Aayla the Shaman: a story about a lie that almost led to death

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What can provoke a teen’s suicide?

what can provoke a teen’s suicide Aayla

I, Aayla the Shaman, have been helping people for more than 20 years.

During this period I saw and heard a lot of things: both sincere words of gratitude from my followers and barefaced lies from the competitors. One of it almost became a cause of a young girl’s death.

A happy mansion

Some time ago I had a disciple, Christy, from the Netherlands. From early childhood she suffered from long-lasting and severe depressions. Christy asked me for help, we started to work on the problem and finally we discovered a true reason of her illness – her own predestination was not implemented. We had to travel back to Christy’s past life to find out why she abandoned her own predestination, talents and unique skills.

We worked for a year and the depression was gone. Christy became a very vivid girl, her relations with a husband changed, and all family problems were solved. Above all they finally managed to sell their old house and use that money to repay a loan. The family needed the loan to buy a new big and beautiful mansion with horses, cows, dogs, cats and flowers.

So the things straightened out but the happy ending had a long way to go…

Cultist and her mind games 

It was a ‘wonderful’ day when Christy’s husband, Alex, run across some shocking and bewildering information about Aayla the Shaman. It said that Aayla was a cultist who had a great skill in playing mind games with people. I read something like this about myself quite often so I’ve got used to it but Alex was astounded. He came to me and we discussed that those were bare lies written by my competitors. That’s the way they try to destroy me (and not only me). I showed Alex some similar articles about other shamans.

After that Alex told me the following: ‘I feel that after your treatment thing are getting better! I remember you advised us to sell house and we had it sold at once and paid back a loan. So you. Aayla, is always a welcome guest for us!’

Now we seemed safe but we had another thing coming…

Karmic conflict Aayla

Girl in danger 

Sometime later spirits told me that Christy’s relations with her child were getting worse. I had a dream that they were having a serious quarrel and the teenage girl left her home. Not only Christy’s eldest son got married and moved out and now her daughter was about to hit the road. I saw Christy’s sufferings and certainly decided to help. I called her and said that it was very important to be with her daughter as much as possible. I warned her that in her past life they had a karmic conflict that was to be solved during the gyud session so that it wouldn’t lead to a quarrel.

Surely Christy told about our talk to her husband. And that was the moment when it dawned upon him – he got ‘proofs’ of me ‘playing mind games with people’. He accused me of pressing Christy on purpose as if relations with a child were a sore point for his wife while I, Aayla the Cynical Shaman, twisted the knife in order to make Christy come to the session and get quite a generous fee. Christy believed her husband and severed with me all ties…

Karmic conflict 

Much time has gone since that day but then I learnt that the situation in their family had gone too far: the girl didn’t want just leave her home but she considered committing suicide.

Certainly I couldn’t but interfere. I called Christy and Alex and said that it was necessary to perform a Field of Love ritual. I added that it would take not more than an hour and asked to come. They agreed.

The first person I saw was Christy’s daughter. She came up to me. The girl was in a dreadful emotional state. She put it bluntly: it was senseless to go on with her living and she was ready to kill herself.

I tried to persuade her and finally we decided that she would have a gyud session to discover the reason of a conflict with her parents. Luckily she agreed to it. She asked her boyfriend for money and came to me.

So we had that session and everything was back in the groove! It turned out that in past life the girl’s and the mother’s spirits belonged to sisters who were in love with one and the same guy. That was the reason for their feud. The most remarkable thing is that the spirit of their beloved from past life reincarnated into Christy’s daughter’s boyfriend.

During the gyud session we managed to solve this conflict and it helped. Christy and her daughter got on track. The girl forgot about committing suicide and leaving her home. Now the family lives a harmonious, happy life full of love and I am still a welcome guest for them.

I told you this story so that you never judge people by doubtful articles or posts. Trust your intuition. Look at how victims of slander behave and remember: having believed in a lie you don’t only put your own life at risk but the lives of your close friends, relatives and beloved ones as well!

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