How to control your life and not complain

Aayla Shaman talks about the importance of accepting life situations with gratitude

For some reason, fate sometimes does not shape the way as you planned. As ill luck would have it! We put up with reality and go keep fighting with life. Maybe we think too much and set a higher bar? After all, if you look at life more broadly and with gratitude instead of setting limits, there can be no disappointment at all. Let the wise hand of Aayla Shaman lead you along the road of inspiration and knowledge of yourself.

Holidays – calendar or the right choice?

Aayla asked an interesting question: what does the holiday mean for you? If, in the first place, you remembered the New Year’s Eve, Easter, Christmas, it means that your happiness and joy are tied to the dates accepted in the country. Think, if it is right. In this case, you don’t get the help and power of Cosmos, because the day calculated under the calendar doesn’t have the necessary energy.

In its essence, the holiday, which came to us after centuries, is a special Day of Power. In every country, every nation has these important dates. They are similar in their essence all over the world. Their names and style of celebration may differ. Even ancient people understood and felt that at a certain time, the Cosmos and the position of the planets are able to influence a person energetically, to help solve a problem or to fulfill a dearest wish.

To celebrate means to take this power and direct it somewhere you need. But it is important to learn to calculate these days, not to follow the calendar.

The planets are known to change their trajectories of motion in an orbit. Their position in relation to each other is also different. This must be taken into account when calculating the days when the celestial bodies give us a special strong flow of energy. You should also understand that your birthday falls on different dates every year, not the one indicated in your passport. The strongest energy is given by the day when the Sun finds itself in the position it was at the time of your birth. This is the time that is called the Solar.

Aayla Shaman has long taught that during the Solar, a person really has the opportunity to change their life, to channel energy in the right direction. She has developed a whole program of actions, which are aimed at finally getting rid of failures, depression, toxic relationships, diseases and obtaining welfare, love and harmony with the world around you.

How to control your life and not complain

Your desires are unique and you have the right to fulfill them. Take advantage of Aayla Shaman’s experience! Her knowledge of special astrological dates and how to properly connect to the streams of their influence will guide you and help you achieve your cherished desire, whether it’s buying a car or recovery of your loved one.

The main thing is to dream, and know how and when to do it properly!

The right energy of money

Think if you live to work or you work to live? Aayla asks this important question for purpose. If something you do most of your time destroys you instead of filling you, you lose energy, and not receive it. An important aspect is something you work on. Does your work make good to our world?

The advertising calls: to buy harmful food, to consume gigabytes of unnecessary information, to update gadgets every six months, to stuff the closet with a lot of clothes that may never come in handy. We pollute the ocean, cut down forests and pollute the air… It’s worth wondering what our actions are aimed at – creation or destruction?

As a true shaman, Aayla explains that money is a living energy that is responsible for our well-being. It should give us this feeling not only in material terms, but also in spiritual terms.

Even if there is a crisis in the world, your flow of profit will not stop when you reach the right balance.

To tune yourself into the right thinking, imagine that money is a part of your personal energy (like cheerfulness, love, care). Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I get in return when I give my energy?
  • To whom do I give my resource?
  • What are the consequences of my spending?
  • Will the purchase give me positive energy in return and contribute to my development?
  • What new positive things will come to my life, will it become more interesting?
  • Will I make something useful to the world with this purchase?

Aayla Shaman recommends following the main rule – to invest a third of your financial income in your personal development: soul and body. You will feel that you life your life not live in vain, you change and improve yourself in it!

How to control your life and not complain

The idea that guides us

Another form of energy is the idea. It has been well said that it is an idea, not a person that rules the world. It is a strong bundle of energy that can reach a large number of people and unite them. It is nice to think, of course, that we generate the idea ourselves. But in fact it is it that embraces us and determines our way forward.

Aayla Shaman says there are ideas of different levels. Ideas of low level are realized at the expense of the vitality of a person. There are no high motives in them, only the realization of elementary needs and parasitizing. They may include: stereotypes, criticism, condemnation, denial, alienation. For example, a person cannot organize their sports team, so, in despair, they set up their mind on attacking, criticizing and discrediting those who managed to do it. Such people become trolls, fanatics, energy vampires.

Aayla’s student Vanessa told us her story:

“I was always overwhelmed by negative thoughts, as if they were zombies and took away my will. Unfortunately, even my close people were suffering. But thanks to Aayla’s classes, I realized how unconstructive the negativity is. Now I dedicate myself to positive practices, and when I write an article about my life and experience in social networks, I just turn off the comments to protect myself from an unnecessary black stream of other people’s ideas.

Ideas of high level elevate us, develop our souls and give us energy to implement our plans. They give us new opportunities, bring us together with the right people, give us strength, develop our imagination, develop our talent, and give us the necessary resources. Remember, you were definitely surprised when your idea to help your friend was carried out in some magical way, everything worked out as it should, and even better. Remember that state and your thoughts. This is the main indicator that the power of thought, with the correct construction of the task and the power of desire will certainly help you.

It is an idea that chooses a person. And it does it not happen accidentally. Everything depends on the purity of your perception, your willingness to do something useful for this world, and your honesty with yourself. It is called the energy structure of a person.

Aayla will help you acquire knowledge and understanding of how to consciously shape your destiny, become a person of the highest level, think positively, and live harmoniously, interestingly and with meaning at her seminars and personal meetings. The acquired knowledge will help you cut off unnecessary connections, remove destructive people from your circle, unnecessary criticism and negative people from your environment.

The main thing is to accept every event in your life with gratitude, because it is either your choice or its result. After a while, what you once thought was a failure will turn out to be an incredible luck and you will say, “How wonderful it is that everything happened this way!

For over 20 years, wise Aayla Shaman has taught us that by responding positively to negativity, we start the process of returning this positive energy to us hundredfold. The main thing is to hear the tutor, accept her teachings and apply them in your life. The result will not be long in coming.

Using her own example, Aayla shows how it is great to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you, how it affects your appearance, young body and spirit. You can and should join her teachings! You can do it on individual sessions and during live shamanic tours. Also be sure to subscribe to Aayla’s YouTube channel, where she regularly shares with her students answers to the most important questions.

Our high idea is combined with your desire to be happy, and this is all facilitated by Cosmos. The world needs beautiful, healthy and successful people. Share this article with your loved ones, together with them join those who are ready to be happy!

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