2020 program laying ritual

Aayla Shaman’s talks about what will bring success and luck to your life


Many of us do not know that we can influence our own destiny by following shamans’ recommendations. There is a special ritual to lay the program for next year, which will help make your life successful and happy. Aayla Shaman tells how to conduct it.  

The ritual of laying the program for 2020 consists of several important components that will further determine your way to a completely new happy future. 

Component one: structuring.

Thorough cleaning of the house, office, working table and even your cell phone or some other gadget will be the first step to a new life. Ordinary general cleaning isn’t quite the same.

It is necessary to create a certain structure, which will determine how and in what order your things will be stored in the house or at work.

The folders and files in your phone and computer also need to be clearly ranked. Aayla shaman will tell you how to do this correctly at individual consultations with her.

Component two: Planning.

It is necessary to draw up a detailed plan of your spiritual development for 2020. Everything that you have learned at past seminars and diagnostics must be reflected in this plan to implement it in the new year. Aayla Shaman will help you build the right gradation of spiritual development and give individual recommendations for more successful implementation of your plans.  

Component three: meditation.

Meditation is a very serious component of the program laying. Its execution strengthens all your developments in this direction. The most common form of meditation to laying the program is meditation with a candle. It is not difficult at all to do it. The main thing is to follow the basic shamanic recommendations. 

The flame of the candle should be at eye level at a distance of one and a half to two meters from the meditator. It is necessary to settle down comfortably before a candle on a floor or on a chair, straighten a spine and gaze fixedly at a flame. 

Imagine your plans vividly and ways of their implementation during meditation.

Aayla Shaman recommends doing the meditation for 21 days daily at the same time, in the same place and with the same focus on the same thought – cherished plans for the coming year.

Component four: list of expected accomplishments. 

Be sure to write a list of your expected accomplishments in 2020. What would you like to do: develop your business, climb up the career ladder, increase income, or realize yourself in art? Write down everything you’ve planned.

You need to make the list as beautiful as possible. You can bandage it with a bright ribbon. Keep it in the most visible place in the house.

Concentrate on the dreams you described while rereading the list every morning.

Component five: greetings.

Christmas holidays have already passed. But the new year 2020 is just beginning. So it makes sense to greet others with its coming.

First of all, you should pay special attention to those people with whom you had constant conflict situations last year.

Pick the right words, find the right compliments and wish good to all those around you from the bottom of your heart. 

It doesn’t matter if you do it through a messenger, text message, email or in person. Aayla Shaman advises you to greet people with an open heart, and then the energy of gratitude from all of these people will be your reliable help in implementing your own plans in the new year. 

Component six: choosing a gift.

Strange as it may seem, our gifts do not only affect those to whom they are intended. They also affect the giver. And if the recipient of the gift is not satisfied with the received thing, their negative emotions will affect us and our future destiny. 

To avoid this, Aayla shaman recommends a special practice of gift selection, which will allow everyone to find exactly what they really need. For this, it is necessary to tune in to the person you want to give present to and ask the spirits to help in this difficult choice, to give a sign what to give to this or that person.


This will be a powerful energy boost for the whole next year for both the giver and the one being gifted.

Audrey, Berlin:

“A few years ago I got a job at one of the most successful IT companies in the international market. I was so glad that I was chosen among all applicants! It means I am a good specialist! There were incredible prospects for me…

But on the first working day at a new place, by a ridiculous accident, I happened to set the whole department up… I was surrounded by an atmosphere of general negative… My colleagues avoided my company, I found myself in a vacuum… My friends and husband advised me to quit, but I couldn’t leave this kind of company. It would be the collapse of all my career and professional hopes…

I’ve worked under such stress for a year! It was the worst year of my life!

How to avoid conflicts at work? How to get rid of depression? How to stop feeling like a team outcast? I didn’t know the answers to those questions… I was stumped…

And then one day I was lucky enough to attend one of shamanic seminars. That’s where I first found out who Aayla shaman was. And she helped me change my life for the better. After the seminar, I stayed for an individual consultation and in the process of diagnosis Aayla Shaman found all the reasons for my failures.  

The New Year holidays were coming and Aayla advised me to do the program laying ritual for next year. It wasn’t easy, but under her sensitive guidance, I did it. I cleaned up my house and my destiny. I prepared bright congratulations to all my family members and colleagues. I found the very words for everyone, that the good spirits prompted me. And I made a special gift for everyone, also prompted by the Supreme Powers. 

I was doing meditations and practices, and my worldview was changing day by day. And the attitude of my colleagues at work has also changed! It happened so organically that at first even I did not understand what was going on. I started getting invited to parties.

 They started consulting me, helping me at work, and asking for help. I made reliable friends, and my career generally went up.

And it was after months of ignoring and negative!

Now I am happy. I have a great prestigious job, a great team. And also, I met like-minded people at shamanism events. Now I attend classes every week, and they bring me joy. Many of the colleagues have joined me, and their lives have also changed dramatically and they are filled with happiness.

New year program laying ritual sometimes makes incredible changes in a person’s destiny. The main thing is to choose the right mentor. Aayla shaman conducts individual practices and diagnostics, seminars and prayer sessions, rituals and ceremonies according to ancient shamanic traditions. She revives the long forgotten science of being happy and successful, helps to learn how to interact with the Higher Powers. 

You will be able to get competent recommendations on how to find your destiny, become a happy man, find love, and achieve unprecedented success in your career only at her events. Come to Aayla Shaman’s seminars, write to her about your problems, order amulets, and your destiny will change dramatically.

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