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For centuries, women have been passing on knowledge to their daughters that the energy of love lies at the head of the entire Universe. They mastered sacral practices, prayed or meditated, communicated with the forces of nature and spirits to accumulate, preserve and strengthen the energy. Where can you gain this knowledge now? Aayla Shaman will tell you how to fill a woman’s life with happiness and love.

Secrets of female life force

The state of first love is compared to so many things! An out-of-body experience, inspiration, a sense of sweet euphoria, when you want to have it all immediately! Such bright, colorful emotions are usually characteristic of teenagers who still have their youthful exuberance. Then, over the years, there comes the grey everyday life, killing the former bright colors, and love along with them. Only a few manage to keep the ability to admire every moment.

In the tradition of Siberian shamans, the secret of maintaining love was one of the most important. The legacy of mystical knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. But the circle of people who shared the secret was narrowing more and more.

Today we have the opportunity to learn from one of the few heirs of the Siberian mysteries Aayla Shaman. In this article we will open the veil and take the road that leads to the knowledge of eternal happiness and love.

On the road to sacral knowledge

Of course, it is impossible to wake up one day and suddenly understand the mechanism of life! The shamans were reaching this step by step in their days. Aayla says that first you have to learn to listen to the most subtle feelings and not to miss anything. This is how the human body gradually develops sensitivity at the energy level, thus preparing the base for management.

Start watching the people you communicate with every day. What is your colleague wearing today? What mood are they in? What were the two girl friends sitting next to you talking about at lunch? Pay attention to the mimicry and gesticulation of your neighbor, to the shine in the eyes of a random passerby.  

Inner vision

By developing energy sensitivity, we develop the so-called “inner vision”. It allows us to see what happens beyond the physical shell of a person. Thus, the energy structure of any person becomes seable. We do not mean a color picture in the literal sense, but the way we sense it. It means that you can understand how much energy they have wasted and how much they have left. Inner vision was usually used by men when they needed a boost to do something important and successful. But there is always a woman in this complex equation.

Cosmic task

Aayla Shaman says that the fact that men charge with female energy is a natural law of nature. It is their cosmic task. To connect to the battery (woman), a man just needs to establish emotional contact with her. The stronger this contact, the more vital energy a woman gives without even knowing it. The connection can be established even by holding a hand, looking into the eyes (do not forget about the importance of nerve endings on your fingers). The man translates the obtained energy into action. When a woman has no more energy left, he starts looking for a new source. It happens on a subconscious level. It is outwardly expressed by the loss of interest in the girl.

aayla shaman

Energy depletion

Naturally, this poses the question: if a man marries the one who can no longer charge him, what will happen then? Aayla Shaman has seen such marriages. Not getting energy, the man can no longer be realized in the business field, respectively – he is unable to provide for the family. Next come depression, quarrels, lack of money, mutual accusations, apathy; in other cases – alcohol, gambling, and drugs and, of course, mistresses.

A woman who has wasted her life energy, in turn, will also wither quickly. In such a marriage, she will be a wife who is always annoyed and does not take care of herself. Then she will start having health problems (her body’s reaction to exhaustion). She will not be using her talents and not interested in hobbies any longer, we do not even mention self-development. This is a clear example of how the blazing love becomes fresh one day and does not bring happiness to a couple.

What to do?

Before looking for the rights and wrongs, we must admit that it is the female “energy illiteracy” to blame that something like this happens to marriages. In other words – inability to manage their own life energy.

All of us need to constantly draw on an endless natural resource, which will not be diminished as we give the energy. Then the feeling of love will last as long as we want it to.

Shamanic culture has taught this to girls since they were young. There were special schools where the best mentors passed on their skills to young girls. It was the young age of the students that was important, as they had not yet wasted their vital energy and did not use the new resources to rebuild what was destroyed. The tradition of education continues now. Aayla herself is one of the mentors. You can join the courses online, and from anywhere in the world.

How to determine your level of living energy

The first and easiest way is to evaluate your environment. A woman full of energy will have people who support her and help her in every sense. As a rule, they are also successful and live a full life. This is because the inexhaustible energy is contagious, and everyone benefits from being closer to the source.

However, most often there are opposite situations: people around only demand something, and a woman faces more accusations than support and gratitude. This means that energy has to be increased before it is too late. 

Anna, Tallinn:

A year ago I found myself in a deep depression and could not get out of it. A million pieces of advice from the Internet, visits to a psychologist and doctors did not lead to anything. I did not see the meaning of my life. Home, work, total loneliness and the feeling of emptiness. I had to perform a huge list of duties as a wife, mother and employee mechanically. A friend pulled me out of a terrible daze. She signed us up for a shamanic seminar and consultation with Aayla, bought tickets and warned my family that we were leaving. I woke up during the Field of Love prayer with tears in my eyes and the feeling that I had been taken off a huge burden of problems, dislike, humiliation, and accusations. Two days of the seminar flew by unnoticed. Tantric practices, communication with Aayla, choosing a protective amulet, meeting incredible and bright girls, the feeling of acceptance and love, made the impossible – I heard myself and my desires.

I returned home with a smile on my face and a clear understanding of the things I need to change in my life. I remembered that I did gymnastics in my youth and dreamed of becoming a coach, of making girls beautiful and flexible. I was fond of botany in medical school and made natural creams. And now? The seminar opened my eyes. Supported by Aayla and her team, my friend and I organized classes in shamanism. At the same time, I started conducting health classes for adult women who are shy about going to the gym. Seeing their results and happiness in their eyes, I realize that I am doing a very good job. I have a lot of plans for the future, but the main thing is that my life has meaning. I feel an incredible power inside me.

An endless source

Dear, we mentioned Siberian shamans, but we are not talking about magic and witchcraft, but about real resources that are given by nature itself. Nothing artificial can be inexhaustible, as its very essence is far from infinity. That is why Aayla Shaman teaches that the main source is something that has no beginning and no end – the Creator. The energy goes to the person from above, through prayer and meditation. But it is not enough just to say words, but to create a field of love, which later turns into the energy field.

The Places of Power are also the sources of energy, and you should know how to charge on them. The mentor also teaches how to get vital energy from higher beings (Spirits of elements, the nature), which give a woman strength. One of the most effective ways that Aayla uses is to interact with the karmic planet of a woman – she gets a powerful charge from it, and she really feels it.

aayla shaman

The secrets of Siberian shamans are endless. They are effective in any era, anywhere in the world. After all, the laws of nature do not know time, place and nationality – they are the same for everyone. Aayla teaches women to be happy by their nature, not looking for inspiration somewhere outside. Feeling the fullness and power, we can succeed in all areas of life, being healthy and loved not only by the chosen one, but by all who surround us!

To get acquainted closer with Aayla Shaman, you can watch a number of practices on her website. If there are women in your environment who need help to restore their strength, share this article with them, because vital energy is the most expensive thing you can give to your loved one.

It is often difficult for us to cope with life situations on our own. It is so important to be in a circle of understanding people. At our classes and seminars, masters create the Field of Love, Understanding and Friendship, where everyone will feel free and safe. Become a part of the Field of Love at our training and retreats!

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