How to Find Your Guardian Spirit?

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Is it true that every individual has their own guardian spirit? Will he save you at the worst moment of life? How to appeal to him and where to house?

how to find your guardian spirit

Which spirits you can appeal for help

Spirits are the main forces the shaman works with. They can be bodiless and embodied. Bodiless spirits live in three worlds: the lower (underworld), the middle (human reality), and the upper (the heavenly world). Plants, animals, and people are embodied spirits living in the middle world.

Spirits of the underworld bring destruction. Their aim is to devour the spiritual and physical essence of a human being. The spirits of the heavenly world are meant to protect people and bring harmony to the world.

Helping spirits and guardian spirits live in the middle world and seek to help people. They need close contact with the individual. Since they are bodiless, they need to “recharge” their energy via offerings of food, rituals and our emotions.

How can a guardian spirit help?

Even when we feel down or haunted by failures, our guardian spirit is there for us. He helps us in difficult situations, pushes us to the right decision, and protects from evil creatures.

But we should not put all the responsibility for the harmony in life on him. For this purpose, shamans advise appealing to protective spirits for help. There are many of them, and each of them performs a narrowly focused function. For example, some are responsible for health, others for business, and others help to settle family problems.

how can a guardian spirit help

Where do guardian spirits live?

Since a long time ago, every woman, head of the lineage, has known about protective rituals and the importance of communicating with the spirit world. One of the most famous protective rituals was the embroidering of underclothing and festive shirts. Ritual ornaments – geometric or plant-patterned – were applied to the fabric.

An essential emotional work underlay each stitch. The woman pronounced protective words, resorting to the spirits of the lineage. The guardian spirit first of all inhabited the underclothing shirt, bestowing it with protective power.

Shamans created nominal amulets and talismans, which were meant to give people happiness, health and success. Unfortunately, today the tradition of making protective shirts and amulets is virtually lost.

A person may have several amulets and talismans. The primary amulet is inhabited by the guardian spirit, thus hiding him from strangers. Secondary amulets can be inhabited by protective spirits, assisting in work and parenting, and responsible for health and spiritual harmony. An individual approach is most essential while choosing an amulet. During the seminars, I will help you choose an amulet personally for you.

Where can personal guardian spirits be found

To find a guardian or protective spirit, you need to consult a shaman or an experienced mentor. This can be done during seminars, at a personal consultation with me or a shaman ritual. But the strongest spirits come upon while travelling to the Places of Power.

Story of Christina, Valencia

“Three years ago, I turned to Aayla with my problem. I liked the atmosphere of our conversation and the mentor so much that I was overwhelmed by the idea of a group trip to the Place of Power. I had no spare money; my boss wouldn’t let me off for an extra vacation, and what is more, my daughter broke her arm.

In short, everything was against this trip. But I felt I needed to go! And then I took the amulet I bought at the workshop, and appealed to the spirit: “Guardian Spirit, help me!”

Ex-husband called me next morning. He wanted to know how our daughter was doing and offered to take her to a vacation to Bulgaria. He also added that he’d made an alimony payment for all 5 years he had not lived with us. I almost dropped the phone with surprise…

I was still shocked on my way to work. Then I met a colleague. She said, “Let’s swap vacations, I really need it. Sort of family problems.” And then she exactly named the dates of the scheduled trip!

This is how I got to the Place of Power. Right there I asked for amulets for my daughter and the colleague who had problems. Over those years, my daughter stayed away from misfortunes, she never even caught a cold)) And my colleague got better too. Now we participate in shaman rituals and seminars together. Guardian spirit protects us!”

You can buy an amulet, which your guardian spirit will inhabit, at my seminars and trainings. Enroll now!

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