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We’ve prepared six stories that would be hard to believe if we didn’t know that they actually happened to Aayla Shaman’s students. They’re all about one thing – there are no deadlocks. You can always turn to your mentor for help and get support from the Higher Powers!

Tears and Dreams

Leonor, Erfurt

I seemed to have everything in my life a year ago: higher education, a highly paid job, an apartment, a loving and caring husband and a long-awaited child. All my life I’ve been told that I will be happy when I have it all. I was told that I should obtain a degree, get married, have children and be a happy wife and mother. But I wasn’t… 

I cried every day and thought I was that kind of person, I have everything and I don’t feel happy. What else do I want?!! And when I attended Aayla shaman’s seminar, I found the answers to all the questions…

Aayla Shaman helped me become truly happy, discover my true female nature, my predestination. So much power and energy awakened in me, as if the guardian angel came down to me and helped me live my life, not the one imposed by society, in the person of Aayla shaman. 

I’m happy now. My husband started to appreciate me even more, and he’s also developing himself. My daughter’s talents reveal one by one. I do what I love and no longer work 10 hours 6 days a week (as it was before). I travel, I take care of myself, I raise my child, I help others. 

This inner state of happiness and freedom that I have found thanks to Aayla shaman, one can not buy for any money and find anywhere else except in her classes.

I am especially grateful for the individual practices and magical objects! It’s incredible that you can get energy of such quality as a gift! For example, after a ritual to reveal my talents, I wrote my first poems. And now I’m already preparing a whole collection for publication!

It was the happiest year of my life, I just started to live a real life and I believe that with Aayla shaman I can do anything! 

And when someone doubts whether to go to her seminars or not, I’m always a little sad, because the person is standing by a huge chest with treasures and jewels at this moment and wondering whether to open it or not. For me personally, the answer is the same: of course you should go! I bathe in these jewels and I wish you the same! Aayla shaman, thank you for that! 

Suicider Diary

Lisa, Cologne

God gave me two daughters. “Otherworldly” Maria with red hair and Angelica with light brown hair. Life with their father was dull and predictable. Life after the divorce was a struggle for existence. But I coped. That’s what I thought…

The call surprised me. A neighbor told me she found a notebook. It was the diary of an 11-year-old girl who described how she drank alcohol with friends. And she hates her sister who wants to kill herself.

It turned out to be MY 11-year-old girl’s diary. And it’s my red-haired beauty, Maria, who doesn’t want to live!

I remembered that I got terrified right after her birth that I didn’t know anything about the world I brought her into. I realized that I understood even less now. 

– You should attend Aayla shaman’s seminar! – A colleague said to me. – You have your own line of luck! You’ll get help finding it! And the girls. 

Aayla shaman opened amazing Places of Power for me. Every journey, seminar, practice, word, gesture of Aayla shaman firmly connected me to my good destiny. Here everything is infinite and inexhaustible: knowledge, experience, mercy and amazing faith in every unique student! Both my girls and I had the total support of loving and wise people in every life situation from the first meeting. 

New habits turned out to be very useful! Talents broke free! I became a really beautiful and self-confident woman. Money started to come with new ideas. It turned out that it was as natural as the joy that comes with a smile. Every day was the best one!

One of them started with a magic phrase: “Mom, take me with you!” 

Maria was an indigo child! She asked to become a volunteer for a charity media project when she was 14. She created unique films for the Animal Planet channel at 24.

Angelica already runs a restaurant and has a diploma from the University of Cologne at 22.

I found my predestination, having become a holiday organizer for orphans, hospice guests, lonely old people! I breathe gratitude for every one of the hundreds of wonders that Aayla shaman has performed for us. For every magical object, for every ritual, for inexhaustible opportunities to get energy again and again for the next step on the path of spiritual prosperity.

I know I was supposed to tell a story that happened this year. But during the years of acquaintance with Aayla, I have a lot of these stories that I told them all))).

Happy depression

Ulrike, Potsdam

Everything in my life collapsed in early 2019. I lost my job, my boyfriend left me for another woman… I thought my life was over and it will never be good again. 

I locked myself in the house and didn’t want to see anyone. I was a real torture for my mother at that time. She unsuccessfully tried to get me out, but weeks and months passed. Six months passed, and I stayed home in front of the TV.

My mom did not know how to help me. She invited psychologists, but they were at lost and prescribed pills that I refused to take. 

My mother couldn’t think of anything better than to “please” me with all sorts of delicacies. So I stayed at home, hardly moved and ate a lot. Not surprisingly, six months later I turned into a shapeless bag with black circles under my eyes and an absent look. 

I was lucky. A friend of mine came from Berlin and literally dragged me to Aayla shaman’s seminar at the Place of Power

I came back from there being another person! Smile and a twinkle in my eyes returned. Surprisingly, I lost 8 kg for a week and returned to my usual form, even better! I was so happy!!! I believed in myself again, and that a happy future awaits me.  

One day I was on a bus home and noticed that one man keeps an eye on me. Then he followed me to my stop. I was afraid he was some kind of maniac, and it turned out he was a young businessman who just had a broken car. He was late for a meeting and got on the next bus I was on. 

As Johan said afterwards: “I was just fascinated by you and stared like a fool, I admit. But you made me forget everything. I even cancelled the meeting and followed you…”. And at that moment I was holding the talisman for the attraction of the other half, recommended by Aayla shaman at the seminar, in my hand. 

I happened to meet a former colleague in the street the next day… It turned out he worked at another firm now, and they’re just looking for an employee. He called me for an interview. I was on my way to group class to ask for a ritual for luck. I could use some luck)))

And a week later I started working at a new company! The ritual helped!)) 

It’s been a year since then. My career is growing rapidly. So is my income. Johan and I got married. I hope we will meet the next year being three of us. We really want a child.

I found out you can’t have too much good luck! I am grateful to my friends for taking me to the seminar. I now invite all my friends to Aayla shaman’s seminars and classes. If my life could have changed like that, then yours will too!

Mom, I’m going to the shamans!

Selma, Berlin

– Mom, I’m going to the shamans! 

– What???? What do you mean shamans, are you crazy? Are you quitting your work? No, you can’t! You’ve got such a good job! You’ve been hunting it for so long, obtaining education, putting so much effort into it! You’re a great marketing specialist, everyone knows you, and now that everything’s going up, what did you decide? And you’re also sick, and you have to earn money for treatment!

 – That’s right! I am sick! And you know why? Because I only go to this job every day to earn money! To make money so I can get treatment for it! I don’t see the point! It’s a vicious circle! 3 weeks of vacation and all day in front of the computer! That’s why I’m sick!

– Well, what are you going to do when you get back? You’ll lose your position, term of service and no one will take you seriously!

– And I don’t want to come back! First of all, I have to recover morally! Then physically! And I want to help other people recover! 

– You can’t, you have no experience, you’ll lose everything!

– I didn’t have it in marketing either! And then, I’ll never know if I don’t try it! Shamans have all the tools and the most ancient knowledge to be healthy and happy! If I don’t try it, I’ll never know!

3 months later I really lost everything: my job, work experience, reputation as a serious employee, and with them women’s illness, sadness and depression!

Regular sessions helped to strengthen my new habits, which made me strong and attentive.

I was able to solve each of the problems that tormented me at individual consultations with Aayla shaman. I was able to ask all the questions and find all the answers that showed me my individual development path.

I learned how to be happy and successful!

I got good helpers in the form of magical objects. I visited the most amazing and powerful places on the planet with them. And now, as soon as I tune in to them, the Power takes my side! 

Any circumstances modify in my favor! I love my new life! There’s no room for depression and boredom! It’s all thanks to one “accidental” meeting with Aayla shaman! 

And I’m also very grateful to my mom, who couldn’t prevent me going!))

Happiness for Others

Mia, Salzburg

It was like I was living in a gift box before I got married. My parents took enormous care of me and just kept me from feeling miserable, never letting me out of their sight for a moment. I was all overwhelmed with pleasant businesses, going in for singing, and dancing. 

And even after graduation I didn’t get bored, fun student life and the first real love captured me. My parents liked my chosen one, and we had a magical wedding and a happy honeymoon.

Our happiness didn’t last long. After the birth of our daughter Anjelica, my husband began to disappear after work often. Sometimes he did not come home to sleep at home.  We quarreled and felt aggrieved at each other more and more often. 

After another serious conversation, we decided to break up. Anjelica was three years old and did not understand that Dad was leaving us. She got used to his absence and didn’t upset much. But it was very hard for me. Because I had a happy example of my parents before my eyes.

That was when I plunged my work and my career was at its peak. But it didn’t give me the satisfaction I wanted. A good position and high income could not heal heart wounds. 

An accident changed everything. My sister invited me to Aayla shaman’s class. I felt like a different person at the first seminar. I started attending group classes all the time a year ago. I made new friends and met like-minded people. Aayla found out the reasons for my problems and helped me clear my karma of the negative at an individual consultation. And the protective amulet she made for me became a constant source of energy and good mood.   

That’s when I found out about the charitable activities that Aayla shaman does and decided to help someone too. I had a very poor, large family living next door. I decided to take them under my patronage. I met the mother of the family, helped them with clothes. I still have a lot of great things from my daughter. I brought them food and toys from time to time. My life was full of fuss and joy again. 

Now I supervise a whole direction of charity activities of a volunteer project. I do not even have a spare minute. But this life fills me with happiness.

I am grateful to Aayla shaman for helping me find myself and become happy again.

Palace for the Princess

Petra, Hanover

I’ve always been sure that the profession has an impact on a person. A doctor should be responsible in real life too, a politician – serious, a clown – funny … And I was terribly punctual as a child, loved the accuracy and confidence of lines. I drew perfectly and dreamed of building a palace for a real princess one day… 

But when it was time to choose a profession, my parents sent me to study economics. My father’s firm was flourishing and he needed competent specialists. Especially in economics. In addition, he was preparing my brother and me to further manage the family business. So my timid objections that I wanted to tie my life to another profession were simply not taken into account. 

I turned out to be a good economist. But I didn’t get any satisfaction from the process. I started hanging out in nightclubs, got hooked on weed, and drank heavily.

One morning after another crazy party, I woke up in another city without even knowing how I got there…

My life was heading downhill… A year ago my father said that if I didn’t stop, he would send me to the clinic – my addictions have to be dealt with medically. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that. My mom told me about Aayla shaman’s seminar, and for some reason, my mom was sure that they would help me. I went without enthusiasm, but I returned a week later. And I ended up a regular student. 

To prevent the spirits of the Lower World from overwhelming me, Aayla shaman created a protective amulet especially for me. She conducted a diagnostics of my predestination at an individual consultation. And it turned my entire understanding of my life upside down. All I have to do is convince my parents made advances.

However, at that moment they themselves were already happy to effect a compromise, just to stop my old way of life. I entered university to study architecture and construction. 

This year was a landmark for me! A residential building will be built according to a project that I developed together with other students! And even if it’s not a palace yet, they predict a great future for me. So one day I will build my own palace! Aayla shaman gave me a new life, because I was going downhill!

Leading roles

Brigita, Cassel

I attended a shamanism seminar a little over a year ago. I was raising one of my two daughters and working as a perfume saleswoman in a small shop at that time. My salary was barely enough to make ends meet. 

One of my colleagues said that Aayla shaman conducted business consultations, taught to strengthen relationships with money. I really wanted to improve the family’s financial situation, so I signed up for a seminar.

It made a lasting impression on me! I started taking classes in a group. There was so little joy in my life and so much to worry about that these classes were a real outlet for me. 

Aayla shaman recommended me to undergo a special ritual to purify the roots of the lineage. It was because of my ancestors’ mistakes that I was so unhappy and unsuccessful. And after the ritual, a miracle happened! 

Everything happened this way. My eldest daughter attends the theater studio, and she was given the leading role in a new performance. But we had to make the costume ourselves. My girlfriend lent me a sewing machine, and I created such an outfit that amazed everyone. After that, I got orders from the other participants in the play. 

Gradually, there were so many orders that I opened my atelier! And it already brings a very good income. 

My life has changed dramatically during this year. I found a business that I like and that brings money. I have a spiritual family and power for new projects! I am very grateful to Aayla shaman for all my success!

Come and visit seminars and individual consultations conducted by Aayla shaman! Tell your friends and relatives, colleagues and just acquaintances, those who need help about them. Or better yet, send them a link to this article. As real proof that miracles happen not only on Christmas Eve))).

Be happy!

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