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How to choose a name for a child?

Name, or rather the process of its choice, is one of the hardest challenges for each parent. A properly chosen name can fill a person with happiness, make him successful and healthy, on the other hand, it also can doom to loneliness and endless problems. How not to be mistaken with a choice of a name?

What mistakes do parents often make when choosing a name?

Mistake #1: Give a name to a child in honor of a relative or a famous person

Following traditions and fashion, young parents often give names to children in honor of famous and successful people or close relatives. This is a serious and very dangerous mistake. As a rule, the fate of famous people is tragic or at least ambiguous. In addition to fame, money and millions of fans, they also can “boast” a whole bunch of problems: harmful addictions, psychological problems, depression … By giving a child such a name, we condemn him to a difficult fate and trials.

Why is it forbidden to name babies in honor of relatives? Of course, our relatives are the people who are dear and close to us. Just wait we’ll explain. Actually, there is a danger that the fate of the newborn will be connected with the fate of the person. Thus, the child will take on unsolved karmic problems of grandparents. That’s why children’s names need to be chosen carefully. And you have to ensure they take their own path, rather than repeating or celebrating someone’s life.

how to choose a name for a child

Mistake #2: To name a child on the basis of religious calendars

Don’t give names to the children mindlessly according to the calendar. By doing so you entrust the newborn to the difficulties of the saint.

Mistake #3: Choose a name on advice of relatives and friends

Choosing a name is a huge responsibility laid on parents. And only. Therefore, there is no reason to listen to grandparents, aunts and uncles, as well as all other well-wishers. They shouldn’t interfere with your child’s future.

Mistake #4: Choose a name by sonority

You make a mistake when choosing a name depending on the sound, number of vowels or consonants. No doubt, the very concept of melody is conditional. Say, in Hawaii exists such a female name: Napou-Amo-Hala-Ona-Ona-Aneka-Vehi-Vehi-Ona-Hivea-Nena-Vava-Keho-Onka-Kahe-Khea-Leke-Ea-Ona-Ney-Nana-Nia-Keko-Oa-Oga-Van-Ika-Vanao. Melodiously? For Hawaiians, probably, yes. The translation is also very beautiful: “Numerous beautiful flowers of the mountains and valleys begin to fill Hawaii with its fragrance in length and width.” However, what is melodious to one, may seem strange to others. In addition, the character of a person is much richer and requires more responsible approach when choosing a name.

how to choose a name for a child shamanism

How to choose the name of the newborn

We’ve told you what mistakes you need to avoid. Now we want to pose another question. How to choose the right names for your child? The easiest and most exciting way is to listen to the mother’s heart. As soon as the mother will put the newborn baby to her chest and listen to its breath, she is able to feel what name belongs to her baby.

If there is any confusion in your soul, then the best way is to seek for a help of a shaman. It can be done both during pregnancy or immediately after giving the birth. Let’s examine in more detail.

Tip 1: Contact us during pregnancy

You can ask for help of a shaman during pregnancy. The term isn’t important. The main thing is the attitude of the parents and the desire to listen to the recommendations. While the shaman is conducting a rite or meditation, he comes into contact with the soul of a child or mother. After the sacrament, the shaman tells the name. If there is a strong generic connection between mother and child, then during meditation she is able to intuitively sense or “hear” her baby’s name.

Tip 2: Conduct a rite after the child’s birth

It is the strongest tradition when choosing a name. The task for parents is to fix the exact time, date and place of birth of the baby. Using this information, the shaman commits a rite. He communicates with spirits, including the soul of a newborn child, studies his karmic past.

Returning from the ritual, the shaman already knows what is destined for the child and what name he should bear. In some cases, the perfume gives clues in the form of letters.

One of our students, Marina, shared her story of acquaintance with the shamanic tradition of choosing a name.

The story of Marianna:

We waited so much for our first child. There was an increased attention from all sides. All the relatives gave a huge amount of advice, suggesting the names. Grandparents wanted it to be named in their honor. The husband insisted on giving the name of a famous athlete.  He had been my husband’s idol since childhood. However, my heart rejected all the proposed options. I felt that I was making a big mistake, yielding to the entreaties of my beloved ones. Fortunately, my mother supported me. She signed me up for a seminar of Aayla. And I shared with her all my doubts.

We had been talking for about an hour. Aayla told me how important it was to consciously choose the name. She said that fate depended on it. And advised not to hurry and wait for the birth. After that, I had to record the exact time, place of birth and come to the shaman. On the appointed day, a rite had occurred, during which the shaman was communicating with the soul of the child and studying his past lives. Upon completion of the ceremony, I received the answer to my question.

So, we’ve called our son Albert. I haven’t regretted for a second that I had listened Aayla. The name is very suitable for our child.

A child’s name isn’t an empty and meaningless set of sounds and letters. It determines which path the child will take in life. Properly chosen name fills a person with happiness, makes him successful and healthy, protects against loneliness and failure. In order not to be mistaken when choosing, you can contact me for help.

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