Who is Shaman Aayla?

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Who is Shaman Ayala?

What’s the Shaman’s Secret Hereditary Gift

The Shaman Ayala’s Secret

No one is able to explain this phenomenon. The Siberian shaman Ayala’s phenomenal gift has stumped even the most serious professors: in 5-7 shamanic ceremonies, she was able to cure people from diseases that years of medical treatment couldn’t cure them from.

Siberian shaman Ayala

Ayala’s supernatural abilities have been proven scientifically. The International Protocol of the Association of Doctors of Physiology in Russia has recorded atypical brainwaves in shaman Ayala’s brain. During the experiment, the shaman entered a state of trance. During this state, the testing equipment registered the disappearance of all alpha-waves from Ayala’s brain activity. This can usually only be seen in blind people, but Ayala has 20-20 vision. In other words, the shaman’s vision is able to attune to the subtle plane and directly see spirits and communicate with them.

Helping people is Ayala’s purpose in life and she dedicates most of her time to it. Shaman Ayala travels from city to city, from country to country and is always ready to come and help people with problems by leading a seminar or accepting an invitation to visit their town. At night, after she has finished personal consultations, she answers people’s letters. Where does Shaman Ayala get the strength and inspiration to do all of this? Does she feel exhausted at times? She has a simple answer. She is a channel for Power, which means her energy doesn’t run out.

Ayala is a Siberian shaman who’s been helping people solve their problems for over 20 years. She helps people in the following areas:

  • Family relationships
  • Raising children
  • Healing physical and psychological diseases, even ones that according to medicine are incurable
  • Financial abundance
  • Health

Ayala also possesses techniques of shamanic trance and through her work with the subconscious is able to solve serious problems like hereditary diseases, phobias, lift curses and death spells, cure infertility and many others.

Shaman Ayala participates in charity and uses the income she earns from her seminars to help orphans, pensioners, refugees. She is an ecologist as well and spends her time and resources on saving the environment.

Shaman Ayala teaches the Orphic arts at her seminars and workshops. This is an ancient technique of sans-theater that helps a person find a solution and remedy for a difficult life situation through play-form.

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