The power of gratitude: Why is it important to say thank you

The power of gratitude

The power of gratitude is one of the most powerful energies that gives a person access to an infinite source of positive energy (both internal and external). Aayla Shaman will tell you what gratitude is and what kids of power it has. 

How to say thank you to be happy

Choosing gratitude as a rule of life, a person must live a happy, healthy and successful fate. Why is gratitude so important and how is it related to our life? After all, we cannot touch or feel it. Or we do not know something about its true nature? The Shamanic tradition is focused on a man and helping him to find his own predestination and harmony. You can achieve all this only if your energy is filled with gratitude and love. To do this, a person must be engaged in spiritual and physical development, keep to a healthy diet, watch their emotions, and give up bad habits.

Influence of gratitude on life of a man

Gratitude is an absolute value that every person on earth needs. At her seminars and group sessions, Aayla teaches how to say thank you properly and how to transform the positive energy you receive into your life. Is it possible to learn this on your own? Of course, Aayla Shaman will tell you what steps you need to take. 

Make it a rule to thank mentally and out loud for all the good and even bad things. Start small, say thank you for a tasty breakfast or a beautiful sunny day. Do not be afraid to seem weak, enjoy the laughter of children, appreciate every hug with loved ones and a million more things that make life meaningful. Thank even for the traffic jam, because you have time to read. Thank for criticism, because it provokes growth and development. Teach yourself to see the good in what is happening and thank the spirits and the universe for the lessons, hints and happy moments.

Unfortunately, the world will not turn into a magic place on the first day. It will take time. According to shamanic tradition, it should take at least three weeks or 21 days. Now it’s time for the second task, the easiest and most pleasant one. It is to attend the seminar, share your results or write us a letter. Aayla Shaman will be glad to read it and give recommendations and advice to bring your life to a new level on the way to your predestination.

Develop your desire to rejoice and thank life every day, and the world will start to shine with bright colors. 

The power of gratitude

Jana, Magdeburg:

I start my morning with words of gratitude and say a short but miraculous prayer: “Thank you, the Universe and the spirits, for all the good I have. Thank you for your trials and lessons. Thank you for all that I will have in the future”. It is amazing how you yourself and the world around you can change, how much positive energy is released. 

Aayla Shaman revealed a secret to me about the power of gratitude. It’s simple: the power is in ourselves! If I used to complain that I had problems at work, I was surrounded by idiots, could not get rid of constant migraines, now the Universe and spirits seem to protect me. I feel incredible care and support. I realized the value of my life and predestination. My environment has also changed along with my perception. There appeared many bright people striving for the self-development. Be grateful – and the world will be better!

Shamanic ritual

Gratitude is the highest, most refined, sublime energy that the physical body creates. How do you let go of problems and thank correctly, according to an ancient tradition? Aayla Shaman will talk about the ritual to our readers. If you have a shaman amulet, be sure to wear it during the ritual, so you will gain the support of your spirit-protector. 

Rub your palms. Tune in to your inner work. Think about a particular life situation that causes you anxiety, makes you worry and upset. Now shake your palms and put them open in front of you (try not to bump with your elbows into the side of your body at this moment). Take a breath and exhale. 

Imagine that your problem lies on your palms. Do you feel its weight? You may not see anything on your hands, but it does not mean that there is nothing on them. Your thoughts have helped to transfer this heavy energy to your palms. Now think about most worrying and disturbing thing. Words you’ve heard? Actions? Or, on the contrary, no actions? Problems with money? Disease of your loved ones? Contemplate them in your thoughts, try to imagine. With each of these thoughts, your palms are expected to get heavier and heavier. They are being filled with destructive energy. When your hands are no longer strong, tell yourself confidently and clearly STOP. Take a breath and exhale. 

The next step will be the most difficult one – gratitude. Say: “I thank the world. I thank the spirits. I thank fate for having this situation occurred, that taught me something important. Think of what it taught you. What lesson did you learn? Thank for everything. For the kind word. For the opportunity and chance to make things right. For the trials. With each thanksgiving the weight will disappear from your hands. Your hands are raised so high that they turn into the wings of angels. “I give this situation to God with gratitude. I give it to the higher forces that gave me this situation. I let it go” – finish the shamanic ritual with these words.

The power of gratitude

What do you feel now? Lightness? If you learn to thank and give your situation to God, there will be much more joy and happiness in life.

Do you want to learn more about the tradition of Siberian shamanism and feel the power of living shamanic drum? Then sign up for seminars, group classes and individual consultations, plan trips to the Places of Power with us and follow the new articles in our blog right now. Trance practices, travels to other worlds, contacts with ancient civilizations, spiritual retreats, work with energies and spirits, search of your predestination – all this is part of the ancient culture, which you have the opportunity to get acquainted with right now.

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