What is the meaning of Shaman Costume? Aayla Shaman explains

Where Does the Strength of a Shaman Lie?

meaning of Shaman Costume

The genuine strength of a shaman lies in his ritual costume, while his magic objects and amulets enhance his abilities, enabling to bring kindness and harmony to the world. We are going to reveal the mystery of the sacred origin of the main feature of the shaman’s power.

Where Does the Strength of a Shaman Lie?

The most important source of shaman strength is the shaman costume, which performs a protective function and helps during the séance of incantation, which means traveling to subtle worlds. As a result of incantation, shaman always attracts guiding spirits into our world, who are intermediaries between the world of people and the world of spirits. Later on, they become invisible helpers.

Aiming to hide the energy from strangers and show respect towards the sacred power, the shaman encloses each spirit in the so-called receptacles – magic objects or ornaments on the costume.

The ability of seeing and feeling the presence of spirits is granted only to the disciples and the shamans themselves. An ordinary person attaches importance only to the external paraphernalia and the beauty of the decor, but beyond the flawless picture rests the great power of Siberian shamanism.

Gift of the World of Spirits

Surprisingly, the costume comes into a novice shaman’s life in a mystical way. Hints come from the spirits of the upper world, a chain of events occur, pushing a person to make a decision. Even after starting to sew and select materials, the series of hints does not stop.

With each stitch, with each pattern, embroidery, decor and fur applied, the costume acquires sacred power. As shaman performs the first incantation in the costume, this feature of shamanic power turns into a powerful ritual charm, while individual magic objects add to the image.

Though, it does not mean that the process of costume creation is completed. Day by day, the fabric is complemented by more and more new images, testifying to the shaman’s strength and his incantation experience.

Shaman’s costume contains tremendous energy, which is why Aayla shaman, like other shamans, wears it only during important ritual, avoiding wearing it in everyday life.

When the shaman’s spiritual experience is vast enough and the costume is overflowing with sacred power, it is granted to a close disciple. It is bound to fill the novice shaman with power and continue to bring kindness into the world.

Shaman Costume

Features and Symbols of the Costume

Each costume has its own unique symbols and features.

Solar Signs and Lunar Images

Solar signs and lunar images on the sleeves allow to command over the forces of nature in the world of spirits.

Feathers and Fringe

Feathers and fringe on the wide sleeves grant the costume with airiness and symbolize the wings. Traveling to the world of spirit, the shaman cuts through space like a bird, avoiding the traps of evil spirits of the lower world. Magic objects are carefully hidden in the folds of voluminous dress.

Image of a Totem Animal

This is the dominant symbol on the costume. This image has a strong protective function. Since the very childhood, shamans perceive a mystical relation to certain animals and birds, their appearance captures and fascinates. Embarking upon the path of shamanism, each of them knows what will be depicted on their suit.

Five Shamanic Souls

The five shamanic souls are another symbolic depiction of the helping spirits. Shamans reveal their significance only to a close circle and to those who turn to them for assistance and advice.

Shaman's Hat

Shaman’s Hat

The shaman’s hat deserves special consideration, as it has a great deal of ornamental details. Animal ears, plumage, fur, multicolor gemstones, magic objects ‒ those are the elements that need to be carefully selected to reflect the external features of the totem animal.

Shamans never reveal all the secrets of their ritual costume: even knowing the “production technology”, a shaman costume cannot be made without special dedication.

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