What does the purification of fate from a bad family program mean?

Find mutual love and gain success in all endeavors

What does the purification of fate from bad family program mean

Can the fate of your long-gone predecessors repeat itself in your life? Why do some people receive talents and success from previous generations, while others inherit diseases, bad luck, and poverty? How to change your life scenario that is repeating itself. Aayla Shaman helps to find out all about it.

What do we know about lineage programs?

According to ancient Shamanic teaching, people were created to bring love to this world, to create and to be happy. However, there are things that we cannot control. For instance, this is our genetic memory, history of our lineage. It creates many problems in our lives. Negative lineage programs affect us not only psychologically, but also physically — through diseases and repeating situations. Where does this effect come from and how do we break the cycle of problems?

Aayla Shaman says that inherited negativity is the sad experiences of previous generations, their problems with money, people, etc. It is deposited in our subconscious and memory from birth.

It may accompany us for 7 following generations!

Moreover, our unique life experience that is not always good is added each year.

Aayla Shaman reminds us that the negative in our current life is often related to similar situations with our predecessors in the past. That’s why we have a certain reaction to certain events in our lives, repeating life scenarios experienced by our predecessors. It is already programmed into us.

Karma diagnostic

All these complex psychological attitudes did not come from nowhere. They came from previous generations. So, if your grandmothers/great-grandmothers had problems with childbirth, men, and/or money, there is a 100% probability of you having the same problems in your life. With time all these problems of a single man turned into the most powerful psychological attitudes that ruined many families and influence each new generation.

What does the purification of fate from bad family program mean

What should we do in this case? Aayla Shaman offers to start from ourselves. Refuse obsessive thoughts and clichés, fear of the things that do not exist. There is an ancient Shamanic ritual that will help you fight difficulties. You need to believe and have great endurance, a desire to go all the way to your goal, and a new life.

You need to understand that each negative energetic attitude that prevents you from living well is a being from the lower world. 

It is a bunch of negative energy. Such a being feeds on your tears, fears, bad mood, anger, despair. Beware of such a powerful enemy!

The best thing you can do is turn to a true Shaman who is used to dealing with Spirits from the lower world. Aayla Shaman performs individual karma diagnostic and helps to learn about lineage programs, to feel its power and negative moments. If you cannot visit a Shaman for some reason, you need to get his/her recommendations, admonitions and conduct the ceremony by yourself with their blessing.

Breaking the negative code of your lineage

Almost each of us has a ruining program in their mind from childhood. It is always turning in our subconsciousness like a record. “You are worthless”. “Poverty is not a vice”. “You cannot hope for success”.

Now imagine this program being a negative being. Here it is, standing in your way to happiness and success. Tell it that you see it and are not afraid of, that it belongs to the past and you will not take it to your future. “I refuse you. You do not belong to me. I am going forward to success. I am changing you for a positive attitude and happiness!”.

This ritual ruins the negative programs of your lineage. 

They are ruined. They will leave and stop having such an unpleasant impact on your life. Not only you but also the next generations will get rid of bad luck. Ensure a happy life for 7 generations of your descendants!

After the ritual, it is great to do special breathing exercises and take a bath with salt to purify not only your soul but also your body. If you have never used breathing techniques, attend Aayla Shaman’s classes, and she will teach you.

What does the purification of fate from bad family program mean

Emma, Hannover:

“Problems always followed me in my life: from conflicts with colleagues, troubles at work to inability to arrange my personal life. Get me right, I am not a brawler; I am a gentle and non-confrontational person. I just always had a bad luck…

My close friend has long advised me to have the karma diagnostic, but I joked all the time. 

Since I am a pragmatist, I was mistrustful of such words askarma or “Shamanism”.

However, once, a nervous breakdown nearly ended my life. I took pills not to wake up anymore and not to fight this world. Thanks to the doctors for not letting me die. After a long period of rehab, I took the advice of my friend.

I managed to arrange a personal consultation. Aayla Shaman did not ask questions, as if she saw right through me. She spoke and tears came to my eyes. This amazing woman saw my sad life under the care of a strict grandmother and my previous partners who broke up with me in an unpleasant way. She even knew things that I did not know! For instance, the difficult fate of my ancestors that was passed on to me.

Purification from the negative programming in my life by the fate of my ancestors took several months. I honestly and carefully followed all the recommendations that the Aayla Shaman gave me, attended group classes and retreats. I was revealing myself anew and learning to love myself and those around me. 

After so many years of misery and silent loneliness, this was difficult. However, it was worth it!

After a while, I met my current partner and, finally, found female happiness! Suddenly, my things went better for me in all areas. I changed my job, started making a lot more money, and traveling much more. Recently, we have bought a beautiful house.

Now I am recalling that evening when I took all these pills like a bad dream. Thank you, Aayla Shaman, for returning me to life! Now it is full of meaning and joy”. 

Everyone deserves love and prosperity. Everyone can cure their soul and body, get rid of karma problems and negative family problems. Attend our workshops conducted by Aayla Shaman. Let happiness enter your life!

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