How do you protect your children?

Aayla Shaman explains how you can influence your child’s future

How do you protect your children

June 1 is the International Children’s Day. Of course, every parent wishes their child the best life: successful, healthy, rich and happy. Many invest a lot of time and energy in the education of their offspring. But this does not guarantee that your child will grow happy and realize their potential. It is necessary not to forget about ancient shamanic traditions of upbringing children. Aayla Shaman will talk about it in this article.

You need to remember simple rules to give your children a happy future

1. Healthy roots of family tree

Shamanism sees each person as a representative of their lineage. But today, unfortunately, the oldest rituals that have supported the lineage from century to century are almost forgotten. That means that our family tree is not strong, blooming, or beautiful. After all, no one cared for it. It looks stunted, half alive now. It’s clear that such a tree will not bear healthy fruit. What are these fruits? These are our children, who are literally doomed to life, where they can not realize their dreams and talents, become successful and healthy. 

But that’s not what we want, is it? Of course, it is not. 

Shamans revive their traditions and rituals, their wise teachings successfully in the modern reality. It means that we have an opportunity to protect our children, to correct the mistakes of previous generations. 

And the most wonderful gift that we can present to our children is a strong and healthy, beautiful and life-affirming, powerful family tree. 

Healthy and successful children can be born exactly in such a family tree. They will not need to overcome obstacles and fight for survival throughout their lives. They will be born with the most powerful energy, strength, support, health of the family tree that generously nourishes its descendants.  

Aayla Shaman can restore the power of your family tree and strengthen its roots. She performs special, very strong rituals. She explains how to nourish your family tree with the help of spiritual practices. Now that many state borders are still closed due to the coronavirus epidemic, you can contact Aayla Shaman by mail or sign up for an online class.

2. Karma purification

The future of our children depends on various factors. The law of seven generations plays one of the central parts. It affects us and our children as a family curse: sins and all the negative things that accompanied our ancestors are passed on to us. 

We do not choose such “inheritance”, and most often we do not even have a clue about it. We cannot understand why there are so many problems and misfortunes, diseases and divorces in our family. 

These are karmic problems. If they are not solved here and now, they will be passed on to the next generation. 

To change this, it is necessary to have an individual diagnostics from a practicing shaman. Aayla Shaman can determine what sins your ancestors committed, and perform the ritual of karma purification. She will create good karma of your lineage and fill the family tree with positive, power and health. 

When you come to shamanic seminars, you perform a deed that will later have the strongest influence on seven generations of your descendants. 

When you take part in the ancient shamanic rituals to heal your lineage, you can defeat the spirit of cancer, alcoholism, judgment, poverty. 

This will be an invaluable gift to you, your lineage, your children and grandchildren!

How do you protect your children

3. Choosing the right name

Another of the most important conditions that will help protect your child from negative influences and misfortunes is a correctly chosen name. The path your child will go depends on it. Properly chosen name will fill the fate of your child with happiness, make them successful and healthy, save from loneliness and bad luck.

As a rule, people choose a name for their child following a tradition or fashion. Young parents very often name their children after famous and successful people or close relatives. Some people choose the name according to the religious calendar, in honor of a saint born on that day. And still others simply give a name to their child that sounds unusual in their country to emphasize the uniqueness of their baby. All this is fundamentally wrong!

A shaman can help you choose the right name. You can do it during pregnancy or just after the birth of the baby. 

Aayla Shaman performs a special shamanic journey during which she contacts the soul of the child. And after that she reveals the true name of the baby. 

If there is a strong connection between mother and child, then during the ritual she can subconsciously feel or “hear” the name of her child.

Magda, Berlin:

“My husband and I have been dreaming about a child for a long time, but nothing worked out for almost five years. When I got pregnant. All the relatives considered it their duty to give us advice on what to call our baby. But I didn’t have time for that. 

My pregnancy was difficult, and there were other problems. My husband lost his job. Our debts were growing exponentially. 

I could not get nervous, but it was impossible to abstract my mind from all these troubles. Once I talked to my cousin and I complained that life is no longer turns its iridescent side to our unborn baby. At that moment we didn’t know if we could give the baby all the best. My cousin advised me to ask a shaman for help. 

Aayla Shaman conducted an individual diagnostics of my lineage. She cleaned its karma and restored the damaged parts of the family tree with the help of special rituals. She taught me energy practices so that I could nourish my lineage. Most importantly, Aayla Shaman did a special shamanic joinery during which she talked to the soul of my baby. I heard name Michael in my head  during the ritual.

My baby let me know what to call it. What a surprise it was when Aayla Shaman called the same name after the ritual!

It’s been almost eight years since then. Things have changed so dramatically in our lives. My husband now holds a rather high position in the government. My son goes to good school. He is successful in skiing. He sings well and draws. I’m sure the right name has ensured my child a happy life!”

How do you protect your children

Aayla Shaman will teach you how to respond to criticism, protect your children and make your lineage successful at her seminars She will perform special rituals to restore your lineage; lay down a powerful positive program for your children. All this is for you to have only healthy, happy children in the strongest, blooming family tree! Then, thanks to your efforts, they will achieve everything they deserve!

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