How do you strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from diseases?

5 health secrets for your entire family from Aayla

Immune system

It’s hard to believe, but sometimes 10 minutes is enough to fix yourself up, recharge with energy and boost your immune system. What do you need to do for this? Everything is simple – follow Aayla Shaman’s recommendations thoroughly.

One of the important principles of shamanism is correct circulation of energy through the body. At the seminars and course programs we pay a lot of attention to this very point, we explain how to adjust the mechanisms of your soul and body to work in unison. Alas, when the immunity is weakened, the vital energy weakens and doesn’t let us breathe freely. In this article we will talk about our immune system and health. Aayla Shaman will share some tips and healing breathing techniques with us.

Tip 1: Have a good rest

We all know that we need to rest and take care of our health. But when? The world does not stand still. How to manage everything? If you ask yourself such a question, you are likely to face health problems soon. Human immune system instantly fails when the body is under stress and the mind is overloaded with information (unfortunately, not always positive one). How do you make yourself feel like new, then? Aayla Shaman recommends a simple practice to restore your power.

If possible, go to a quiet place and ask everybody not to disturb you for 10 minutes. If necessary, mute your phone. You will need a stable chair and a table to perform the exercise. Sit at it. Now clear your head and calm your breath. Take a few deep breaths and exhalations. Try to throw obsessive thoughts away. Put your hands on the table, fold them in the way school kids do when sitting at the desk. Put your head on your hands. Note that your back should be as relaxed as possible, and your neck should be stretched out. Do not forget to watch your breathing. In the first minutes, it will help to calm down and free your head from restless thoughts. Proper fixation of your neck and head will help increase oxygen supply to your brain. The energy will be smoothly distributed throughout your body. First, your limbs will relax, and only then will the mental balance be restored. Ten minutes is enough to fix yourself and recharge with new energy. Your immune system will get a strong charge of energy.

Did it work? Did you have any difficulties? Have you experienced an ailment? The immune system cannot work efficiently if there are violations in the body and soul. Everything is interconnected in the human body. When it gives us a sign, it means that we must pay attention to it. Aayla Shaman will gladly answer all your questions and give recommendations on how to restore your energy balance.

We are sure that you will want to share this advice with your beloved man or your close people. Will this technique fit them? Of course it will, because many shamanic practices are designed for women as well as men, adults and children. This technique is not an exception. It will help to relieve tension during a hard working day, after school lessons, during preparation for exams or serious reports. Take care of those you love and care for, because they also carry a lot of stress on their shoulders.

Immune system

Yana, Warsaw:

“I love my job very much. To design a perfect house and apartment, I’m ready to sit at the computer 24/7, lsearch for interesting interior details all over the city, discuss the project with clients and check the work of builders. But sometimes my battery gets low at the most important moment. What to do? Who to ask for help? Recommendations of my mentor Aayla and the group shaman classes with my girls that we organized after the trip to the seminar, always help me. During the hard deadline and stress (you can’t avoid it, because you need to communicate with a lot of people), my amulet from the Place of Power, information detox, breathing techniques and herbal teas really help me. Do you have first signs of a cold? I use snake breathing technique and drink brewed herbs, carefully collected by my friend in the Altai. For each situation I have a tip from my mentor and her spiritual support through the Field of Love prayer circle. I am grateful to fate for the gifts and for having discovered Siberian shamanism three years ago. It’s easy to be happy!

Tip 2: Do breathing techniques

Weakness is one of the symptoms that the body gets sick and requires our help. What to do if your immune system can’t cope with the load? Again, we turn to shamanic breathing techniques and study of energy flows in the body. At the first symptoms of a cold, Aayla recommends performing a special technique of “snake” breathing. This exercise helps our body to cleanse of energy blocks and waste, and to fight diseases. The main thing is that it launches the hidden reserves of the body for self-recovery.

The technique of “snake” breathing is not difficult to do, but it requires attention and awareness. Aayla have recorded a video for you, where she describes in detail how to properly conduct it at home. 

Be attentive to the hints of your body, listen to the sensations and do not overload it. Snake breathing is effective in combination with proper nutrition, physical condition control, work on yourself. Do not forget about positive thinking!

Tip 3: Strengthen your body

We all want magical healing and quick results. However, the human body is a complex system that requires attention and knowledge. After all, there is a whole army of different kinds of fungi, bacteria, viruses, germs, toxins and entities against us, which take our energy away. Are there working and proven recommendations for strengthening and maintaining immunity? Aayla shaman recommends the following rules simple for everyone to follow:

  • Control your water balance. We often underestimate the importance of clean drinking water – it’s our beautiful and clean skin, our digestive tract that works like clockwork.
  • Take a contrast shower, go to bathhouse, take relaxing aromatic baths. The procedures are not only pleasant and uplifting, but also do wonders for women. They help rejuvenate the skin, remove excess weight, cleanse the body of toxins and energy waste.
  • Walk in the park or go to the countryside to be filled with the energy of nature.
  • Do sports or dance. They do only good things to you – from a beautiful figure and good mood to maintaining a high level of immunity.

Immune system

Tip 4: Study about the power of medicinal herbs

Do you go to the pharmacy just as you notice the first signs of cold? Vitamins, drops and sprays for nose and throat, tablets….. Maybe you should not hurry, but trust the healing herbs and berries? Phitopharmacies offer a wide choice of them, even give recommendations on their use. However, our students do something different. They not only bring amulets enchanted for happiness and success from the seminars at the Places of Power, but also miraculous bouquets for beauty and health. During the year, none of them goes to pharmacies. They treat their loved ones with fragrant broths, increasing the immunity of the body no worse than multivitamin complexes. 

Each of us can use these tips, right? You can do them at home and even engage your girl friends. We are sure that they will only support you in this endeavor.

Tip 5: Attend Places of Power and shaman workshops

Where do we get our power and energy from? According to shamanism, we get it from love, communication with nature, like-minded people, and in the Places of Power. All this seems to be some distant and unrealistic exactly until you gain courage, step forward and sign up for a seminar or a trip to the Place of Power with a shaman. 

Immune system

We often find it difficult cope with all the difficulties on our own, and it is so important to be in a circle of understanding people. At our classes and seminars, masters create the Field of Love, Understanding and Friendship, where everyone will feel free and safe. 

Seminars and a visit to the Place of Power is the path towards your predestination and happiness. During these events you can ask hundreds of questions and get answers, open your heart to the one in need and ask for help, learn to receive and fill your destiny with life-giving energy. You will return your health and believe in yourself, become a part of a volunteer team, enter the prayer circle of a large shamanic family. That’s not all yet: after each seminar, you take a huge charge of creative and positive energy with you. Become a part of the Field of Love at our trainings and retreats

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