Hereditary Aayla Shaman: causes of cancer

How to cure the terrible disease?

One of the worst diseases in the modern world is cancer. Today I will disclose the causes of cancer from a shamanistic point of view.

 Spirits of disease

The spirits of diseases live in the lower world and come into our life only under conditions favorable to their existence. These are negative emotions, first of all. The loss of loved ones, disappointment in love, various resentments cause such a flurry of negative energy in our soul and aura that the spirits of disease rush to this peculiar call and settle down next to us.

 The most ferocious of these spirits is the spirit of cancer. In search of new victims, it constantly scans people. And if it notices even the slightest causes of cancer, then it clings to this person with a death grip. And it waits for a favorable moment to take roots.

The main goal of the spirit of cancer is to devour a person completely, leaving them no chance of salvation. It is waiting for an auspicious moment to get inside the body and stick to life flows. Any disease and grief cause us pain and suffering. These emotions become the best food for the spirit of disease.

Every day, many cancer cells appear in our body. But immunity, as a rule, successfully copes with them. And if the causes of cancer appear, then the tumor cells stay in an organ and begin to grow slowly. This is influenced by many factors: improper lifestyle, bad habits, environmental pollution.

causes of cancer

 Intelligent killer

The spirit of cancer penetrates the body through bacteria or parasites. A person suffering from pain or grief creates favorable causes of cancer in their body. The spirit of cancer saturates with this negative energy and begins acting. It sticks to the nearest blood vessels and begins to pump life force from a person.

It seems that the cancerous tumor has intelligence. Such a comparison was made by doctors, observing the development of the disease during experiments on animals. Too competently and strategically thought out tumor growths capture the patient’s body. Believe me, this is very scary.

The tumor becomes malignant, and it attacks patient so quickly and ruthlessly, that they practically have no chance of recovery. At this point, it is very important to combine the medical methods of fighting cancer and the shamanistic rituals to lay the spirit of cancer. Only in this case a tangible effect can be achieved.

 Combined treatment success

Everyone has their own causes of cancer. But if medical treatment methods involve a constant change of drugs in order to find the most effective, then in shamanism there is only one ritual of laying the spirit of cancer. The effectiveness of this ritual depends not only on the skills of the shaman, but also on patient’s desire to become healthy.

And when both methods begin to affect the human body in combination, then the well-being improves by the minute. After the successful laying of the spirit, cells in the body begin to respond to medical treatment. This becomes a turning point in the course of the disease.

When the disease affects a person or one of their relatives, the whole lineage is at risk. After all, the spirit of cancer does not stop at devouring one person. It is just insatiable. If given the opportunity, it will take possession of your family tree and few of your loved ones or your descendants will be able to avoid the disease.

Therefore, it is very important to prevent the spread of cancer to your entire family tree. It is necessary to conduct a ritual of laying the spirit of cancer from it and find special objects of power that will protect your lineage from the return of the spirit of cancer. After all, even cancer-defeated people constantly live in fear of the return of this terrible disease. And it can return if you don’t lay the spirit of this terrible disease, and not eliminate the causes of cancer in your life.

It is important to follow all the recommendations of the shaman, because in each case there are features that also need to be taken into account.

causes of cancer

 Vittoria, Verona:

 I was happily married for 10 years, when suddenly my husband broke up with me. It seemed nothing could go wrong… But then I found out that he had already had another woman for three years and that a child should soon be born.

Even the death of my mother some time ago was not as devastating as the betrayal of a loved one. I grieved for him, hated him, his new wife, their child. I lived in such a negative atmosphere that I didn’t even notice how the terrible disease had crept up to me.

 I was diagnosed the second stage cancer tumor. And the terrible days began. I wandered around the hospital wards, I went west from chemotherapy and kept suffering from pain, fear and loneliness. I did not understand why the higher powers sent me this disease.

Once I was in a ward with a girl who radiated joy and self-confidence. It is very rare in the oncology department. She told me that the hereditary Aayla shaman was helping her fight the disease.

I was very weak, so I managed to meet Aayla shaman only after a month. We talked for a long time, and I finally realized that the causes of cancer in my case were hidden in negative emotions after my husband left me. There were no helper spirits around me and negative emotions attracted the spirit of cancer. In addition, at that time went out to breath fresh air very rarely, I ate randomly. A combination of these factors opened the way to the spirit of cancer in my body.

Aayla Shaman conducted the rituals of laying the spirit of cancer, not only from my body, but also from my lineage. And after a couple of weeks, the next examination showed an improvement of all indicators. Doctors were surprised. My attending doctor admitted that he had recently been afraid that the disease had defeated me. But shamanic intervention did a miracle.

 I had three more chemotherapy courses and a few weeks of hospitalization. But from that day I was sure that I could handle it. Now in my free time I went to shamanic seminars. I knew everything about the causes of cancer and tried to change my life, carefully followed every recommendation of Aayla. So that the spirit of cancer doesn’t have even the slightest loophole to get into my body.

Six months later, I returned to normal life. I found a new job, met an interesting man, and we started dating. Now I try to find to see everything positively, do not let negative emotions into my life and lead a healthy lifestyle. And I feel really happy. I am well. My loved ones are near me. And life is beautiful! 

 Shaman’s Recommendations

The shaman removes the very essence of the disease with the help of a special ritual, and then a person can only defeat the remaining cancer cells. Without the influence of their “master” they are quickly destroyed. And then the recovery is in full swing.

 To exclude the appearance of a terrible disease in you, I will give you some mandatory recommendations.

 First, protect yourself and your loved ones from negative emotions as much as possible.

If you lost someone close, let go of the person and forgive them all wrongs with a pure heart. Live positively, find good in everything. Think it’s not easy? Then you need to attend seminars the Power of lineage, where you will be taught to live this way.

Secondly, lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat properly, walk more in the fresh air, play sports. This will help you maintain immunity at the peak of protective function and will not give any chance of developing tumor processes.

 And most importantly, attend my seminars!

I will diagnose and help lay the spirits of disease from your body, from your lineage. I will select an individual protective amulet for you that will protect you from evil spirits. It will teach you how to find your own spirit-protector, so that in any situation you would be guarded by higher forces.

And then the causes of cancer will never appear in your life, because you will be reliably protected from all sides, and your whole lineage will flourish.

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