What is Siberian shamanism?

Why do shamans from different countries understand each other?

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The story goes that shamanism on Earth originated in Siberia, that is why it is called Siberian shamanism. It was not created by a human being, but by a powerful spirit, the spirit of Siberia. One day the spirit shared the knowledge with a few chosen people who became shamans, the intermediators between the world of people and the world of spirits. It was integral knowledge.

Everything is carefully thought out and made wisely in nature; everyone should do their work, and this wisdom is the highest fairness of life (Leonardo da Vinci).  

Throughout the course of history people inhabited the whole planet, and shamans followed every nation. Shamans, possessing the integral spiritual knowledge of Siberia, drifted away around the planet, joining people in different countries.


Siberian shamanism

When tribes went to new lands, they lost the connection with the spirit of Siberia, and shamans started to convey the knowledge to their children, from fathers to sons. Because the mission of shamans has always been to save people.

For example, some people move on to Siberia, far than Baikal. That is how Buryat shamanism started to develop. In those times any tribe’s priority was to protect themselves during endless wars and feuds. Shamans used the rituals to defend their tribes and were gradually losing the other aspects of shamanism. As a result, “Buryat shamanism” has grown into something separate. It is now referred to as “martial shamanism”.

Other people historically saved some other aspects of shamanism, some other people saved something else. That is why we have African, Mexican, Peruan and other branches of shamanism now.

There was a moment when there was no true shamanism on the planet at all. But then the spirit of Siberia found someone else to transfer the knowledge to. It was given again to the Great White shaman, Kudai Kam. Thanks to Kudai Kam, Siberian shamanism currently possesses the integral knowledge and can give full understanding of the world and people’s destination. Shamanism also provides people with an opportunity to learn everything about happiness and how to change one’s life.

Siberian shamanism possesses

Siberian shamans can understand other shamans from any part in the world – Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Africa or Kazakhstan – because they know all the elements of shamanism used in every local tradition. This is one more proof of the integrity of Siberian shamanism at this point of history.

Only Siberian shamanism has special methods of knowledge transfer, not from a father to a son, but directly from the spirit of Siberia. That is why the rituals and customs performed by Aayla, Kudai Kam’s student, help people to solve all problems in every single sphere of their lives so quickly. The reviews from people saved by Aayla proves that Siberian shamanism is integral knowledge conveyed to those who have a strong spirit. You can find the reviews about the miracle of Siberian shamanism here.

Learn Siberian shamanism, the true knowledge on earth!

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