Aayla Shaman Will Help You Avoid Conflicts At Work

And make all colleagues friends

Aayla Shaman help you avoid conflicts at work

 A friendly team is a key to the success of a company. There is an approved shaman method that allows becoming friends with the spirit of the company!

 Family values

A person spends a lot of time at work. We compete in performance, create mega-projects, and deal with financial and organizational issues on a daily basis. Naturally, sometimes we have a need to discuss not only job-related news with our colleagues but also get advice or support in a difficult situation. Maintaining a team spirit and successful team building make the company’s work as productive and fruitful as possible. Does everything depend on us? Unfortunately, there can be problems even in the “big family”.

Quarrels, cavils, confusions, and accusations – it is not a complete list of internal problems, the causes of which are often invisible to others. How to save the company and who to address for help?

 Spirit of the company: helper and keeper

We are constantly surrounded by supernatural powers. Some of them help, inspire and motivate us. Others, on the contrary, make us feel disappointed and give up. That is why shamans advice to pay special attention to people around us, listen carefully to intuition and prompts of the spirits. A respectful attitude towards the spirits allows bringing harmony and comfort back into your life, it also helps to concentrate the energy of money and use it productively.

Amulets and talismans are called to protect people, but who and what can help the company? Each firm is filled with spirits of low and high levels. Their symbiosis affects the development or, other way round, the destruction of business potential. The spirit of the company is the power that leads them. The unity of the team and harmonious interpersonal relations depend on it.

 At my seminars, I talk in detail about the potential and capabilities of the spirit of the company. People often turn to me with a frequent problem of the loss of mutual understanding and quarrels within the team.

how to avoid conflicts at work

 Katharina, Brussels:

The relations in our team have deteriorated. There began workplace conflicts. I began to notice that the boss started to be mean to me through minor tricks. It was difficult to believe it because I often helped her and even substituted her at work. I thought we were friends.

Everything used to be fine. The team became friendly somehow naturally. We often gathered with our families, congratulated each other, and spent time together outside. It was a wonderful and friendly team but everything collapsed over time.There were constant quarrels. I faced a question either to quit or do something urgently. It was the time when I attended the workshop of the Aayla Shaman for the first time and I asked her for help. I received simple but very effective advice. It was necessary to walk around the office and mentally say hello to the spirit of the company and ask him to unite the team.

 It may seem insane but in one of the offices, I felt an unusual warmth and inner peace. As Aayla Shaman explained to me later, I found the place where the spirit lived. From now on, I would often come to that office on all sorts of work assignments and trifles. I addressed the spirit mentally, praised, and thanked him. It took around three days and we talked sincerely with the boss and colleagues. Gradually, relations improved and trust returned.

How to communicate with the spirit of the company

Gratitude and respect are the main components of the appeal to the spirit of the company. You should not use just empty words of coaxing but concrete actions and great desire to protect the company. And, workplace conflicts will disappear. The story of our student is a clear confirmation of it. Feeling that the tension has reached its limits, talk with the spirit of the company and thank him for the opportunity to work for the firm. Explain why this place is dear and valuable for you, what you like your colleagues for, what your own contribution to team building. Honesty and sincerity will bear fruit.

You can get advice and recommendations on financial well-being and maintaining good relations within the team at Aayla Shaman’s seminars.  Sign up!

We spend most of our lives as a part of the team at work, so let’s do it with mutual respect!

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