How to help you loved one without imposing your beliefs on them

How to overcome the fear of coronavirus?

Helping relatives and friends is an integral part of the life of a man and lineage. However, is this help always for good? Aayla Shaman will tell you why interfering in another person’s life may cause problems.

How to support your loved one in their challenging time

What do we value most of all in life? Regardless of cultural and religious traditions – this is our family and our lineage. We are ready to take on the world, to take charge of solving the most difficult and unpleasant tasks for the sake of prosperity, happiness and health of our loved ones. However, such sacrifices are dangerous because they deprive someone we care about of their own experience and the search for their predestination. How can we help?


Shamanic prayer has enormous energy. Indeed, if we ask for something persistently, the spirits will give it to us. Do positive movements of soul always lead to something good and help? Unfortunately, they don’t.

Aayla Shaman recommends treating rituals and appealing the higher forces responsibly, so as not to harm. One of the main principles of Siberian shamanism is trust in the spirits and the unique predestination of each person. That is why you should not interfere with the God’s design. One can only ask for something that is really necessary according to the design of the higher powers. How to ask correctly?

Shamanic ritual

Rub your palms to make them hot and radiate energy. Now shake your hands and put your left hand in front of you. Think of a little person on your palm for whom you want to pray and who you want to help. It could be your child, your loved one, your parents or your brothers and sisters. You will feel a little weight on your palm at the moment when you see a clear image. Take a closer look. Now point your right hand from your heart towards your left palm. Take a deep breath and exhale. Focus on the energy of love that you have inside you. Share it with this little person and ask the spirits for help: “Great, divine, higher power of the spirits of the future. Please, give this person what is destined to him, so that he could realize himself and live a happy life. I ask not for my own sake, but for the sake of the person I love. And may the divine power always be with him”. Perhaps, your heart will tell you something else. Do not be afraid, speak openly and share your feelings.

Put your palms together in a prayer and bring them to your lips. Whisper to the soul, which at this moment in your palms, that you love it with all your heart and wish the best for it. Take a breath. On the exhale open your hands, letting the soul out of your hands.

According to shamanism, with the help of such a prayer, you can transmit positive energy and not interfere with someone else’s fate. So pray for your loved ones, and support them.

Shamanic rituals against coronavirus

Object of power – shaman amulet

Shaman amulet is an important and integral part of human life. Few people know that there is a power of spirits, protecting and helping in the most difficult and even unsolvable problems, behind a beautiful or descent decoration. Selecting an amulet is easy. This is why the shaman takes responsibility, studies the karma and the predestination of a person carefully. 

It is important to remember always that the help should not contradict the fate and predestination of a person. Purchasing amulet at a shamanic seminar is the best option. To do this, bring a printed photo of your loved one (it is very important that this is a recent photo taken during the last year) and give it to the shaman. Also, tell the shaman why you are worried and why this person needs help. They may have financial problems now, or they may be sick or have difficulties in their personal life. Taking into account all these details, Aayla Shaman will choose the object of power. 

They take into account not only the details of a person’s life, but also his habits and even work when selecting an amulet. What to do if the amulet is intended, for example, for a doctor who does not wear bracelets and rings because of peculiarities of his work. You should tell the shaman about it, first of all. This information will help her choose the object that can be put around the neck or hidden in a pocket so noon could see it. Or the amulet is intended for a woman who loves jewelry. So, she will gladly accept a gift from you in the form of earrings, necklace or pendant.  

Unfortunately, not all people treat the help of spirits and the desire of their loved ones to help seriously. What to do in this case? You can use a little trick. Take the thing that he often uses without appearing to do so. It can be a car key, a watch, glasses or a work notepad. Considering the object and the owner’s photo the shaman will determine and recommend what is better to charge this object for. But first you should clean it from negative vibrations and only then fill it with power.  It will take just a few hours to turn the usual accessory into a protective amulet. All you have to do is bring the object home and put it unnoticeably in its place, so as not to cause misunderstanding.

Marie, Munich:

Shaman seminars breathed life into me, and a trip to the Places of Power made me to reconsider my predestination completely. I left the problems with insomnia and hated work in the bank in the past. Now I am completely devoted to the veterinary clinic and I help animals. But I was never able to help my beloved man. My husband was skeptical about my hobby and did not want to waste time, as he said, on cheap talks. His work was devouring him. Stress affected his health. I felt ashamed, but I really wanted to help not only by prayer, but also by something more effective. I attended the seminar while he was at home on weekends. Aayla Shaman recommended me to bring his photo and some personal belongings. I chose work glasses. We conducted a ritual of purification and she filled them with spirit that was supposed to help my husband in business. I saw the changes at once. On the first day after it he came back from work in a good mood. Everything started to get better. A week later I confessed to him what I had done. I could not lie. Fortunately, he was not offended and asked me to pass the words of gratitude to Aayla. Sometimes even the vocal skeptics change their opinion.

Shaman amulet really possesses incredible energy. If there is also love behind it, the person is surrounded by double protection. 

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Purification ceremony

If you do not have the opportunity to attend the seminar, you can cleanse the object from the negative on your own. How to do it correctly? Take a candle that you have in your house. Its shape, color or even smell do not matter. According to the shamanic tradition, there lives the spirit of fire in every candle. Light it and prepare to ask for support: “Please, help me, the almighty spirit of fire! Clean this object from negative information”. Now move the object clockwise above the fire. Try to make each part of it warm with the flame so it is symbolically cleaned with fire. If the object has heavy energy, the flame will be restless. Smooth and quiet flame means the object is clean. Thank the spirit of fire for its help. You can safely wear the thing from now on. 

Prayer, protective ritual and amulet will help to confront all the problems of the lineage, clear the karma and open the way to the bright future.  Don’t let anything happen to your family, take care of your loved ones. They are the greatest wealth we have in our lives.

It is often difficult for us to cope alone and it is so important to be in a circle of understanding people. In our classes and workshops, masters create a Field of love, understanding and friendship, where everyone will feel free and safe. Become a part of the Field of Love at our trainings and retreats. 

Want to learn more about shamanic rituals? Find out where the vital energy flows and how to restore it? How do you use the rituals to fill your lineage with wealth and well-being? Read the blog, sign up for Aayla Shaman’s workshops and group classes right now. We are sure that we will help you find answers to the most important questions about shamanism and its purpose.

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