Halloween: how to secure oneself from bad luck

Shaman’s tips: special rituals and rites

Halloween turned into a massive carnival long ago. It is celebrated all over the world, but people don’t know the sacred meaning of the holiday. They don’t understand that on this day they can attract wealth and health into their lives and return prosperity to their lineages. We’ll tell you how to celebrate Halloween right.


Why Halloween is important to women

Halloween is one of the eight ancient Celtic holidays that coincide with the midpoint between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. There was an important day for all the female lineage keepers after the feast of harvesting and gathering gifts of nature, offerings to the goddess Umay. It was the time when an enormous feminine power, which could resist the nature and the world of spirits, revived.

Women have been home keepers for thousands of years. Our great-grandmothers believed that they could turn to the Higher Forces for help and ask for their support several times a year. And Halloween was one of the days, when women were filled with special energy that helped them secure the lineage from adversity and misfortune, bring the spirits under control in order to protect the family from the nefarious activities of dark forces.

On Halloween, small groups of women gathered in Places of Power or in specially allotted rooms for the sacrament of awakening matriarchal, sexual, and mystical powers.

History of Halloween 

With the advent of Christianity, ancient female cults were banned. Everyone who stood up for the protection of traditional rites for maintaining a balance between the world of spirits and the world of humans was accused of witchcraft. There were the Inquisition, a crowd of jubilant fools and a bonfire – many tradition keepers couldn’t evade a terrible death.

Unfortunately, Europe wasn’t the only place that suffered from obscurantism and madness. Ancient cults disappeared wherever the militant Christianity occurred. Only the select few were able to preserve traditions and precious knowledge about the world of spirits.

Women kept on going to the forests for performing rituals. And on Halloween, they were dancing around the fire, setting their sexual energy free, flying on broomsticks, creating the strongest healing decoctions.

Halloween has lost its sacred meaning recently. Bright costumes, noise and alcohol, festivals and holidays, making horror films, jokes about death are on the one hand. However, the worst thing is mixing the ancient cult with Satanism and devil worship… Modern people destroy the ancient tradition and attract evil spirits and entities into their lives.

How to celebrate Halloween 

Every woman can return the original meaning and power to the ancient cult. Women should purify Halloween of advertising garbage from monster costumes, and stop believing rumors that the holiday is based on devil worship.

Tip No. 1: Celebrate it with women 

Traditionally, Halloween is celebrated among women that perform dynamic dance meditations and energy practices. Women set their natural power free, and should aim it at the protection and security of their lineages.

If you are at the seminar that day (this article explains why a seminar is better than an online class), the shaman Aayla will help you bring the spirits that you and your family need under control. Be attentive to every mentor’s comment; every word, action and even thought can both give you power and take it away.


Tip No. 2: Should the candles be lit?

We associate Halloween with large painted or delicately carved pumpkins with candles or lights inside. How should this attribute be used on such an important day?

A pumpkin with a candle inside is one of the major decorations of the holiday. It is traditionally believed that the candle is designed to draw the attention of lost souls and help them find a way out. How correct is this interpretation?

Indeed, the candle draws souls and entities into our houses. However, who are we to show them the way? And how do we know which spirits will fly to our places? That’s why you can’t just light the candle! After all, if your house is not protected, not purified of negativity, the spirits called by the candle can do you a lot of harm.

Therefore, be sure to perform a ritual of purification of your house before Halloween. How should it be done? Watch Aayla’s webinar or attend a group class in your city, where you will be able to prepare for Halloween properly together with the shaman Aayla.

Tip No. 3: Choosing a pumpkin 

A pumpkin with a horrible face, which is cut in it, illuminated by a candle, which is put inside it, is an obligatory attribute of the holiday. Traditionally, the pumpkin should ward off evil spirits and creatures, as well as other inhabitants of the Lower World from your house.


That’s why it’s very important to choose the right pumpkin:

  • It’s better to buy the pumpkin, which was grown without chemical additives, at the farmer’s market. It should have the power of nature and the energy of the sun.
  • Do not cut a horrible face in the pumpkin.
  • Start lighting candles inside the pumpkin a few days before Halloween, read Tip No. 2 again before doing it.

Tip No. 4: Choose the right people to celebrate it with 

Both how and with whom Halloween is celebrated are very important issues. The best option is to celebrate it with women, with an experienced mentor shaman. So you can perform special practices, communicate directly with the right spirits. Hence, success, health and wealth will accompany you all the year round.

Extra Magic Tips 
  • You should have light sources in the house throughout the festive night. These may be candles on window sills or an ordinary garland, lanterns. But the doors and windows shouldn’t be open after dark, especially for a long time.
  • On Halloween night, it is recommended to put pieces of black fabric on chairs, armchairs, and stools. Such an action will ward off evil entities and spirits.
  • A coin may be put under the pillow for the night. While falling asleep, one should imagine how money is literally flowing from all sides into the hands. Such a simple ritual will help attract profit in the near future.
  • On October 31 and November 1, one should wipe or completely wash all the mirrors and reflective surfaces in the house. This will relieve the accumulated negativity.
  • On Halloween, it is recommended to burn incense sticks, aromatic candles, and use essential oils to odorize the air. Scents of wormwood, apples and apple branches, pine odors, cinnamon, coffee, pomegranate, and nut scents are perfect.
Rebecca, Belfast: 

When I was a little girl, Halloween was my favorite holiday. We went to the Celtic festivals, brought decorations made by my grandmother for sale, sang songs and danced a lot. Unfortunately, when my grandmother died, we abandoned this amazing tradition.

I recollected it many years later when I attended a shamanic seminar on the eve of the Autumn Equinox. The shaman Aayla revealed an unknown world for me. Everything mixed together here: a childish curiosity, desire to fill my life with luck and health, and faith in miracles.

However, the most amazing thing is that a few days before meeting the shaman, my grandmother had appeared in my dreams. She had been laughing and dancing, like many years ago during the Celtic festivals. I’m sure it was a sign that I was taking the right step.

I celebrated the autumn equinox with my group and mentor. The shaman Aayla told us about the traditions, natural forces and feminine energy that each of us brings into this world. It was extremely interesting, I was literally flying after our meeting.

And then there was Halloween. I refused to celebrate it with my colleagues at work. I didn’t want silly costumes and noisy beer parties. Especially when I found out the true purpose of this day. The day when feminine power revives. Oh, I really needed it at that moment! Therefore, I decided to celebrate Halloween in a shamanic family.

This time, there only a lot of women. We danced a lot, performed meditation practices and, of course, called on spirits to help. Someone asked the spirits for personal happiness, someone asked for a baby, someone wanted health for relatives. That day, I called the spirit of success for help. A few days later I had a very difficult interview at the bank and I needed help. The shaman Aayla helped me direct my powers and feminine energy to attract success.

Having received spiritual support, I had an amazing feeling of inspiration and self-confidence. Before the interview, the shaman Aayla made a personal protective amulet for me.

And what is the result? I succeeded at the interview! I got the dream job and I’m very happy that I fulfilled myself in terms of profession!

Now I attend group classes on a regular basis, and the shaman Aayla became a mentor not only for me, for many of my friends as well. Besides, since then I’ve always celebrated Halloween at the seminar or at the Place of Power, because I still have many desires that need to be made a reality. And the power of spirits will surely help me)))

This was a brief overview of everyday shamanistic practices. At live meetings, the shaman Aayla conducts more profound diagnostics and practices, based on the tips of the spirits for each person individually! On Halloween night, we always have group classes or a live seminar to enlist the support of the spirits for revealing the destiny road, protection against external influences and purifying the karma of past generations!

The power of spirits is calling you and will be waiting for you and your friends and acquaintances. We are waiting for you at the seminar specified by the spirits!

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