and become the best matador through all your embodiments. Your memories constantly signal that bullfights will play a decisive role in your life on the subconscious level. And you are trying to realize this failed event in reality.

Naturally, the explanation is too simple. And if we dream of visiting Spain, or France, or England, then we do not have to look for the motives for our actions and desires in the past life. We choose a destination, buy a plane ticket, and go where our soul calls us. But there are different situations.

Shamanic method to define your mission

For example, when we suffer from the feeling of inferiority of our own existence all our life. And we can’t understand what we do wrong. Then only shamanism can help us understand your true predestination. Recently, people have most often turned to Aayla shaman for diagnostics of predestination.  

It happens that the usual diagnosis does not work either. And then Aayla shaman uses more powerful methods and carries out deeper analysis.

She plunges into the other world with the help of spirits, into the past lives of the person and there she studies their past incarnations.

She sees the reason of person’s inner torments, the mission with which their soul came to this world.

диагностика предназначения

Freya, Oslo:

“I’ve been preparing to win the Olympic Games in biathlon since I was three. I trained in winter and summer, won children’s competitions easily, and lived on sports camps for months. And I was always jealous of my younger brothers, who had no sports talents. They led an ordinary children’s life with walks, games, pranks. 

My father trained me. He was a promising biathlete once and took part in world competitions as a member of the national team. But as a result of an injury, I had to forget about the big sport.

He decided to make all his unrealized dreams come true in me, the only one of his children, who showed sports talent.

I didn’t mind. I did well, I got used to being a star, I was praised, I was admired. And I really thought that skiing was my calling. I showed good results, which, sure, stroke my father’s ego. And mine, too…

But at some point, I realized that I was tired of sports. Very difficult regime, pressure from coaches, backstage intrigues, injuries… My life was quite successful. But I didn’t feel happy.

I was 25. No family, no kids, no free time.

There was a frank discord in my soul. I wanted something more, but I just couldn’t express my thoughts. That’s when God sent me Aayla shaman. 

At that moment, she was in town where we had  sports camp. And one day, during training, I saw her and a group of students conducting some kind of ritual in the woods near our track. I came rather out of curiosity. Thank God I did it!

When the competition was over, I went to Aayla shaman for an individual consultation. I told her about my spiritual torments and she recommended me diagnostics of predestination. The sensation was very unusual. Even my hair on the back of my head was moving during the diagnostics. I felt the flow of power from Aayla. I was simply amazed. 

Aayla shaman came down to my past life and saw that I was a famous artist in one of my incarnations. But his fame wasn’t long. He was killed in a duel, defending his bride’s honor. Many of his paintings remained unfinished. And he tried to fulfill his predestination in all subsequent hypostasis, but he failed. 

The diagnostics of predestination literally opened my eyes.

I have always loved painting, but had no opportunity to do anything but sport.

I started attending group shamanism classes in my town and seminars from time to time. And I became increasingly aware that I was less and less attracted to sports victories. 

Aayla shaman created a special protective amulet (what is an amulet) for me which became my guardian. And this amulet also kept me from forgetting my true predestination. I started painting secretly from everyone. And I was getting better and better gradually. I gave up noticeably in my sporting career. And one day I decided to quit sport. My parents and friends were shocked. And when they saw my paintings, they were utterly speechless. 

Now I have been painting for four years and I am quite successful. My paintings are exhibited in galleries and sold. Diagnostics of predestination gave me a chance to be happy. I was able to realize myself and create my destiny anew.

диагностика предназначения

3 simple ways to understand your predestination

1. Trust your heart

Listen to your wishes. What have you been dreaming about your whole life? Maybe to perform on stage in a play? Or become an air gymnast? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be a teacher?

No matter what you do now, just try to fulfill your dreams.

Enroll in a theatre studio or a gymnasium. Who knows if you’ll like what your soul is trying to do. If you like it, it’s yours. If not, keep looking.

In the past, to understand what a child is inclined to, they were brought to a room where there was literally everything. Weapon, musical instruments, animals, fabrics, paints, etc. What the child reached for, that’s what they started to train them. Today parents decide which section or circle to give their child. Most likely, your parents once decided for you, too. It’s time for a change! Try different things! Yoga, kiting, painting, pottery. The more you try, the sooner you’ll understand what your soul strives for.

2. Have diagnostics of your lineage

Look for a connection with your lineage. Find out what talents and abilities your ancestors had. Did your grandmother sing beautifully? Why don’t you take some vocal lessons, too? What if your grandmother’s talents were inherited by you?

And this painting on the wall, who painted it? Your uncle? He was obviously a gifted man. Maybe you are, too? Buy some paint, try it!

You may not know about your ancestors’ talents.

But during an individual session Aayla shaman will determine what legacy each of your relatives left for you

Ask the shaman for help!

3. Have your predestination diagnosed

If you still do not understand what you were born for, you have no real purpose in life, come to us and we will help you. Diagnostics of predestination will reveal the mystery of your mission on Earth, and you will finally find meaning in life. 

And we will tell you how to properly realize your true predestination and overcome any difficulties that may prevent it. Sign up for our seminars! Bring your family and friends, tell them about us, share this information with your friends and acquaintances! And be successful and happy!

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