Healthy children are foundation to a healthy lineage

Aayla Shaman will help you to solve lineage problems

Healthy children

We all want our children to be healthy. In this article, we will tell you how shamanistic rites can be of use with this issue.

The revival of shamanistic traditions

Often people come to our seminars to solve a specific problem: illness, alcoholism, lack of money, problems with a husband or colleagues or questions about raising a child.

However, subconsciously we come to the shaman (read who the shaman is in our article) to prepare our family tree for offsprings. Healthy children will not grow up on a sick broken tree. Aayla Shaman helps put your tree in order, get rid of negativity, failures, illnesses, their causes, and lineage problems accumulated by several previous generations.

We were born during the era when old traditions were almost completely lost. No one cares about their lineage. The customs and rituals supporting the lineage are forgotten. That is why our family trees are almost dying and drooping. We have to make tremendous efforts to achieve something, to provide for ourselves, and to fill our life with crisp energy.

Fortunately, today shamans revive their teachings, traditions, and rites. Therefore, we have a chance to fix everything again. The best gift we can present our children with is a healthy, strong, beautiful, and vibrant family tree. Only belonging to such a tree, healthy children can be born. They will not have to overcome various obstacles from the first days of their life. They will start with powerful energy, strength, support, and health of the patrimonial kernel, which generously nourishes its descendants.

Healthy children

The law of seven generations

The problems of our ancestors remain in our family for seven generations. When you attend a consultation or lineage diagnosis, Aayla Shaman can spot a lot about you. For example, she can find out that once your ancestor borrowed money and did not give it back. Now, seven generations of your lineage have problems with money.

Say, four generations ago, one of your ancestors had a hopeless situation and hanged himself. Since that time, suicide is repeated in the family. Will there be healthy children in the family with such a terrible problem?

Meredith, Houston:

When I was 11 years old, my mother got sick. The disease was not serious, and we turned to medical help on time. Despite this, my mother burned like a candle just in a week. Doctors could not say anything – pneumonia, an unpredictable scenario… My grief was infinite. Two years later, my dad died of the flu. I was crushed. It seemed it was evil doom on our family. 

I was raised by my grandmother from my father’s side. As far as I can remember, she was constantly cushioning me because of my poor health. I did not go in for sports. I did not have many friends as well. Healthy children simply did not know how to play with a pale and thin girl who would extensively bruise even from a slight push. In addition, I did not have enough time this stuff as I was constantly sick.

I grew up, got married and I had two beautiful little daughters. However, history repeated itself. My children were sick constantly. An immunologist, allergist, pulmonologist – being two-year-olds, my daughters could tell what each of them does… My diseases returned, too. I had to go to hospitals with children but I did not have the energy to do it.

One day, the higher forces brought me to the seminar of Aayla Shaman. I immediately trusted her and told her everything about all my sorrows. Aayla Shaman was sure that all problems were rooted deep in the past. She offered to have a diagnostic of my lineage.

I brought photos of my parents, husband, children, and all distant relatives. Aayla Shaman diagnosed me. She had to go far into the past of my lineage to find the cause of my troubles.

Several generations ago, one of my ancestors from my mother’s side caused the death of the entire family – parents and two children. Starting from that moment, healthy children rarely appeared in our family. Often they were constantly ill, lost parents at a young age or even died together with their parents.

In order to improve the situation, Aayla Shaman had to conduct several rites. With the help of good spirits, she returned back to the past several times correcting the mistakes of my ancestors and clearing the fate and life path of my lineage.

Almost two years have passed since then. Everything has changed in my life. All my illnesses and ailments quickly disappeared. Now, I have healthy children. My husband is climbing up the career ladder. It feels as if someone turned off negativity in our destiny and everything became fine.

I am absolutely happy thanks to the help of Aayla Shaman. My gratitude to this wonderful woman has no limits!”

Change the fate of your lineage!

The law of seven generations works if a form of the transmission of sins and negative actions within your lineage. We inherit them regardless of our wishes. We have to supplicate for them, work them out, build our good karma so that the tree of our family becomes positive and we can have healthy children.

Healthy children

Attending our seminars, you commit an act that will affect seven generations of your descendants. By participating in ancient shamanistic rituals for healing your lineage, you defeat the spirits of cancer, alcoholism, consumerism, condemnation, and poverty.

That is why make a priceless gift to yourself, your lineage, and your children – register for our seminar. You can do it via the phone or e-mail.

Aayla Shaman will conduct practices for working with your lineage for you. She will also set a powerful positive program for your children. We wish you to have healthy children on a strong and prosperous family tree! Thanks to your efforts, they will receive everything they deserve!

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