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These are women of a high spiritual level who, through their abilities and Power, brought healing, success, and wealth to people.

At all times, people have revered such women and worshiped the sanctity of their souls; people knew that through these women help and healing of destinies was coming for the whole race.

Gain the Power of this rite, which will help you and your loved ones:

- Cope with diseases, including chronic ones.

- Attract harmony to the family, love, and loyalty to the relationship.

- Relieve tension in the relationship between partners and remove quarrels and conflicts in the family.

- Discover the gift of healing and the ability to speak the language of love. You will gain the ability to find an approach to any person.

This Power, to which our ancestors have always turned, is now being revealed to you. The truth and spiritual knowledge that you will gain in this rite pass through hundreds of years and help people all over the Earth.

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