Siberian Shamanism

Shamanism is the oldest and the most original tradition in the world

Siberian Shamanism

From the shamanic point of view our planet is inhabited not only with humans and animals, but also with spirits, the oldest dwellers of the Earth. Shamans understand that spirits live everywhere, for example, in mountains and rivers, in magic objects, and also in conflicts and diseases.

A true shaman is able to communicate and control spirits. In ancient times it was very natural for humans to keep in touch with the world of spirits. When people became civilized, they lost that connection. Shamans keep the ability to communicate with spirits and the subtle world, and they also know how to perform the ritual of “kamlanie”. The term “shaman” originates from the Siberian tribes of Tungus and now is used to describe those popular healers who are able to heal diseases and avert any psychological and other problems from a person, using their special and at the same time very simple methods. In order to do it, they reach a special state of mind, called “ecstasy”. However, not everybody who can reach the state of ecstasy can be regarded as a shaman, for only a true shaman can use this state of mind to leave his body and enter the heaven or the underground world. Therefore, they are able to change any situation according to their wish. They do it in order to see the hidden reality and gain certain knowledge, energy and skills to enable the person who needs help to get what they want. It can be curing a disease or finding a lost person, restoring one’s life, predicting future events, or getting a piece of advice from ancestors. Siberian shamanism has been practiced over 40000 years. Some shamans live in Siberia under the protection of local spirits and receive pure ancestral knowledge. Nowadays Siberian spirits convey the special knowledge through shamans who were born in the most sacred places of the Altai. They are pilgrims who travel all over the world and open their hearts to people, sharing the precious knowledge, which can make their lives happier, healthier and more successful

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